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Chapter 2128: This Man Isnt Right

The targeted man also got his mind back, but he was still in shock.

After taking a cold look at the man who fell on the ground, he immediately turned to stare at Gu Ning, thanking her gratefully.

“Miss, thank you so much.

If it hadnt been for you, I could have been seriously injured.”

“Youre welcome,” Gu Ning said.

At this time, Mo Qilin settled the bill, walking out.

When he saw that the atmosphere outside wasnt right, he asked, “Gu Ning, what happened”

Without waiting for Gu Ning to speak, everyone around him started talking.

“The man wanted to assassinate this gentleman, but this young lady stopped him.

Its unbelievable.”

“Right, shes amazing and brave.”


Hearing people praising Gu Ning, Mo Qilin felt honored.

At the same time, he was also at the mans assassination, so he glared at him.

The man, however, was glaring at Gu Ning, because he wouldnt have failed if Gu Ning hadnt stopped him.

He was mad and unwilling to accept the result.

Facing his glare, Gu Ning stayed calm.

At this time, the targeted man walked to the man who was under control and pulled off his mask, revealing his face to everyone.

The mans face was full of scars, which was a little scary, and everyone took a breath in fear.

The man who was rescued by Gu Ning saw the mans face and suddenly showed a look of surprise, “Yang Jun, its you”

The next second, the man trembled in anger.

“Yang Jun, because youre my cousin, Ive forgiven you again and again, but you never change.

You even tried to kill me this time.

Im so disappointed in you.

This time, Ill definitely not let you go.

I cant change you, so Ill let the prison do it for me!”

Once he finished, he took out his phone to call the police.

Hearing that, Yang Jun shouted at the man with reluctance, but his voice was so hoarse that he could barely utter a word.

Seeing that, Gu Ning frowned.

This man named Yang Jun was really dumb.

Yang Jun kept struggling, shouting with reluctance.

There was hatred and humiliation in his eyes.

He was resisting something.

At this time, Gu Ning felt Yang Jun must have been through unfair things, and he might be the one who was persecuted!

The injuries on Yang Juns face might have something to do with the targeted man! If so, it was understandable that Yang Jun wanted to kill the man.

Yang Juns behavior was illegal, but no one would give up taking revenge if they were treated unfairly.

Some succeeded and some didnt.

Yang Jun didnt care about his life now, so he must have been left with no choice and lost his reason.

There must be a condition that Yang Jun didnt hurt the man first.

If Yang Jun did, then he deserved the punishment.

If Yang Jun was the one who was persecuted, it would be Gu Nings fault that she helped the real guilty guy get away with the crime.

Therefore, Gu Ning decided to figure it out.

At least she couldnt make other people suffer because of her.

“Sir, can I ask why Yang Jun tried to kill you” Gu Ning asked the man she rescued.

She wasnt questioning him, but was curious to know the reason.

The other people were also curious.

The man didnt refuse to answer her question.

He sighed before saying sadly, “Yang Jun is my younger cousin.

His parents passed away when he was little.

My parents adopted him.

My family has a business.

Although it isnt very large, we have over ten million yuan in wealth.

Yang Jun believes he can share the wealth with us just because hes stayed in our place for over a dozen years.

My parents raised him and treated him as well as they treated me.

My parents even sent him to study abroad, but he isnt grateful at all.

He never gave up the idea of stealing my familys wealth.”

Hearing his explanation, everyone had sympathy for him, but Gu Ning felt the mans sadness was just an act.


Yang Jun shook his head heavily.

It seemed he was trying to deny the mans explanation.

The man continued, “A year ago, my parents died in a car accident.

Yang Jun seized that chance and tried to kill me so that he could inherit my wealth.

He didnt succeed, and I forgave him for the sake of our family connection.


he didnt give up, and kept on causing me trouble…”

“Oh, youre very tolerant.

Although hes your younger cousin, he tried to steal your familys wealth and even wanted to kill you.

If you forgive him, youre putting your own life in danger!”

“Right, given your account, I think your parents death might have something to do with him.”

“I think its possible.”


Hearing that, Yang Jun continued to shake his head to deny the mans words, but nobody could understand him.

The man seemed sadder as if he couldnt accept it.

“I have the same suspicion, but I failed to find evidence.

I dont want to believe that Yang Jun caused my parents death either.”

The man seemed to be defending Yang Jun, which aroused other peoples sympathy again, but Gu Ning only felt he was hypocritical.

“Oh, what has happened to Yang Juns face” Gu Ning asked.

Hearing that, a touch of guilt flashed in the mans eyes.

Other people didnt see it, but Gu Ning did and she was sure this man wasnt right.

“I dont know,” said the man.

He didnt know Gu Ning wasnt convinced.

Obviously, this man wasnt an upright person.

At this time, the police came and the policeman was familiar with the man, so they exchanged greetings.

After that, the policeman asked the man about the situation.

The man gave his account and the police took them back to the police station for testimony.

Because Gu Ning was involved, she was taken to the police station too.

Mo Qilin wasnt involved, so Gu Ning told him to go home.

Mo Qilin was slightly worried about Gu Ning so he wanted to go with her, but Gu Ning insisted on telling him to go home.

She only needed to answer some questions and she wasnt the victim of the attack, so she would be safe.

In that case, Mo Qilin could only leave, but he reminded Gu Ning to call or send him a message after she was out.

Gu Ning agreed.

Gu Ning had a car, so she needed to drive there on her own.

The police allowed her to do that because she wasnt very important in the case, so she could actually be absent.


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