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Chapter 2052: Tang Jiakai Isnt a Kid

Xin Bei observed Cao Wenxins expression for a while.

Seeing no hint of annoyance, he finally felt relieved and stopped asking her why she seemed mad just now.

“I want ice cream,” when they walked by an ice cream shop, Cao Wenxin said.

“Sure, what flavor do you want Ill go buy it for you,” said Xin Bei.

“Strawberry,” said Cao Wenxin.

“No problem,” said Xin Bei and went to buy ice cream for Cao Wenxin.

Because there were many people in the ice cream shop, he needed to wait in a line, but Xin Bei didnt seem impatient at all.

Seeing that, other people all got envious of Cao Wenxin because Xin Bei was a very handsome and loving boyfriend.

Even though it only took a while to stand in a line to buy ice cream, most men wouldnt do that because they lacked patience.

The line wasnt long, so Xin Bei bought the ice cream within five minutes and gave it to Cao Wenxin.

They walked for a while longer, then went to sit in a quiet café.

After sitting for a few hours, they had to go back at 11 pm.

“Can I sleep in your room” asked Xin Bei.

“No, my younger cousin will sleep in the room next to mine.” Cao Wenxin refused without thinking about it.

It wasnt because she was shy, but because she was afraid that Tang Jiakai might hear some sounds from her room.

She indeed felt a little shy, even if she had stayed alone with Xin Bei many times, but it wasnt the reason why she turned Xin Bei done.

It was mainly because of Tang Jiakai.

Knowing that, Xin Bei agreed.

“Um, can I book another room which is farther away from your cousins”

“Um…” Cao Wenxin hesitated for a second, but still thought it was inappropriate.

“If he learns that Im not in the room the next morning, hell be suspicious.”

Hearing that, Xin Bei almost rolled his eyes.

“Tang Jiakai isnt a kid.

Do you think hell believe that youre alone in the room tonight Were all adults.

He wont have any bad opinions about you.”

Cao Wenxin frowned.

She agreed with Xin Bei on that, but somehow still felt slightly displeased.

Anyway, Tang Jiakai wouldnt believe that she slept alone in the room, so she didnt need to care about his opinions.

“You can go to book a room now.

Jiakais room and mine are both on the 16th floor,” said Cao Wenxin.

She and Xin Bei were a couple anyway, so there was nothing for her to be afraid of.

“Sure.” Xin Bei was satisfied.

Once they arrived at the Huangdeng Hotel, he went to book a room.

Xin Bei booked a room on the 12th floor, which was far away from Tang Jiakais room.

When a couple stayed in the same room for a night, they surely would do something a couple should do.

The next day, Cao Wenxin woke up at 6:30 am.

She abruptly sat up on the bed, which woke Xin Bei up.

He thought something terrible happened to Cao Wenxin, so he asked nervously, “Whats wrong”

“Get up.

Go back to the room and change clothes,” said Cao Wenxin, giving Xin Bei a glare.

Although she knew that Tang Jiakai would believe she stayed with Xin Bei in the same room last night whether she went back to her room alone or not the next day, she still wanted to hide it.

She was unwilling to wear the same clothing because it would expose that she didnt go back to her room last night.

Cao Wenxin rarely wore make-up now because her skin became much better after using Kouzi.

She was very pretty, so it was fine for her to go out without any make-up now.

She would only wear some make-up when she needed to have fun outside.

Xin Bei didnt think further about that, so he felt confused when Cao Wenxin glared at him and said she needed to change clothes.

Anyway, he wasnt displeased at all and said right away, “Ill go with you.”

“No!” Cao Wenxin gave him a glare again.

“Ill go on my own.

Ill call you once Im done, then well have breakfast together with Jiakai.”

Hearing that, Xin Bei figured out Cao Wenxins thoughts, so he didnt insist.


After that, Cao Wenxin got up and her flawless seductive skin was completely exposed in Xin Beis sight.

Xin Bei felt aroused in an instant and ached to pull Cao Wenxin back and press her against the bed again.

In the end, he controlled himself because he did not want to make Cao Wenxin mad.

Cao Wenxin quickly put on her clothes and left.

Back on the floor where she stayed, she gently opened the door of her room, then walked in and closed the door.

After the door was closed, Cao Wenxin gave a sigh of relief, but she immediately felt as if she was having an affair.

She was surprised by that thought.

She and Xin Bei were a normal couple, but it seemed that they were having an affair!

Anyway, she cared about other peoples opinions.

After getting rid of the thought, Cao Wenxin directly went to have a bath, then she changed her clothes and put on some make-up.

When everything was done, it was already 7:30 am.

At this time, someone knocked on the door of Cao Wenxins room.

Cao Wenxin was surprised and subconsciously thought it was Xin Bei.

Because she was too worried that Tang Jiakai might run into them and it would be embarrassing, she forgot that she didnt tell Xin Bei the number of her room.

He only knew which floor her room was on.

Before Cao Wenxin finished thinking about that, she heard Tang Jiakais voice from the outside of the door.

“Wenxin, are you in the room”

Although Cao Wenxin was Tang Jiakais older cousin, there was only a year gap between them, so Tang Jiakai seldom called her Cousin Wenxin.

He normally called her name.

“Yeah.” Cao Wenxin was relieved when she heard Tang Jiakais voice and hurriedly went to open the door.

When the door was opened, Tang Jiakai subconsciously glanced around.

It was obvious that he believed that Xin Bei would come back along with Cao Wenxin to the room.

He didnt think it was inappropriate because they were a couple, but surprisingly, he didnt see Xin Bei in the room and began to doubt whether they stayed together last night.

Seeing Tang Jiakais behavior, Cao Wenxin immediately realized what he was thinking, so she felt a little guilty even if Xin Bei wasnt in the room.

However, Cao Wenxin pretended that nothing had happened and said, “Im done.

Lets go have breakfast.”

Afterwards, she went out and closed the door.

“Where is Xin Bei” asked Tang Jiakai.

“In his own room! Ill call him,” said Cao Wenxin and took out her phone to call Xin Bei at once.

Hearing that, Tang Jiakai felt it was very strange.

They were a couple and seldom saw each other.

Why didnt they stay in the same room


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