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When Li Zhenzhen finally opened her eyes, she was still dazed and in great pain.

Her sight gradually became clear, but when she recognized the faces in front of her eyes, she trembled in shock.

She checked herself, but only found out she was almost bare in the air, black and blue.

Li Zhenzhen was stunned.

What has happened What has happened What has happened What the hell has happened

Seconds later, Li Zhenzhen screamed in horror.

She sat up abruptly, realizing what had happened to her.

Why How is it possible!

Li Zhenzhens scream woke everybody else in the bed.

Lin Wencong and Yuan Sen seemed calm, but Su Jing was as stunned as Li Zhenzhen.

If there were only Lin Wencong and her in the bed, it would be normal, but why were Li Zhenzhen and Yuan Sen in bed too

Did we… A terrible truth dawned on Su Jing. No, no, its impossible ! Su Jing kept persuading herself that it wasnt true.

“What the hell happened” Li Zhenzhen questioned in anger.

She almost wanted to kill them.

“What else do you think happened We were all drunk last night, so we had sex together,” Yuan Sen said airily, like it was par for the course.

Indeed, it was par for the course to him.

Normally, he would spend some money or say some sweet nothings to get laid, but facing Li Zhenzhen, he had to use special skills.

“I was not drunk at all! Did you drug us” Li Zhenzhen glared at Yuan Sen, questioning him.

She wasnt dumb and knew how much she could drink.

She had been a little dizzy last night, but not drunk.

The only possibility was that she had been drugged.

Li Zhenzhen knew that Yuan Sen was a playboy who quickly changed the women beside him without second thought.

It was common for him to drug a woman to get laid.

Yuan Sen had chased her for a long time, but she didnt accept hm, so he had probably drugged her due to anger.

Li Zhenzhen knew it clearly.

“What We were drugged” At that time, Su Jing finally realized what had happened.

She looked at Lin Wencong, questioning him, “What the hell is going on here”

Lin Wencong and Yuan Sen even didnt bother to hide the truth, so they admitted.

“Right, we did drug your drinks last night, and we all made love in a four…”

“You asshole!” Li Zhenzhen raised her hand to slap Yuan Sen, but was stopped and seized by him before her hand could fall on his face.

Yuan Sen looked at Li Zhenzhen with disdain, sneering, “Do you want to hit me”

“Lin Wencong, why did you do that” Su Jing asked in pain and anger.

“Su Jing, did you really think that I was in love with you Youre merely a not poor girl from a barely rich family.

It was your illusion that you could marry me.

If you werent sexy and good in bed, I would have dumped you already.

However, Ive already had enough, and its time to change to a new girl.

If you want to stay by my side.

Um… I would need to think about it,” Lin Wencong sneered.

He looked at Su Jing like she was a replaceable toy.

“You…” Su Jing was annoyed and burst into tears.

She thought that she had found her true love.

She thought that Lin Wencong loved her deeply just like she loved him.

To her astonishment, she was just a sexy toy to him.

“Yuan Sen, Ill sue you!” Li Zhenzhen roared in anger.

“Very well! Sue me now! However, if you dare to sue us, Ill upload the video of our violent love-making foursome to the Internet.

Youll be famous by then,” Yuan Sen threatened.

He didnt seem scared at all.

“What You took a video”

Hearing that, both Li Zhenzhen and Su Jing were irritated as well as shocked.

“Yes, we took a video of it.

Li Zhenzhen, if you keep playing with us, we can keep it a secret, and you may keep chasing Qin Yifan.

Even if you can marry him in the future, we wont be involved at all.

However, if you want to ruin your reputation, sue us as you like.

And let me tell you, I have the video as proof.

You two dont seem forced in the video!” Yuan Sen sneered.

He wasnt afraid of Li Zhenzhen suing them.

“You…” Li Zhenzhen and Su Jing had no idea what to do now.

Li Zhenzhen burst into tears all of a sudden.

“Lin Wencong, why Why did you do this to me If you didnt like me, you could ignore me, but why did you have to play with me” Su Jing almost had a breakdown.

It was so painful to be betrayed and hurt by someone you loved.

“I wont reject a woman who chases me,” Lin Wencong said.

He didnt care that Su Jing was in pain now.

Indeed, Su Jing had chased Lin Wencong on her own initiative.

Although she had treated him seriously, she had made a wrong choice.

She was doomed to lose before such an adept playboy.

Knowing that Li Zhenzhen was stuck in her nightmare, Gu Ning was in a good mood.

At 8 am, An Guangyao called Gu Ning, and told her that they were already at the airport.

There were eight of them in all, including himself, a lawyer and a financial worker.

Gu Ning immediately called Ding Peiwei.

Ding Peiwei told her that everything was going well, and that they were waiting for them.

After receiving Gu Nings call, Ding Peiwei felt that it was becoming more of a reality now.

And his neighbors all relaxed, but the deal wasnt settled yet, so they didnt feel completely safe.

Then Gu Ning called Leng Shaoting around 9 am and they headed to the airport together.


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