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Chapter 2092: Annoyed to Death

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Because he didnt know how to handle it, he could only talk about it with his mother.

However, he couldnt let his father know yet, so Chen Fangmiao first asked his mother what she was doing and whether his father was next to her after his mother answered his call.

His mother said his father was still at a business meal, so she was alone at home.

Knowing that, Chen Fangmiao told his mother what had happened in detail.

“What You almost killed Du Jialei”

Chen Fangmiaos mother, Du Meiling, was scared stiff.

Although Chen Fangmiao didnt hurt Du Jialei and didnt mean to do it, he did pull out a knife, so it already happened even though he didnt succeed.

Besides, if no one had shown up and stopped him, it could have happened.

Upon thinking of what could happen if Chen Fangmiao really had killed Du Jialei, Du Meiling turned pale and trembled in fear.

“I didnt mean to kill him, I just lost my reason for a moment, so I took out a knife,” said Chen Fangmiao.

He didnt feel guilty at all, and was only worried.

He was troubled by the fact that Du Jialei would tell his uncle and aunt.

“Mom, what should I do now Du Jialei said hell tell uncle and aunt.

Uncle and aunt will believe him…”

Hearing that, Du Meiling panicked and didnt know what to do all of a sudden.

“I-I… I dont know.

We can ask your father when hes home.”

It wasnt a normal fight because Chen Fangmiao took out a knife, so Du Meiling didnt know what to do.

“But, Im afraid…” Chen Fangmiao shivered once he heard that his mother was going to tell his father.

After all, what he had done today affected his fathers plan.

The Du family would surely be mad at them and keep a distance from them.

In that case, they wouldnt be able to carry out their plan.

“What can we do if we dont tell your father Didnt I tell you not to have any conflicts with Du Jialei Why did you go to see him” Du Meiling scolded Chen Fangmiao.

Because Chen Fangmiao had argued and fought with Du Jialei many times before, the Du family was very unhappy about that.

Chen Fangmiaos parents had warned him to be more careful in case their plan was exposed.

Du Meiling had that thought because she didnt know that the Du family was already aware of their scheme, but the Du family didnt bother to point it out before they really carried it out.

“I-I…” Chen Fangmiao was in complete panic.

“Tell me, why did you go to cause Du Jialei trouble” Du Meiling became angrier.

“Because…” Chen Fangmiao hesitated, because it was embarrassing to say it aloud.

However, even if he didnt say it aloud, his mother would only be more furious at him.

“Tell me!” Du Meiling lost patience and snapped at Chen Fangmiao.

“Because…” Chen Fangmiao knew that he couldnt avoid it.

“Because the girl I like admires Du Jialei.

Du Jialei doesnt like her, but I ran to see Du Jialei in anger…”

Speaking to the end, Chen Fangmiao had a lower and lower voice, but Du Meiling still heard it clearly and was full of anger.

What For a girl Her son caused such a big problem because of a girl

After a while, Du Meiling calmed down and opened her mouth again.

“Good for you! Due to a girl, you went to fight with Du Meiling with a knife! Do you want to annoy me to death”

“I told you I didnt mean to hurt him.

I just…” Chen Fangmiao defended himself because he indeed meant to do that.

“Didnt mean to hurt him Do you think you can deny it just because you didnt succeed Youre so naive!” said Du Meiling.

She expected better from her son.

Although they thought the Du family didnt know about their scheme yet, the Du family might find out after what had happened today.

Her older brother wasnt an idiot, otherwise he wouldnt be able to run such a profitable business.

“I…” Chen Fangmiao didnt know what to say, because he had to agree with his mother.

“W-What should we do now”

“What else can we do We must tell your father first to see what ideas your father has,” said Du Meiling in annoyance.

If so, Chen Fangmiao didnt dare to stop his mother, or the situation would only be worse.

After Du Jialei walked away, he didnt go back to the dormitory, instead he directly left the school and went back home.

Because of the scary accident, he was still in shock.

He wouldnt feel safe until he was home.

Before he was home, he didnt call his parents because he was unwilling to worry them.

He decided to tell them what he had been through after he was home.

Once Gu Ning was back in the dorm room, Zhang Zikai and Song Miaoge came closer and asked her what she had left to do just then.

“I just dropped something, so I went to search for it.” Gu Ning made up a lie.

“Did you find it” Song Miaoge asked.

She didnt doubt Gu Nings words.

“Yeah, I did,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Zhang Zikai and Song Miaoge were relieved.

“Oh, Zongxue has disappeared for a few days.

We cant get through to her.

Could anything bad have happened to her” said Song Miaoge worriedly.

“Relax, shes fine,” said Gu Ning to comfort them.

She knew Baili Zongxue was fine; Baili Zongxue simply couldnt use a phone in the cultivation world.

However, she couldnt tell them more details.

“Sure, shell be fine.” Zhang Zikai and Song Miaoge agreed and felt much better after hearing Gu Nings answer.

Du Jialeis home was in the Haicheng District, which wasnt far from their school, so he arrived within a dozen minutes by taxi.

It was about 10 pm and was still early, so Du Jialeis parents were still up.

They were watching TV in the living room.

Seeing Du Jialei back, they were greatly surprised because it wasnt a weekend.

However, after hearing the reason, Du Jialeis parents were furious.

To their surprise, Chen Fangmiao dared to hurt Du Jialei just because of a girl that Du Jialei didnt even like.

Although Du Jialei explained that Chen Fangmiao was just impulsive when he did that, Chen Fangmiao had tried to hurt him.

If no one had stood out to help him, he might have been seriously injured.

Besides, nobody knew whether Chen Fangmiao was really just being impulsive.


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