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Chapter 2207: Humanoid Tree Vines

If he hadnt taken over the steering wheel just now and felt that the yacht was indeed moving to the shore no matter how he tried, he would definitely wonder whether his people had betrayed him.

Long Yichao and his people immediately took out their guns, and wanted to shoot at Hu.

Given the current situation, if they didnt fight back and kill them, they would be killed if they were caught.

Hu was already prepared, so when Long Yichao and his people had just pulled out their guns and were raising their hands, Hu and his two companions shot at them first.

Their marksmanship was fairly accurate, and they directly hit the arms of Long Yichao and his people, making their hands numb, so they couldnt hold the guns.

As a result, the guns fell to the ground, and they took the opportunity to catch them without delay.

Because Hu and his peoples guns were equipped with silencers, they didnt make much noise.

Although there were some people around who saw the situation here, they were scared and ran away when they saw the battle.

Nobody dared to come near.

When Gu Ning saw Hu and his people arrested by Long Yichao, she also went back.

It wasnt because she wouldnt come out here.

Without doubt, she shouldnt come out right away, but that wasnt the main reason.

The most important thing was that when she came over, she saw many sunken ships under the river, and there were some merchant ships from years ago.

Gu Ning wasnt interested in ancient merchant ships, but she felt the magical power from them, and she was interested in the treasures with magical power.

Those sunken treasures in the bottom of the river had no owner, so she could take them for free.

After she dived inside, she indeed found a lot of treasures, from different eras.

She also encountered some minor troubles.

Because these treasures contained magical power, they attracted many creatures in the river.

Over time, these creatures gained senses and regarded these treasures as their own.

Therefore, once they saw that Gu Ning was about to take the treasures away, they attacked her.

Although these creatures couldnt hurt Gu Ning, there were too many of them, so it took Gu Ning several minutes to deal with these creatures.

Besides, not only were these creatures aggressive, but the plants were also attacking her.

Those boxes containing treasures were entangled by clusters of tree vines, and these tree vines were slightly more difficult to deal with than those creatures.

Gu Ning took out a dagger and cut off the vines.

However, to her surprise, once they were cut off, they went back to normal within just three seconds.

It was impossible to completely cut off all the vines, and they finally wrapped the boxes all over.

What kind of plant was this vine

Gu Ning didnt know what kind of plant this tree vine was, but these tree vines were definitely affected by magical power, so they became humanoid.

Since she couldnt get rid of them with the dagger, Gu Ning simply stopped and directly used her magical energy to fight them.

Without surprise, as soon as her magical energy was released, the vines were shaken and scattered in the water, but within a few seconds, the vines returned to their original appearance.

Gu Ning squinted slightly, and suddenly had the idea of taking this tree vine back to study it.

Perhaps it would be of great use to her in the future.

Since she had the idea, Gu Ning didnt hesitate and took action right away.

To take this vine away, she needed to uproot it.

Therefore, Gu Ning first used her Jade Eyes to look at the roots of the vine.

The roots of tree vines were also intricate, and it wasnt easy to uproot them, but no matter how difficult it was, Gu Ning needed to try.

She wasnt the kind of person who gave up before trying, or gave up halfway.

Therefore, Gu Ning took out a shovel from her telepathic eye space.

At this moment, the tree vine shook a little because it could see Gu Nings intention.

When Gu Ning appeared here, the tree vine knew that she wasnt simple, especially when she released magical energy just now.

The tree vine could feel the danger and was already afraid.

Now, it was really afraid of being uprooted by Gu Ning!

Gu Ning didnt know that the tree vine had reached the level of human consciousness, so she didnt know what it was thinking.

Anyway, with the shovel, she began to shovel the dirt around the tree vine.

The tree vine surely wouldnt watch its roots dug out by Gu Ning, so it immediately attacked her.

Although the tree vines couldnt be cut off, Gu Ning could have a break of three seconds every time she cut them.

During that break, she could remove a shovel of dirt.

It was complicated and strength-consuming, but it was useful.

Therefore, Gu Ning carried out her plan.

When the tree vines attacked her, Gu Ning cut them once.

After that, she took advantage of the tree vines breaking for a few seconds and shoveled away some dirt, then repeated it again and again.

As a result, the soil was shoveled away little by little, and the roots of the vines began to show.

Because there were many roots, it was inevitable that some roots were shoveled off when Gu Ning was removing the soil.

Finally, the tree vine couldnt stand it and said, “Stop, stop, stop.”

It was a childlike voice and Gu Ning couldnt tell its gender.

Gu Ning was startled when she heard its voice and subconsciously stopped.

She knew that the sound was made by the tree vine, so she was a little surprised.

However, she was only surprised and wasnt scared.

After all, she had seen too many monsters and ghosts before, and it wasnt a big deal that a tree vine became humanoid.

She was just surprised because the tree vine suddenly made a noise, and she didnt expect the tree vine to speak like a human.

After the surprise, Gu Ning looked at the tree vine with great interest, and said with a vague smile, “I can stop, but you must remove all your vines.

I want those things that are wrapped up by you.”

“No, no, if you take them away, what shall I use for cultivation” The tree vine said pitifully.

If it werent for its need for the magical power of these things for cultivation, it wouldnt protect them and let Gu Ning cut it violently.

Although it could recover on its own, it took its energy.

If she continued to cut it, it would die soon, especially after its roots were destroyed, it would die faster.

Although it was already humanoid now, it couldnt take a human shape yet.

If it could take a human shape, it could leave the soil.

Therefore, if Gu Ning took away these treasures, it would have no magical power to absorb and it might never be able to achieve a human shape.

If it couldnt have a human shape, it wouldnt be able to leave the bottom of the river and couldnt find the source of magical power or cultivate.

Hearing that, Gu Ning had an idea and sweet-talked.

“Its easy.

I have many things with magical power.

If youre willing to leave with me, you can continue to cultivate.

And my magical power is much purer than the power here.”

“Really” The tree vine showed excitement.


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