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Chapter 2054: Go to the Cultivation World

“I agree,” said Leng Shaoting.

He didnt have many opinions about that.

“Great, if so, well go inside publicly, but should we go there right now or the early morning the next day” Jing Jining asked, “I think its better if we can go there right now.

We dont have much time tomorrow.

Im afraid accidents might happen.”

“I agree.

If we arrive earlier, we can learn more about the cultivation world,” said Gu Ning.

“Yeah, its better to go there earlier,” said Shangguan Yang.

He was very curious about the cultivation world.

“I agree too,” said Leng Shaoting.

He also wanted to go to the cultivation world earlier.

Upon thinking of that, Leng Shaoting couldnt stay calm because the murderer of his father was in the cultivation world.

However, it wasnt time for him to take revenge this time, so he had to control himself even if he met the murderer.

Although it was tough, he believed he could do that.

Jing Yunyao had even more mixed emotions than Leng Shaoting, but she said nothing.

She believed that Leng Shaoting could handle his emotions and they would be fine with Shangguan Yangs presence.

“Oh, if they ask about it, Ill say that I met Senior Shangguan by accident at Kunlun Mountain a while ago.

We talked about the cultivation world.

Senior Shangguan heard the kung fu competition was around the corner, so he wanted to take part in it with his disciples.

As for why I didnt tell them that I already knew Senior Shangguan is still alive, Ill say that Senior Shangguan wanted to keep it a secret.

What do you think” said Jing Jining.

He would surely be asked that question, so he decided to discuss it with Shangguan Yang right now.

The kung fu competition held in the cultivation world was open to all cultivators in the world and not just those in the cultivation world, so every cultivator could participate as long as he or she was in the age range.

Because of Shangguan Yangs status, Jing Jining wouldnt be criticized even if he brought them inside publicly.

As long as they were cultivators, they could enter the cultivation world.

“Sure, no problem,” said Shangguan Yang.

Therefore, after they made the decision, they were ready to set off and Gu Ning just needed to change her appearance.

She made the change casually this time.

Her features were the same as “Tang Aining”, but she looked a little different.

After all, Gu Ning could only make slight changes based on the original face so that people couldnt recognize her.

She didnt have the ability to change her face as she wanted!

Leng Shaoting needed to swallow Shangguan Yangs magical pill to change his appearance.

Although a single pill could only be effective for twenty-four hours, they would go there now and leave tomorrow night, so he had enough time.

The magical pill could change his appearance to some extent, but couldnt completely change his face.

Based on his original look, his skin became dimmer and uglier.

His eyes dropped a little and his lips became thicker.

There was a mustache as well.

In that case, people could hardly recognize Leng Shaoting and no one would believe that he could look like that.

Leng Shaoting still needed a scar to make him completely different from his original appearance.

However, his air stayed the same.

Anyway, it didnt matter in strangers eyes.

“Oh, after we go inside, Shaoting can be Qing Feng, while Ningning is Qing He,” said Shangguan Yang.

Since they had changed their appearances, their names should be different too.

“Sure,” said Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning.

After they were done, it was 5 pm.

They didnt have dinner and set off right away, because they would dine in the cultivation world.

Although the cultivation world wasnt very large, it wasnt small either, so there were restaurants and hotels.

The cultivation world was modernized in all aspects except for electricity, cars and so forth.

In order to stop cultivators in the cultivation world from finding Leng Shaoting and other people through the car, Jing Jining went to rent a car that they would take to the Qianling Mountain.

Leng Shaoting and the others drove their car to the appointed place, then got into the car rented by Jing Jining.

When they arrived at Qianling Mountain, it was past 6 pm and the sky had become dark so there were no visitors.

There were only residents living at the foot of Qianling Mountain.

After parking the car, they went to the entrance of the cultivation world.

They walked fast, so they soon reached the foot of the mountain.

Afterwards, Shangguan Yang noticed the magical barrier on the mountain.

With a glance, he figured out the right path.

He didnt walk at the front, but let Jing Jining lead the way.

At this time, Gu Ning also showed the air of cultivators, because it might cause unnecessary trouble if cultivators in the cultivation world couldnt sense that she was one of them.

Although the Blood of the Phoenix could completely hide the air of cultivators on Gu Nings body, it could expose it as well.

Gu Ning had complete control over it.

Jing Jining didnt know why Gu Ning could hide the air of cultivators after she became a real cultivator, but he hadnt asked about it.

Everyone had his or her secrets.

Since it was a secret, she wouldnt tell even if he asked about it.

Therefore, he was surprised when he suddenly sensed the air of cultivators from Gu Nings body, especially when he found out that Gu Ning had already reached the Fusion Stage.

She was at the Foundation Stage not long ago, so within a short time, Gu Ning made a lot of progress!

Jing Jining didnt bother to ask about that.

Gu Ning noticed Jing Jinings surprised expression and confusion, but she didnt explain it because she didnt want many people to know her secrets.

Before long, Jing Jining calmed down.

Because he had witnessed Leng Shaotings unbelievable abilities, he was convinced that it was possible.

However, to his astonishment, Gu Ning was unbelievable as well.

After they reached the foot of the mountain, they directly climbed it with qinggong.

Gu Ning hadnt learned the skill yet, so Shangguan Yang helped her.

They stopped halfway up the mountain in front of the magical barrier.

It was a passage to the cultivation world, but only cultivators could see it.

If mortals came here, they would only see a common mountain.

Without trouble, they successfully entered the passage.

It was about thirty meters long with three turns.

After walking past the third turn, they saw light ahead.

Out of the passage was another world.

There were large forests and they couldnt see the whole picture of the cultivation world yet, but the magical power was indeed thicker here and of better quality than that at the Kunlun Mountain.


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