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Chapter 2094: Apologize Face to Face

“Liwen, Im really sorry, but can you give me some time to ask Miaomiao about that Can I call you back after we talk about that with his father” said Du Meiling.

“Sure, I can wait.” Du Liwen understood she needed time to ask Chen Fangmiao and talk about it with Chen Fangmiaos father before replying to him.

After hanging up the call with Du Liwen, Du Meiling called his husband.

“Hengsheng, when will you be home” Once her husband answered her call, Du Meiling asked in panic.

Du Meilings husband, Chen Hengsheng, noticed it and asked with a frown, “Im in the parking lot now.

What happened”

“Come home, and well talk about it then,” said Du Meiling.

“Fine,” said Chen Hengsheng and hung up the call.

After ten minutes, Chen Hengsheng was home.

Before he could ask, Du Meiling told him everything in detail.

Because they needed to deal with it right, she couldnt hide any details.

“What Chen Fangmiao tried to kill Du Jialei”

Knowing what had happened, Chen Hengsheng was scared too.

To his surprise, Chen Fangmiao dared to do such a thing.

It was illegal to kill people.

Although Du Jialei was fine, it was still attempted murder!

No matter what, Chen Fangmiao indeed had tried to kill.

Therefore, it was totally unacceptable.

“Miaomiao didnt mean to do it.” Du Meiling understood it was wrong, but still defended her son.

Anyway, her voice was filled with panic.

“Idiots! Its not enough to explain his unacceptable behavior.

Even if he didnt mean to do it, he did! Its wrong.

Given Du Liwen and his wifes love for Du Jialei, they wont swallow their anger,” said Chen Hengsheng in annoyance.

Du Meiling knew it as well, but it already happened, so she only hoped that her son wouldnt pay too high a price for it.

“W-What should we do now” Du Meiling panicked more.

“Do we need to let Miaomiao deny it We can say it never happened.”

“What an idiot you are!” Chen Hengsheng was mad.

His wife was indeed a stupid woman.

“Do you think Du Liwen will believe that”

Hearing that, Du Meiling closed her mouth.

In the end, she asked, “What should we do then”

“Call Chen Fangmiao back right now.

I need to call Du Liwen and apologize first.

Well visit them tomorrow with Chen Fangmiao and apologize face to face.

We need to win their forgiveness, or itll only get worse.

Although Du Liwen wont put Miaomiao in jail, we rely on the Du family to do business, so we cant lose their support,” said Chen Hengsheng.

He was willing to abase himself for benefits, so he knew that they had to apologize right now.

After all, it was Chen Fangmiaos fault, so it was reasonable that he apologized.

However, they wouldnt stop scheming against the Du family.

“Sure.” Du Meiling took out her phone at once to call Chen Fangmiao.

Chen Hengsheng went back to his study to call Du Liwen.

Once his call was answered, Chen Hengsheng apologized.

“Liwen, Im sorry.

I didnt expect Miaomiao to do such a crazy thing.

I already told Meiling to call him back.

Ill take him to apologize to you face to face tomorrow.”

“Great, Ill wait for your arrival at home tomorrow morning.” It was better to deal with the problem face to face, so Du Liwen was unwilling to talk too much with Chen Hengsheng on the phone.

Without hesitation, he hung up on Chen Hengsheng.

Although it had nothing to do with Chen Hengsheng, Chen Hengsheng wasnt a good man either.

Du Liwen never liked him, so his attitude towards him wasnt good.

Hearing the sound after the phone was hung up, Chen Hengsheng showed jealousy and ambition in his eyes.

Du Liwen, Ill replace you sooner or later.

Chen Hengsheng first met Du Liwen in college, because Du Liwens family was very rich while he was from a very ordinary family.

Du Liwen wasnt good at studying, but he was.

However, the girl he liked still admired Du Liwen, so he was jealous of Du Liwen ever since that time.

He actually played some tricks to marry Du Meiling.

Given the huge gap between his family and the Du family, it was impossible for him to marry Du Meiling if he didnt play tricks.

And after marrying Du Meiling, his career became better.

However, Chen Hengsheng didnt feel grateful to the Du family.

On the contrary, he was secretly scheming against the Du family.

He was a typical ungrateful person.

As a selfish man, Chen Hengsheng didnt think it was wrong.

His ambition had already distorted his values.

When Chen Fangmiao heard his mother tell him to come back home, he was scared, but couldnt say no.

After he got home, Chen Hengsheng seriously criticized him, but he didnt dare to say a word.

Although he didnt mean to kill Du Jialei, he indeed had taken out a knife and tried to stab him.

If Gu Ning hadnt shown up and stopped him, he could have killed Du Jialei.

And if he really killed Du Jialei, he would be doomed, so he was full of fear now.

Chen Hengsheng asked him to apologize to the Du family tomorrow, and he didnt dare to refuse.

Because they didnt know whether Du Liwen would forgive them and continue to support them after they apologized, the three of them couldnt sleep that night.

After they got up the next morning, they had breakfast first.

They didnt have much appetite because of what had happened between Chen Fangmiao and Du Jialei, but they needed to eat some food.

Once they finished, they set off for the Du familys home.

On their way, Chen Hengsheng told Chen Fangmiao what he needed to do later at the Du familys place, and Chen Fangmiao just listened to his father.

Because it was rush hour, it was a bit crowded on the road.

They set off at 8 am, and arrived at the Du familys house at 9:30 am.

Because the Du family was waiting for their arrival, the members of the Du family were all present.

Before the Chen family came, the Du family was relaxed, but the Du familys three members suddenly became very displeased once the Chen family showed up.

They all stared at Chen Hengsheng and the others coldly.


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