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Chapter 2149: Wont You Miss Me

Gu Ning put away the video recorder and handed it to Shao Chen, leaving the case to him and his colleagues.

Yang Siyuan followed Shao Chen back.

Although they now had proven their identities and the attempted murder of Yang Jun, it didnt mean that he was completely innocent.

He had tried to assassinate Yang Jun, which was the truth, so he couldnt get away with it.

However, it was understandable why Yang Siyuan had tried to kill Yang Jun, so the police wouldnt seriously punish him.

“Thank you so much, Miss Gu.” Shao Chen thanked Gu Ning.

“Miss Gu, thank you.” Yang Siyuan thanked Gu Ning too, and bowed deeply to her.

As long as Yang Jun was punished according to the law, he didnt care what would happen to himself.

“Officer Shao, what will happen to Yang Siyuan given the situation” Gu Ning asked.

Although she had already helped Yang Siyuan a lot, she wanted to know the result since she had already done so much.

“Yang Siyuans assassination of Yang Jun has been established.

The sentence for attempted homicide is three to five years.

Well, after what has happened today, the court will give a lighter sentence, but hell still be sentenced one or two years.

If he performs well in prison, he might come out half a year earlier,” Shao Chen said.

It would be the result if Yang Jun didnt have any connections.

If Gu Ning stood out for him, it might be easier to solve the matter, but Gu Ning and Yang Siyuan werent relatives or close friends.

It was impossible to use her connections to help Yang Siyuan, so Shao Chen didnt mention it.

Gu Ning understood that she could easily get Yang Siyuan out of jail with her connections, but she didnt have that plan.

Yang Siyuan and she werent close after all, and he had to take responsibility after committing the crime.

“If its possible, please let Yang Siyuan use his original identity to deal with his company affairs.

Given the situation hes in, he wouldnt be able to manage it any longer, so he can sell it and save the money.

Hell need the money after hes out of jail,” said Gu Ning.

“Dont worry, we will, Miss Gu,” said Shao Chen.

“Thank you, Miss Gu.” Yang Siyuan thanked Gu Ning again.

Now, he didnt know what else he could say except for thanking her.

“Alright, we can leave now,” said Gu Ning.

After that, they walked away.

However, before leaving, Yang Siyuan found the key to his own house.

He not only had to deal with the companys business, but also the house.

As for the house, he would naturally have to keep it, or where would he live after he came out of jail

It was just that he still had to pay several million yuan of loans for this house, so he planned to sell the company, then repay the mortgage in full before going to jail with peace of mind.

After leaving, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting didnt return to the siheyuan, and instead went to Mountain River Garden.

They didnt have much private time to stay together, so now that they had, they naturally wouldnt waste it.

Because Xu Jingchen would leave with Leng Shaoting tomorrow, he went back to the Xu familys house tonight.

The Xu family was a little unhappy that Xu Jinchen was back in the capital, but didnt go home.

They supported him in spending more time with his girlfriend, but he at least should go back home once.

Even if he just had a meal or stayed at home for only one night, they would be happy to see him.

If he could come back with his girlfriend, it would be even better.

Xu Jingchen didnt forget his family, and at the strong request of his family, he took Zi Beiying back to the Xu familys house.

Zi Beiying felt it was too fast to see his parents right now.

After all, she and Xu Jingchen hadnt been together for long, and there were still uncertain factors for the future.

However, they were girlfriend and boyfriend now, and she had been in the capital for such a long time, so it wasnt polite if she didnt visit the Xu family.

Zi Beiying was very lively outside, but she was quite nervous when she was about to see Xu Jinchens family.

Luckily, they liked her very much and they were easy to get along with.

Therefore, she soon relaxed.

The Xu family was very worried about Xu Jingchens marriage.

Although Xu Jingchen was good-looking and had a good family background, and he had many choices, the problem was that he wanted to find someone he loved!

None of the heiresses from families of wealth and power which his family had introduced to him could win his heart.

Finally, he met Zi Beiying and Zi Beiying was very adorable, so they were happy for them.

The Xu family was much easier to get along with than the Leng family, because there was no conflict in the Xu family.

After staying at the Xu familys house until 9 pm, Zi Beiying needed to leave.

The Xu family wanted her to stay at the Xu familys house for the night, but they were rejected by Zi Beiying because she felt it wasnt a good idea and she would be uneasy.

The Xu family understood, so they didnt force Zi Beiying to stay.

When Zi Beiying came, she brought gifts to everyone, and the Xu family also prepared a present for Zi Beiying for their first meeting.

Their gift wasnt cheap.

It wasnt because they were rich, but because Zi Beiying was very important in their eyes.

After leaving the Xu familys house, Xu Jinchen looked very upset.

“Whats wrong” Zi Beiying asked.

“Im leaving tomorrow.

We might be apart for more than half a month this time,” Xu Jingchen said.

He didnt have much time to stay with Zi Beiying, and they would be apart again after being together for only a few days.

“I know, but we have to accept it.”

Zi Beiying was unwilling to be apart from him, but she chose him to be her boyfriend, so she had to accept the situation.

“I dont want to leave you,” Xu Jinchen said.

Although they had said a lot of sweet nothings to each other during these days when they were together, Zi Beiying still felt shy and said nothing.

“Do you want me to leave” Xu Jinchen was unhappy when Zi Beiying didnt give him any responses.

“I dont, but what can I do about it You still have to go to work,” Zi Beiying said.

Xu Jinchen hesitated for a while, then he said carefully, “Um, can we go back to Century City tonight To my place”

“No.” Once Zi Beiying heard that, she flushed and refused.

Although Xu Jinchen and she were already boyfriend and girlfriend, they werent in a stable relationship yet, so she wasnt ready to have sex with Xu Jinchen.

She believed that Xu Jinchen would respect her, but she felt nervous upon thinking that they needed to stay with each other for a night.

Xu Jinchen understood Zi Beiyings worries, so he explained right away.

“Dont worry, without your permission, I wont do anything.

I just want to have some private time with you.”

As Xu Jinchen said that, he felt aggrieved.

Anyway, Xu Jinchen was very honest.

He really loved Zi Beiying, so he respected her.

He was a man and he had desire and sexual need, but he controlled himself every time he got aroused.


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