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Chapter 2033: Slightly Suspicious

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Luckily, Jing Yunyaos face wasnt clear in the surveillance videos, so they failed to recognize her.

In addition, they believed that Jing Yunyao was already dead, so they didnt think the woman could be her.

After all, it was very common that cultivators who often visited mortals world had a few friends there, so it wasnt a problem that cultivators met mortals.

However, because Jing Jining met the woman right before seeing Yin Shixun, they were suspicious of the woman and thought that she might have something to do with Yin Shixuns death.

It was one of the possibilities they could think of, but it didnt mean that they believed Jing Yunyao was guilty.

Besides, they werent sure whether Yin Shixun died on the day when he met Jing Jining and they all knew that Jing Jining wasnt as skilled at Yin Shixun, so they were doubtful about Jing Jinings involvement in Yin Shixuns death even if they were aware of their bad relationship.

However, since they had met, Jing Jining was a suspect, and they had to ask him about it.

Although Jing Jining knew that Tiandaozong would investigate him, he still went back to the cultivation world after dealing with what he should do.

If he ran away, it would prove that he was guilty.

Jing Jining wasnt surprised when Tiandaozong wanted to see him, but he was a little nervous because he had no idea what Tiandaozong had found out.

No matter what, he had to face it.

In order to protect himself, Jing Jining composed his features.

He didnt seem guilty at all, at least on the surface.

Jing Jining followed the staff to Tiandaozong.

The person who was in charge of this case was the elder of the Law Enforcement Hall, Xi Baichuan.

Xi Baichuan seemed to be around 60, but he was actually hundreds of years old and was at a very high level.

Yin Shiyi was sent over by the Yin family to sit in on the trial.

They were just going to ask Jing Jining for some information instead of questioning him this time, so it wasnt very official.

They didnt go to the Law Enforcement Hall, but to a lounge.

Anyway, they didnt have evidence to prove that Jing Jining had something to do with Yin Shixuns death, so it might damage Jing Jinings reputation if the meeting was too formal.

“Jing Jining, when we investigated Yin Shixuns death, we found out that you had met him before he died,” said Xi Baichuan.

“Yes,” Jing Jining admitted with alacrity.

They had already found it out, so it was meaningless even if he denied it.

If he refused to admit it, they might think that he was deliberately hiding something.

Jing Jining didnt think that they were able to find evidence of what had happened next, so he could tell the story as he wanted.

Jing Jining continued.

“I did meet Yin Shixun and we even had a fight, but you should know Im not as skilled as Yin Shixun.

I couldnt win at all.

He injured me and left.

I dont know what happened after that.

I heard the news a few days ago.

I was shocked too.”

It was true that Jing Jining couldnt defeat Yin Shixun, so they thought his answer was reasonable, but they stayed doubtful.

“You said Yin Shixun left after injuring you in the fight, but is it possible that Yin Shixun didnt leave after injuring you.

You might have had a helper and killed him together,” said Yin Shiyi.

He kept on observing Jing Jinings reaction.

Yin Shiyis guess told the truth, so Jing Jining panicked a little.

He was worried that they might have found out the key information, but no matter what, Jing Jining couldnt admit it and did his best to not seem guilty.

However, he wasnt so calm now.

It would be strange if he looked too calm, because he was the suspect at this moment.

Therefore, Jing Jining frowned and showed annoyance.

He was displeased when they were suspicious of him.

“I understand why youre suspicious of me, but why would I kill Yin Shixun What can I gain from that Given Yin Shixuns skills, the helper I need to kill him must be stronger than me.

Who do you think is willing to work with me After all, I seldom appear in the cultivation world during these years,” said Jing Jining with slight anger since he was regarded as the murderer.

The other people actually had the same idea as Jing Jining, and they mainly wanted to see his reaction.

They wanted to know whether he would panic or get mad.

Jing Jining reacted normally, so either they were wrong or Jing Jining was too excellent at acting.

In front of Xi Baichuan, they chose to believe Jing Jinings words.

However, it only alleviated their suspicion.

They still remained suspicious of him.

“Then whos the woman you met before seeing Yin Shixun” asked Xi Baichuan.

Hearing that, Jing Jining was surprised.

He was worried that they might have found out about Jing Yunyao.

After thinking for a while, he didnt think it was possible.

If they found out the woman was Jing Yunyao, they wouldnt be so calm.

They should just be suspicious that the woman could be his helper.

Jing Jining realized that his surprised expression might arouse their suspicion, so he composed himself at once.

“What Are you suspicious of a mortal now Isnt it very normal that I have some mortal friends after doing business in the mortals world for many years We just shared a meal.

There is nothing wrong with that.”

In fact, it indeed aroused their suspicion when Jing Jining was struck dumb for a second upon hearing their question about the woman, but his explanation made his reaction seem very reasonable.

“We didnt say that.

Were not suspicious of you either.

We just found out that you had met Yin Shixun before he died, so we need to ask you a few questions,” said Xi Baichuan.

He wasnt that suspicious of Jing Jining, so he said that in order to comfort him.

“I know.

Anyway, I did meet Yin Shixun,” said Jing Jining airily, but showed slight mockery on his face.

It meant that he knew they were suspicious of him and he was innocent.

“Oh, I found some strange things in the mortal world.

Some people with special skills suddenly showed up.

They might be from a foreign country.

Theyve committed crimes in our country,” said Jing Jining..

He felt it was necessary to report it to Tiandaozong and it could also help him get rid of their suspicion.


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