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Chapter 2163: Because I Saw It

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Oh, well, some time ago, I heard a friend who also knew Zhao Xiaoxi say that she took her sister to the Capital University to enroll and saw Zhao Xiaoxi on the forest trail by the Future Lake…” Gu Ning said.


Hearing that, Song Yang was shocked, and before Gu Ning finished speaking, he exclaimed out of control.

His whole face became extremely pale, and his body trembled even more involuntarily.

Song Yangs abnormal reaction proved that he had a guilty conscience.

If he hadnt done anything wrong, he wouldnt feel guilty.

Therefore, it was close to the mark that he had killed Zhao Xiaoxi.

However, Gu Ning ignored Song Yangs panic and gaffe, and continued, “She called Zhao Xiaoxi, but Zhao Xiaoxi didnt hear her.

Maybe its because of the noisy crowd! But when she chased her, she couldnt see anyone.

Its really weird…”

Listening to Gu Nings words, Song Yang felt fear all over his body.

Someone called her and she couldnt hear it The person chased over and she was gone Why did it sound so strange Was it…

Song Yang couldnt help but think about it.

Wasnt Zhao Xiaoxi dead Or, had Zhao Xiaoxi become a ghost, so she couldnt hear and suddenly disappeared

“Senior Song, whats wrong You dont look well,” Gu Ning asked on purpose.

“No, its okay…” Song Yang said immediately after hearing Gu Nings voice.

However, he was lying.

There was something wrong, and it was really wrong!

“Senior Song, is it because of Zhao Xiaoxi Do you know anything”

Gu Ning didnt stop talking just because Song Yang said it was okay.

She deliberately ignored what he said, then continued.

When she continued to tell the story, her voice wasnt as kind as before, it was a little cold and meaningful.

“Shut up!” Song Yang subconsciously scolded and his voice trembled because of fear.

He could no longer hear the name Zhao Xiaoxi.

Although it had been four years, he still often dreamed and thought about Zhao Xiaoxi being pushed into the lake by him, so he still felt flustered and uneasy about his evil deed.

However, after scolding Gu Ning, Song Yang realized that he had lost his temper.

Although he was dissatisfied with Gu Nings mention of Zhao Xiaoxi, he also knew what doubt he would cause if he lost control because of that.

Therefore, he immediately explained.

“Junior Su Ning, Im sorry, I just lost my manners.

I broke up with Zhao Xiaoxi because she had done something bad to me before, so I still have some resentment towards her in my heart.

Hearing her name, Ill inevitably lose control of my emotions…”

“Ha-ha, ha-ha!”

Upon hearing Song Yangs reply, Zhao Xiaoxi laughed coldly again, which was extremely ironic.

She had done something bad to him Ridiculous! It was him who did something horrible to her! It was a very terrible deed!

“Its okay.

Its normal to lose control of your emotions.

If you could stay calm, Id be surprised by your willpower.” Gu Ning said nonchalantly, but these words meant something.

Song Yang also heard the weirdness of Gu Nings words, but because he didnt know that Gu Ning already knew that Zhao Xiaoxi was killed by him, he didnt think much about it.

As a result, even though Gu Nings words made him feel weird, he wasnt in the mood to think further about it right now, and he just wanted to leave.

“Junior Su Ning, your friend should be here already, so I should go back to my seat too.

Its not polite to keep your friend waiting for a long time,” Song Yang said.

“Senior Song, I have one more thing to tell you,” Gu Ning said.

“What is it” Song Yang asked.

Inexplicably, he had a premonition.

“In fact, Zhao Xiaoxi died four years ago.

She died on the side of the Future Lake…” Gu Ning looked at Song Yang, her expression clearly showing coldness, and her voice became low as well.

She said that for the purpose of telling Song Yang that Zhao Xiaoxi was dead, because Zhao Xiaoxi was killed by him.

He must be clearly aware of that.

Gu Nings purpose was simply to raise the matter deliberately and to see Song Yangs reaction.

Song Yang was shocked when he heard that.

His body became weak and he almost couldnt stand firmly.

He looked at Gu Ning in horror.

“You, you, you…”

How could she know that Zhao Xiaoxi already died four years ago She also knew that Zhao Xiaoxi died at the side of the Future Lake.

No one knew about that, and no one should know.

It should be like a stone sinking into the bottom of the lake, unable to stir up any wind and waves.

Did she see what he had done that day

Thinking of that, Song Yang looked at Gu Ning, feeling more alert and uneasy.

He finally realized that it wasnt a coincidence that he met her, but she came to him deliberately.

“Because I saw it.” Gu Ning guessed what Song Yang was thinking in his mind, and replied to him with honesty.

“You…” Song Yang stiffened.

Did she really see it

Although Gu Ning said so, Song Yang wasnt sure whether she was telling the truth, so he didnt know what to say for a while.

He didnt want to admit the fact that Zhao Xiaoxi was killed by him, because if he admitted it, it would cause a lot of trouble.

If this woman did see it, did she have any evidence If there was no evidence, he didnt need to be afraid of her, but if there was evidence…

Although Song Yang was terrified and uneasy, he had to force himself to calm down, because only by calming down could he deal with it.

“You, what exactly did you see” Song Yang asked tentatively, wondering how much this woman knew and whether there was any evidence.

“Senior Song, do you really want me to say it” Gu Ning asked with an evil smile.

“…” Song Yang opened his mouth and wanted Gu Ning to say it, but he was afraid of what Gu Ning would say.

When the words came to his lips, it became a question.

“What exactly do you want to do”

“To kill you of course,” Zhao Xiaoxi said.

Her gloomy voice showed the intent to kill, and Song Yang felt a chill again and his body trembled in fear.

Although Zhao Xiaoxi knew that Song Yang couldnt hear it, it still couldnt help but want to speak out and vent its emotions.

“Nothing at all!” Gu Ning laughed, seeming harmless, as if she really didnt want to do anything, but Song Yang wouldnt believe it now! If she wanted to do nothing, Why did she suddenly bring it up

“Since you dont want to do anything, why did you bring it up all of a sudden Do you think Ill believe it” Song Yang asked.

His attitude towards Gu Ning had changed, and he became cold, harsh, and unkind.

Because he had already seen that this woman was obviously unkind to him, there was no need for him to have any good attitude towards her either.



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