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Chapter 2081: Shes Even Worse than Jing Yunyan

Mo Qilin had a fourth-level, two third-level, two second-level and a first-level magic crystal.

Although Mo Qilin had much fewer magic crystals than Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, there wouldnt be a problem for him to get into the top 10.

After Mo Qilin took the magic crystals and put them into his bag, he felt his sight shake a little and they were already back in the square when his sight became clear again.

At this time, it was 6 pm.

They had entered the misty forest at 10 am.

The sky wasnt dark yet, but it could be dark soon because it was already November.

During the eight hours, the other people didnt just wait at the square, Tiandaozong treated them with tea.

They didnt come out again until half an hour before the eight hours were over.

When the participants appeared at the square again, they were in a mess because they kept their postures from the misty forest.

Some were lying injured on the ground, while some were still in a fight.

Anyway, they had different postures.

Only a few people could keep a perfect image.

Once they realized that they were already out of the misty forest, they adjusted their clothes.

Jing Yunyan glared at Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning.

It seemed he ached to kill them.

He still felt very upset because he couldnt get rid of Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

He couldnt tell on them, because it was allowed and he had done the same to other people.

Many other people also turned to look at Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning because they were curious to know how many magic crystals Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting had gotten.

Their status and cultivation level attracted a lot of attention after all.

The cultivators family members felt relieved when they discovered that they were fine.

Seeing Jing Yunyan glaring at Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning, Jing Yaorong frowned.

Did they get a lot of magic crystals or did they have conflicts and Jing Yunyan was at a disadvantage

No matter what, they had offended Jing Yunyan, so Jing Yaorong looked at Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting unkindly, but he could do nothing about it.

Seeing Dongfang Ziyus worried expression, Dongfang He understood that she might not have a good result.

Anyway, he couldnt make the conclusion that Dongfang Ziyu lost yet because the results werent out yet.

No one knew how many magic crystals other people had.

They didnt have Jade Eyes after all, so they couldnt see how many magic crystals other people carried.

However, Gu Ning did, and she didnt hesitate to see how many magic crystals they had.

Because Jing Yunyan, Dongfang Ziyu, and Yin Ruyan had a Qiankun Bag, she couldnt see the inside of it, but she was able to see how many magic crystals other participants had, including the three cultivators in the Golden Core Stage.

Although Gu Ning was confident that Leng Shaoting and she would win, she wasnt 100% sure of it before the results were out.

If there were any participants who had more magic crystals than one of them, she was willing to give all her magic crystals to Leng Shaoting and help him win.

Among the three cultivators in the Golden Core Stage, even the best of them didnt have many magic crystals in Gu Nings opinion because Gu Ning had many more than them.

If Jing Yunyans team had the same amount of magic crystals as the three cultivators, she and Leng Shaoting would certainly win.

Seeing Mo Qilins happy face, Yun Hongqing knew that they had gotten a lot of magic crystals, so he smiled too.

Shangguan Yang had the same feeling when he saw Gu Ning and Leng Shaotings calm faces.

After they came back to their senses, they went to record the fruits of their labor according to the order of their number cards.

Jing Yunyan was No.1, because he took the No.1 number card when they went to compete for the number cards.

Therefore, Jing Yunyan was the first one who stepped ahead to record the magic crystals he had.

Because Jing Yunyan was at a high level, many people believed that he would have a good result.

Even if there were several cultivators in the Golden Core Stage, they might not be better than Jing Yunyan.

Jing Yunyan had seven magic crystals in all, including one at the fifth level, one at the fourth level, two at the third level, and three at the second level.

Among the seven magic crystals, he had robbed other people of two.

One was a third-level magic crystal, and the other was a second-level magic crystal.

Anyway, as long as they left the misty forest, the magic crystals were his even if he robbed other people of them.

He had more magic crystals than Baili Zongyang three years ago, but Baili Zongyang was only at the peak of the Heartbeat Stage back then, so it couldnt prove that Jing Yunyan was better than Baili Zongyang.

Baili Zongyang had won the championship before, so he couldnt take part in the game again, or he could have gotten a better result than three years ago.

Moreover, Baili Zongyang relied on himself to get so many magic crystals, while Jing Yunyan had a team to help him and he also had robbed other people of magic crystals, so Jing Yunyan wasnt better than Baili Zongyang.

Anyway, Jing Yunyan had a comparatively good result, so everyone was envious of him.

Jing Yaorong had a smile on his lips.

Although he didnt know how many magic crystals other people had yet, Jing Yunyan had already gotten a good result.

Even the several cultivators in the Golden Core Stage couldnt have a better result than Jing Yunyan.

After Jing Yunyan, there were a few participants in a row who had no magic crystals at all, then it was the No.5 participant who only had a second-level magic crystal.

No.6 was Dongfang Ziyu.

Dongfang Ziyu had seven magic crystals as well, including one at the fifth level, one at the fourth level, one at the third level, and four at the second level.

Even though Dongfang Ziyu had seven magic crystals too, the levels of hers were lower than Jing Yunyans.

Because of that, Jing Yunyan and the Jing family felt relieved, but Dongfang Ziyu and the Dongfang family were unhappy.

Dongfang Ziyu was reluctant to accept the result, but she did her best to compose herself, or she could be laughed at for being a sore loser.

She indeed couldnt afford to lose, but she didnt want other people to see it because the result showed their abilities.

She already lost, which proved that she was worse than other participants.

If she refused to accept that, other people would think she didnt have a clear understanding of herself.

Anyway, no one believed that Dongfang Ziyu was really as calm inside as she was on the surface, but it was very normal because there wasnt a huge gap.

As a result, it was understandable that Dongfang Ziyu was unhappy about the result.

However, many people had high expectations of Dongfang Ziyu before the game, so they began to talk about her after seeing that she was worse than Jing Yunyan.

“I thought Dongfang Ziyu is most likely to win the first prize, but unexpectedly shes even worse than Jing Yunyan.”


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