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Chapter 2126: I Know Who You Are

The others were in a coma, so Owen shot them in the heart, and left after he was sure they were all dead.

Seeing Owen coming out, Gu Ning frowned.

“Are you not afraid to cause trouble when you come out all bloody Get changed and put on someone elses clothes!”

Hearing Gu Nings reminder, Owen realized it and felt a little embarrassed.

“Thank you for the reminder.

Ill change now.”

He needed to change his clothes, but he could only put on those killers clothing.

Their clothes were intact except for the damage by the heart.

Owen didnt mind wearing dead peoples clothes.

Avoiding trouble was the most important thing.

Before long, Owen changed into one of the killers clothes and came out.

Because the clothes were black, the damage on the chest wasnt obvious.

After that, Owen left with Gu Ning.

As for these corpses, they didnt deal with them because sooner or later they would be discovered.

In order to not get involved in the trouble, Gu Ning asked K to hack into the surveillance cameras of the road where she parked after driving away.

Back in the car, Gu Ning gave Owen the bottle with ten power crystals, as well as her own bank account number.

“Its almost dinner time now.

Gu Ning, can we share dinner I would like to express my gratitude to you for the time being.” Owen sincerely invited.

He couldnt return Gu Nings kindness just by buying her a meal, but he could invite her to have a meal first.

“No, thanks, I have an appointment.

Ill take you to a convenient place for a taxi in a while.

You can take a taxi and go back on your own.” Gu Ning refused.

It wasnt that she really had an appointment, it was just unnecessary and inappropriate to have a meal with Owen now.

Gu Ning was now regarded as a public figure, so there were many eyes watching her.

If someone who knew her saw her eating alone with a man, unnecessary trouble might be caused.

Gu Ning didnt bother to take much care of Owen.

She didnt drive him home, and instead let him off at a place where it was convenient to take a taxi.

“Fine!” Owen didnt think much about it.

Since Gu Ning had an appointment, he wouldnt force her to dine with him.

Afterwards, when they arrived at a place where it was convenient to take a taxi, Gu Ning let Owen off.

Then Gu Ning drove towards the siheyuan.

Leng Shaoting wouldnt come back today, but she was going to the siheyuan whether he was back or not because it was convenient for her to cultivate.

Halfway there, Mo Qilin called Gu Ning and Gu Ning answered.

“Gu Ning, I finally know who you are!” Once the call was answered, Mo Qilin said excitedly.

Hearing that, Gu Ning frowned.

Mo Qilin finally knew who she was What did it mean Did he know she was Qing He Gu Ning only kept that identity a secret.

If so, her disguise would be useless, which wasnt right!

Before Gu Ning could say a word, Mo Qilin continued, “Gu Ning, I didnt expect you to be the boss of the Shengning Organization! Youre so amazing.

Youre only two years older than me.

Youre my idol now.”

Knowing that, Gu Ning instantly felt relieved.

“Thanks,” Gu Ning said.

“Um, Gu Ning, are you free now If you are, can we share a meal together” Mo Qilin asked.

He sincerely invited Gu Ning to share a meal, but he didnt have a chance before.

Gu Ning understood Mo Qilin wanted to thank her for her help, but she didnt think it was necessary.

However, she could hear the anticipation in Mo Qilins voice, so she didnt have the heart to turn him down.

In the end, Gu Ning agreed.

Mo Qilin was thrilled that Gu Ning agreed, so he immediately told her where to meet.

He booked a table in a local restaurant famous for providing specialties.

It wasnt very expensive, nor was it cheap.

Gu Ning didnt care where they ate, but Mo Qilin wanted to treat her well.

After hanging up the call with Gu Ning, Mo Qilin sent Gu Ning the number of the private room he booked in the restaurant, then he rushed out.

Mo Qilin lived in a mid-range block, but it wasnt his place.

It was his seniors house.

His senior, Yun Zhiyan, wasnt his masters disciple, he was his masters son.

Every time Mo Qilin visited the capital, he stayed in Yun Zhiyans place.

Yun Zhiyan was a cultivator, but cultivators needed to live a life, so Yun Zhiyan joined the business world.

As soon as Mo Qilin walked out, he met Yun Zhiyan who just came home.

Yun Zhiyan looked about thirty years old, but he was actually much older than that.

He was already married and was a father now.

His kid was nearly sixteen this year.

Yun Zhiyan, Jing Yunyao, and Jing Jining were in the same generation, but their faces aged slowly because they were at high levels.

“Qilin, its time for dinner.

Where are you going” Yun Zhiyan asked.

“I wont dine at home tonight.

I have an appointment with a friend,” said Mo Qilin.

“Friend Do you have friends in the capital” Yun Zhiyan was surprised, because Mo Qilin rarely visited the capital.

He shouldnt have any friends, and Yun Zhiyan had never heard about Mo Qilins friends before.

“Yeah, its Gu Ning.

The girl you and my master talked about yesterday, the boss of the Shengning Organization,” said Mo Qilin with pride.

He seemed honored to know Gu Ning.

In fact, Mo Qilin wasnt sure whether the girl named Gu Ning his master and senior had talked about yesterday was the same Gu Ning he knew, so he didnt tell his master and senior.

In the afternoon yesterday, he and his senior left the cultivation world and visited the capital.

At that time he learned that the girl named Gu Ning they had talked about was precisely the Gu Ning he knew.

After knowing that Gu Ning was so successful today, he was full of excitement.

“What You know Gu Ning” Hearing that, Yun Zhiyan was surprised.

After making sure of it, Yun Zhiyans eyes lit up.

“How did you know each other”

“Um, I had a conflict with two people last time and Gu Ning helped me…” Mo Qilin said, then suddenly realized he shouldnt have brought it up.

Mo Qilin didnt tell Yun Zhiyan and his master that he had been in trouble, because he didnt want to worry them.

It was over after all, and he was fine.

“What You had a conflict with other people What happened Tell me.” Upon hearing that, Yun Zhiyan was annoyed.

He stopped asking about Gu Ning and started to care more about Mo Qilin.

It wasnt a big problem if Mo Qilin just had a conflict with other people, the point was that Mo Qilin needed Gu Nings help, which meant that he had been in a very terrible situation.

Mo Qilin couldnt keep it a secret any longer, so he said, “Well, I bumped into a woman on the street.

The woman claimed her stuff disappeared and accused me of stealing it.

She even wanted to search me.”


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