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Chapter 2154: Qu Hanjiao Is Nourishing a Ghost

However, when she saw Qu Hanjiaos face, Gu Nings was surprised, because Qu Hanjiao was entangled with some black air.

Obviously, she was affected by something unclean, but Gu Ning didnt know whether it was an object or a ghost.

Affected by something unclean, Qu Hanjiao would be in trouble sooner or later.

Gu Ning didnt care about Qu Hanjiaos life, but she wanted to know what affected Qu Hanjiao and whether it would harm other people after hurting Qu Hanjiao.

Therefore, Gu Ning decided to investigate it, but not now.

She would do it at night.

When Gu Ning looked over, Baili Zongxue followed and saw the black air entangled in Qu Hanjiaos body.

She frowned and looked at Gu Ning.

Gu Ning just glanced at her and continued to eat.

This wasnt the time to talk about it.

Baili Zongxue understood, so she didnt ask now, but waited until they separated before chatting with Gu Ning privately on WeChat.

Gu Ning directly told her her thoughts, and that she would follow Qu Hanjiao in the evening.

Baili Zongxue said she wanted to go too, but Gu Ning rejected it.

She could handle it alone and she would contact Baili Zongxue if she needed her help.

Since Gu Ning said that, Baili Zongxue didnt insist.

Gu Ning did it for a reason.

After their classes were over in the afternoon, Gu Ning left with Baili Zongxue and the others.

Jing Yunfei waited outside their school and seemed displeased once he saw Gu Ning coming out with Baili Zongxue.

He knew that Gu Ning would come with her schoolmates, but he was surprised to see Baili Zongxue.

Did Gu Ning do it on purpose

It was his thought, but he didnt think it was the truth because Gu Ning was a mortal.

She couldnt know that he was a cultivator, and Baili Zongxue wouldnt expose her background either.

There was a rule in the cultivation world that they were forbidden to show their background to mortals.

However, because Baili Zongxue came with Gu Ning, he couldnt talk about the business deal with Gu Ning now.

Jing Yunfei clenched his teeth and could only call and tell Gu Ning that he had to leave because something just came up.

He would meet her another day.

Gu Ning naturally agreed.

She brought Baili Zongxue with her on purpose to waste Jing Yunfeis efforts.

She didnt want him to be able to talk with her easily.

She was using Baili Zongxue, but it wasnt a big deal.

Although Jing Yunfei had Gu Nings number, he couldnt talk about everything with her on the phone.

For example, he had to see her face to face in order to threaten or abduct her.

When there were only five minutes left for the evening class, Gu Ning left the classroom and walked to the teaching building where Qu Hanjiao had classes.

She found an unobtrusive place and waited for Qu Hanjiao to walk out.

After waiting for a while, students came out one after another.

Gu Ning didnt see Qu Hanjiao until all the students were gone.

Qu Hanjiao lowered her head, seeming very gloomy, and no one around dared to approach her.

Qu Hanjiao didnt go back to the dormitory, but walked towards the lake.

There was a natural lake in the Capital University called Future Lake.

It was about two hundred meters long and the shape was irregular.

There were forest trails on both sides of the Future Lake, and students came here to take a walk in their free time, but now the weather was very cold, so there were a lot fewer people.

Qu Hanjiao walked to the depths of the forest trail.

The deeper she went, the fewer people there were.

No one ever walked at the end of the forest trail, because someone died there a few years ago, and it made people fearful so they generally didnt dare to go there.

Gu Ning had also heard of that rumor, but she didnt think it was strange that someone had died there.

It wasnt haunted anyway.

Moreover, the teaching building Gu Ning had classes in was a bit far from her dormitory.

She seldom went to school and had no habit of walking around, so she had never been here before.

Although few people dared to go deep, Qu Hanjiao wasnt afraid and kept walking inside.

At this point, Gu Ning had guesses.

However, she just guessed and couldnt make a judgment yet.

Qu Hanjiao didnt notice someone was following her because Gu Ning wasnt a mortal and Qu Hanjiao was.

If Gu Ning easily exposed herself when she was following a mortal, she would be a loser.

Gu Ning kept a distance away from Qu Hanjiao.

Qu Hanjiao almost walked to the end, then stopped, looked around for a while, and only after finding that there was no one, she shouted towards the lake, “Come out now!”

Hearing that, Gu Ning subconsciously thought that Qu Hanjiao had just discovered her, but she was confident that she was hiding well.

A few seconds after Qu Hanjiao finished, the water on the lake fluctuated.

Upon seeing that, Gu Ning narrowed her eyes.

It was obvious that Qu Hanjiao was shouting at something in the water.

However, what was in this water Was it a monster, or the ghost of the person who died here as rumors told

Gu Ning didnt use her Jade Eyes to see inside right away, but waited with patience.

It would soon come out anyway.

At this moment, Gu Ning was very sure that the black air entangled in Qu Hanjiaos body was related to the thing in the water.

Before long, something dark appeared on the surface of the lake, and it was a head.

After that, a pale face appeared over the water.

Seeing that scene, Qu Hanjiao couldnt help but step back a few times in fright and her face became a little pale.

Her body was trembling with nervousness too.

Even if it wasnt the first time she had seen it, she still couldnt help feeling scared.

Then, it showed its entire body, standing on the water.

It had long hair to the waist and wore a long, white dress.

It turned out to be a female water ghost!

Gu Ning had seen countless ghosts before, so she didnt feel uncomfortable at all.

According to rumors, the student who died here was also a girl.

On the day of her death, she happened to have long hair and a white dress on as well.

It seemed this female water ghost was the rumored girl!

Qu Hanjiaos ability to see the female water ghost was all related to Qu Hanjiaos body recently.

Because Qu Hanjiao had strong hatred recently and her whole body was in a bad condition and was very weak, it was easy for her to see things that shouldnt be seen.

Gu Ning didnt know how Qu Hanjiao ran into this water ghost.

After the female water ghost came out, she didnt notice Gu Ning either.

Instead, she floated directly to Qu Hanjiao.

Although Qu Hanjiao was nervous and scared, she didnt back down anymore.

After the female water ghost came to her, Qu Hanjiao took out a knife from her backpack, then slightly cut her finger and stretched it towards the water ghost.

The water ghost stretched out its hand, and three drops of blood from Qu Hanjiaos hand dripped into its hand, then it disappeared.

Witnessing that scene, Gu Ning realized that Qu Hanjiao was nourishing a ghost.


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