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Chapter 2130: Exchange Identities

“Since Yang Jun cant speak, he cant solve the problem by nodding and shaking his head all the time.

Let him write!” Gu Ning said.

In fact, Gu Ning could help Yang Jun speak, but now wasnt the time.

Hearing that, Yang Siyuan seemed a little nervous, but he soon returned to normal.

Although he didnt want Yang Jun to write a confession, he couldnt stop it.

Even if Yang Jun wrote the confession and told the truth, there was no evidence to prove it was true.

Moreover, his assassination attempt was indisputable, so no matter what, he couldnt avoid being punished according to the law.

Yang Jun, however, looked at Gu Ning in surprise.

Although he didnt know what Gu Ning wanted to do, she obviously meant to help him by saying that.

However, in an instant, Yang Jun looked upset again.

Even though Gu Nings words meant to help him, he wasnt grateful to her, because he would have already taken revenge if it hadnt been for her just now.

Moreover, he also knew that even if he wrote the truth, no one might believe him or help him.

Therefore, even if he was asked to write it, it would be meaningless.

If he didnt write, he was unwilling to give in, so Yang Jun still did it.

After that, Shao Chen continued to ask, “Yang Jun, did you attack Yang Siyuan”

Although it couldnt be more obvious, they still needed Yang Jun to admit it.

It would make it easier to convict him of the crime.

Hearing that, Yang Jun didnt write immediately, but glared at Yang Siyuan for a few seconds before writing.

Although Gu Ning and Yang Jun werent close and she couldnt see what Yang Jun wrote in the distance, Gu Ning had a pair of Jade Eyes.

As long as she used her Jade Eyes, she could see it clearly.

However, once she read the confession written by Yang Jun, Gu Ning was mad.

Yang Jun wrote on the paper: I did attack him, but Im Yang Siyuan.

Hes Yang Jun.

Yang Jun was Yang Siyuan And Yang Siyuan was Yang Jun

If it was true, it would cause a sensation.

After Shao Chen read the confession written by Yang Jun, he couldnt help but laugh.

“Yang Jun, you said youre Yang Siyuan, and Yang Siyuan is Yang Jun.

Are you kidding us To be honest, Yang Siyuan and I were classmates in college, so I know whether hes Yang Siyuan or not.”

When Yang Siyuan heard that, he looked at Yang Jun in amazement, and complained in grievance and anger.

“Yang Jun, how can you say that Its insane.”

“Uh-uh-uh…” Yang Jun immediately shook his head and shouted.

Without delay, he picked the pen and continued to write on the paper.

Yang Jun wrote: Im really Yang Siyuan.

Yang Jun and I exchanged identities to go to university after the National College Entrance Examination.

Exchanged identities after the National College Entrance Examination to go to college

Hearing that, Shao Chen glanced at Yang Siyuan subconsciously.

Although he didnt believe Yang Jun, he really didnt know what had happened between them before university, so he chose to be quiet for the time being.

Yang Siyuan, however, refuted Yang Jun angrily.

“Yang Jun, enough is enough.

Ever since childhood, your grades have been better than mine.

In the year of the National College Entrance Examination, you were accepted by a prestigious university, but I was only admitted to an average college.

If I was accepted by a prestigious university, why should I exchange identities with you Why should I ruin my bright future ahead”

Upon hearing that, Yang Jun still shook his head and screamed at Yang Siyuan against what Yang Siyuan had just said.

Shao Chen was still willing to believe in Yang Siyuan.

As he said, if he was the one who was admitted to a prestigious university, it was impossible for him to give the chance to other people! No one was willing to exchange an average college with a prestigious university.

Gu Ning, however, had a different opinion.

If they did exchange identities after high school, either Yang Jun was forced by Yang Siyuans parents, or Yang Jun voluntarily exchanged identities with Yang Siyuan.

If he was forced, it could be simply because Yang Siyuan didnt do well in the exam, and Yang Siyuans parents hoped that Yang Siyuan could go to a good university and have a high degree of education.

As for why Yang Jun agreed, perhaps Yang Siyuans parents forced him to return their favor.

If Yang Jun really volunteered, it might be because he had planned to occupy Yang Siyuans identity since then.

Because of this identity, he could justifiably steal the property of the Yang family.

The condition was that Yang Siyuans parents had an accident, and they didnt make a will and gave the wealth to the real Yang Siyuan.

Moreover, Yang Siyuans parents did have an accident, and it seemed that they didnt make a will to give the property to the real Yang Siyuan, the fake Yang Jun.

Otherwise, the Yang familys property wouldnt fall into the hands of the fake Yang Siyuan, the real Yang Jun.

Although it hadnt yet been determined whether Yang Juns statement was true, Gu Ning was more willing to believe Yang Juns words given the attitudes of Yang Jun and Yang Siyuan.

Anyway, it required a further investigation to find out the truth.

Although Shao Chen believed in Yang Siyuan, with Gu Nings presence, Shao Chen didnt dare to be too biased towards Yang Siyuan, so he felt that he should deal with the current affairs first, and talk about other things in private.

“We need evidence to prove it.

Since you said that, well naturally investigate it, but its an indisputable fact that youve committed the crime.

Therefore, youre formally being arrested now.” Shao Chen said to Yang Jun, then he looked towards Yang Siyuan.

“We need your cooperation for a further investigation, so you must be there whenever we need you.”

He said that, but they would see whether to investigate it further afterwards.

“Sure,” said Yang Siyuan.

He knew Shao Chen said that because of Gu Nings presence.

Yang Jun knew it too, so he was full of reluctance.

He yelled at Yang Siyuan again to show his dissatisfaction.

He was even struggling to get up, and wanted to do something to Yang Siyuan.

However, he was controlled by a policeman and couldnt get free at all.

Gu Ning was also clearly aware of it, but said nothing at this moment.

“Miss Gu, thank you so much for your help today.

I think were temporarily done here.” Shao Chen got up and said to Gu Ning.

“Its okay.

Im glad to help,” Gu Ning said and stood up.

She gave Yang Jun a glance, then looked at Shao Chen.

“By the way, although Yang Jun is a criminal, I kicked him just now.

That kick wasnt light.

He seems fine now, but its best for him to go to the hospital for an examination to make sure of it.”

Because she took him as a bad guy just then, she kicked him heavily.

Yang Jun wasnt seriously injured, but he was wounded.

If he wasnt treated, the injury would definitely be aggravated under Yang Juns violent mood, so it was best to go to the hospital.

If it wasnt suitable right now, Gu Ning would be willing to give him a power crystal.

However, even if she gave it to Yang Jun, Yang Jun might not take it because he hated her now.

He wouldnt trust her.


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