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Chapter 2050: No Position to Blame Me

The man who stood behind Yu Wenjing walked over aggressively at once.

He protected Yu Wenjing behind him, then raised his hand to slap Cao Wenxin.

However, the second he raised his hand, Tang Jiakai caught it.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting watched from the side and did nothing because they knew that Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxin werent weak.

Both of them were strong, so it was very easy for them to defeat two ordinary people.

“Let me go!” The man glared at Tang Jiakai.

“Sure!” Tang Jiakai sneered, then threw the man to the ground.

“You…” The man glared at Tang Jiakai in anger.

To his surprise, Tang Jiakai was much stronger than he thought and easily threw him to the ground.

Although it was painful, he wasnt seriously injured, so he abruptly got up from the ground to beat Tang Jiakai.

However, before he could touch Tang Jiakai, he was stopped by security guards who just ran over.

“Please, dont fight in our hotel, or well call the police,” said a security guard seriously.

“Its the woman who hurt my friend first.” The man pointed at Cao Wenxin, complaining angrily.

“Because your girlfriend slandered me.” Cao Wenxin argued in annoyance.

She didnt think she should tolerate the slander.

“Am I wrong” Yu Wenjing retorted although she was slightly afraid of Cao Wenxin.

“You dont even know our relationship.

Why are you so confident that youre right” Cao Wenxin said with a cold expression.

“Who do you think you are You have no position to criticize me!”

“I…” Yu Wenjing was struck dumb for a second.

She indeed had no position to criticize Cao Wenxin, but she was unwilling to give in.

“I just feel its unfair for Xin Bei.”

“Whats your relationship with my boyfriend He doesnt need your sympathy,” said Cao Wenxin.

“I…” Yu Wenjing suddenly didnt know what to say.

Yu Wenjings boyfriend heard their conversation and realized why Yu Wenjing lost control of herself just then.

It turned out that she did it for another man.

At this moment, the manager of the hotel walked over in panic to Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxin.

He apologized in horror.

“Im sorry, Lord Tang, Miss Cao, Ill tell them to leave right now.”

Other people were surprised, seeing the managers attitude towards Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxin.

It seemed that they were very important.

Hearing the managers words, Yu Wenjing, however, felt displeased and questioned him.

“Why should we leave”

“Because this hotel is owned by my family, so I can chase you out.

You shouldnt have slandered my younger cousin and me just now.” Tang Jiakai seldom showed his status, but this time was different because he hated this woman extremely.

Besides, he could also see that this woman must admire Xin Bei, but Xin Bei disliked her, so she blamed Cao Wenxin for that and slandered Cao Wenxin.


They were all shocked.

To their astonishment, he was the heir of the Tang family, while Cao Wenxin was his younger cousin, a member of the Tang family as well.

It was known to everyone that the Huangdeng Hotel was owned by the Tanghuang Organization which was the Tang familys business, and the Tang family was a famous dominant family.

“How is it possible”

Yu Wenjing rounded her eyes in shock.

She couldnt believe that they were from such an influential family.

At the same time, she was reluctant to accept that.

She refused to believe that Cao Wenxin was born in a powerful family.

“Whether you believe it or not, its the truth.

Alright, tell them to leave now.

Theyre annoying.” Tang Jiakai waved his hand impatiently.

He didnt want to see Yu Wenjing any longer.

“Sure, Lord Tang,” said the manager and told the security guards to chase them out.

After knowing Tang Jiakais and Cao Wenxins family background, Yu Wenjing and her boyfriend didnt dare to argue with them again.

They had to leave quickly.

Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxin were mad at their behavior, but they soon relaxed.

After all, they werent the ones who were punished, so they soon forgot about Yu Wenjing.

After Yu Wenjing and her boyfriend left the Huangdeng Hotel, her boyfriend suddenly slapped her and questioned her in anger.

“What did you mean by doing that just then Whos Xin Bei Why did you stand out for him”

“I-I…” Yu Wenjing was annoyed by his slap, but panicked once she heard him mention Xin Bei.

“Hes your ex-boyfriend, right Or the man you love” Seeing Yu Wenjings reaction, the man had his answer.

He just wasnt sure whether Xin Bei was Yu Wenjings ex-boyfriend or the man she loved.

No matter what, she must like him very much since she would still get mad because of him.

“I…” Yu Wenjing panicked a little again.

The man was sure that he guessed correctly, so he wanted to give her another slap, but gave up in the end.

“Since you cant forget him, disappear now!” said the man, then he turned around walking away without hesitation.

“Feng, Im sorry.

I know its my fault.

Please dont leave me!” Seeing that, Yu Wenjing went ahead to pull the mans arm at once.

She indeed still cared about Xin Bei, but she was clearly aware that they wouldnt be together again, so she didnt have any hope about that.

She was merely impulsive just then.

However, she couldnt lose Chen Feng right now, because only Chen Feng could satisfy all her needs.

Chen Feng could satisfy her physical and material needs, and she also liked him, so she was unwilling to break up with him.

“Get off!” Chen Feng heavily threw Yu Wenjing to the ground without any sympathy.

He also had no intention of helping her get back to her feet, and left right away.

He liked Yu Wenjing as well, but he hated it that her heart was occupied by another man.

He had been hurt by that once before, so he had zero tolerance for that now.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left after sending Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxin back to their rooms.

They ran into Yu Wenjing who was crying on the ground by the side of the road outside the hotel, but they didnt bother to pay attention to her and directly drove away.

It was already 12 am when they were back in the siheyuan.

Shangguan Yang was resting in his room, while Jing Yunyao was cultivating in the backyard.

Once she sensed that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were back, she stopped and walked out to chat with them.


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