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Chapter 2198: Why Should I Help You

Song Miaoge and the others looked at Qu Hanjiao, then at Gu Ning.

Seeing that Gu Ning didnt mean to say anything, they said nothing as well.

Most people around them were aware of Gu Nings grudge against Qu Hanjiao, so they all turned to look at them when Qu Hanjiao walked to Gu Ning.

They guessed whether Qu Hanjiao was going to cause Gu Ning trouble.

“Does Qu Hanjiao plan to make things difficult for Gu Ning”

“No idea, but if she wants to do that, she better think twice! Shes no match for Gu Ning after all.”



Because Qu Hanjiao had grudges against Gu Ning, people all believed that she was going to cause Gu Ning trouble.

As a result, they all laughed at Qu Hanjiao for her lack of self-awareness.

Qu Hanjiao heard their discussions.

She would have been furious in the past, but now she stayed calm.

“Gu Ning, can we talk” Qu Hanjiao said.

She seemed to be in a bad mood, so she didnt have a good attitude, but she wasnt forcing or ordering Gu Ning either.

Given her condition now, she had no ability to be arrogant.

In addition, after going through a lot recently, she became a lot more mature.

She knew people disliked bad attitudes.

“About what” Gu Ning asked in a flat voice.

Actually, given their relationship, it was very nice of Gu Ning to even reply to her.

“Can we have a private talk” Qu Hanjiao said.

“Fine, but I need to finish my meal first,” said Gu Ning.

She could ignore Qu Hanjiao because of their bad relationship, but Gu Ning wanted to know what Qu Hanjiao planned to talk about with her.

Although Gu Ning didnt know what Qu Hanjiao wanted to talk about with her, she guessed it probably didnt have something to do with Qu Hanjiaos idea of taking revenge.

It was just her guess.

After all, they werent friends, and it wasnt likely to be true.

It was just a strange feeling Gu Ning had.

If Qu Hanjiao really told her that she wanted to take revenge, Gu Ning would be curious about her thoughts.

No matter what, Gu Ning didnt think Qu Hanjiao would know that she was the woman who appeared by the Future Lake that night.

Gu Ning had confidence in thay.


Qu Hanjiao felt relaxed when Gu Ning agreed to have a private talk with her.

She nodded and didnt show any dissatisfaction because Gu Ning made her wait.

It was very nice of Gu Ning to have a private talk with her, so Qu Hanjiao didnt dare to force Gu Ning to be quick.

If Gu Ning was annoyed, she wouldnt talk to her and she wouldnt have any chances.

Moreover, when Gu Ning agreed to have a private talk with her, she suddenly felt she had hope and became more nervous.

Actually, it was a misunderstanding and Qu Hanjiao didnt have much hope, but she was willing to try, or she would regret giving up so quickly.

Gu Ning didnt deliberately keep her waiting by eating slowly.

She ate at a usual speed, then left once she finished.

Yuan Shuyan soon heard that Qu Hanjiao went to see Gu Ning.

Yuan Shuyan was curious about the reason too, but she wouldnt ask Qu Hanjiao about it because of their bad relationship now.

It had nothing to do with her now.

Gu Ning and the others went to the football field, then Gu Ning asked her friends to walk by themselves, while she walked with Qu Hanjiao alone.

When they were far away from the crowd, Gu Ning asked, “What do you want to talk about with me”

“I would like to ask you to help me teach a few people a lesson by disabling them.

I can pay you,” Qu Hanjiao said without much confidence.

Given their bad relationship, if she were Gu Ning, she would gloat over her enemys bad luck and wouldnt help her enemy at all.

However, she was left no choice now, so she had this stupid idea of turning to Gu Ning for help.

“Do you think Ill help you And do you think I lack money” Gu Ning asked.

She wasnt mocking Qu Hanjiao, and she could see that Qu Hanjiao was left with no choice since she decided to turn to her for help.

In fact, except for what had happened to Qu Linan, the conflicts between Qu Hanjiao and her werent serious.

There was no bitter grudge between them.

If Qu Hanjiao knew that her father actually dug his own grave, she wouldnt be like this right now.

Hearing that, Qu Hanjiao bit her lips.

It seemed she was doing her best to fight back her sadness.

She didnt think Gu Ning would help her or lacked money.

After all, Gu Ning had dozens of billions of yuan in wealth.

She, however, could only pay two hundred thousand yuan, which was all she had.

“I dont think youll help me.

I was so bad to you after all.

I dont think you lack money either.

You have dozens of billions of yuan after all.

Im just begging you to help me, because Im left with no choice.

Only you can help me now.

For what Ive done to you, Im so sorry.

Please accept my apologies,” said Qu Hanjiao.

She then gave Gu Ning a deep bow and apologized sincerely.

In the past, it would be a great humiliation for her if she had to apologize to Gu Ning.

She wouldnt do that.

However, she thought it was nothing compared with the revenge she wanted to take.

She gradually learned that people needed to pay for what they had done.

Therefore, she slowly built her values and no longer thought that she could do whatever she wanted to do relying on power and money.

She used to be high up in the air and bully other people as she wanted.

Now she was bullied by someone else who was at a higher status than her and she was too weak to take revenge.

“Are you sure you can really get over the grudge between us I cant believe it.

Im afraid you might trap me by begging me to help you teach other people a lesson.

Then you would have the evidence of me beating other people and use that to destroy my reputation.

Or you can kill two birds with one stone.

You can make both me and those people you hate get in trouble at the same time,” said Gu Ning.

Gu Ning actually could feel Qu Hanjiaos sincerity, and she didnt see any hints of a scheme from her words and behavior, so Qu Hanjiao might not have the thoughts she just pointed out.

However, Gu Ning wasnt sure of it, so she said it aloud in order to feel her out.

Hearing that, Qu Hanjiao was struck dumb for a second.

She hadnt thought about it yet!

“I understand your worries, but I never thought about that,” said Qu Hanjiao.

She thought it was very normal that Gu Ning had that worry, so she wasnt mad when Gu Ning questioned her.

Qu Hanjiao wasnt skilled at hiding her thoughts, and she basically showed everything on her face, so Gu Ning could see that she meant every word she said.


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