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Chapter 2028: Find the Murderer

Therefore, Yin Shiyi immediately stood up and walked to the next table.

“Excuse me, can I see the news” he said.

People sitting around the table didnt know what he wanted to do, but one of them still gave Yin Shiyi his phone and let him read the news.

Dongfang Jinghong was confused about Yin Shiyis behavior, but he just watched.

Yin Shiyi took the phone and saw the picture of the piece of Hotan jade carved with a dragon on the screen.

After a glance, he was very sure that it was Yin Shixuns jade pendant.

In an instant, he looked panicked.

Was Yin Shixun really dead

He couldnt believe it.

Yin Shiyi refused to believe it because Yin Shixun was a cultivator.

It was impossible for mortals to hurt him.

He didnt think Yin Shixun was killed by another cultivator because there was a rule that cultivators couldnt kill each other.

If there was any conflict, they should report it to Tiandaozong.

Tiandaozong would deal with it and wouldnt hesitate to kill if it was necessary.

However, if any cultivator dared to do that secretly, he or she would be punished once it was exposed.

Tiandaozong was the authority in the cultivation world, so no cultivators dared to act against it.

If Yin Shixun wasnt killed by another cultivator from the cultivation world, then it must be a member of the Evil Practice or a high level monster.

Yin Shiyi slid a finger up the screen to see whether there was a picture of the body to make sure of it.

He actually had a faint hope that it might not be Yin Shixun, but he was heavily hit the moment he saw a picture of the body.

His face went pale in an instant and he could barely stand steadily.

The body was really Yin Shixun.

To his astonishment, Yin Shixun was killed.

Seeing Yin Shiyis reaction, Dongfang Jinghong squinted.

It was obvious that Yin Shiyi knew the dead person.

Thinking of the question Yin Shiyi just asked him, he thought the dead person could be Yin Shixun.

Dongfang Jinghong was scared and couldnt believe it either.

Yin Shiyi was at a high level, so he actually didnt have many matches in the cultivation world, let alone in the mortals world.

If the dead person was really Yin Shiyi, then who killed him

“Do you know this dead man” asked the person who gave Yin Shiyi his phone.

Hearing that, Yin Shiyi came back to his senses and returned the phone to the person.

He didnt answer the persons question and only thanked him before turning around and walking away.

The person didnt continue to ask him, because the answer couldnt be more obvious given his reaction.

He must know the dead man.

Yin Shiyi lost his appetite.

He had to take Yin Shixuns body, then go back to the cultivation world and talk about it with the Yin family.

After Yin Shiyi went back to the table, he said, “Nephew Jinghong, Im sorry, something came up.

I have to go.

Enjoy it! Ill go to settle the bill.”

“Please allow me to do that.

You can go now if you need to deal with something.

Dont waste time here,” said Dongfang Jinghong.

He was very considerate.

It wasnt a big deal that he bought a meal for Yin Shiyi.

Yin Shiyi didnt eat much anyway.

As for what had just happened, Dongfang Jinghong didnt ask about it.

He would know once he read the news on the Internet by himself.

“Thanks, Nephew Jinghong.” Since Dongfang Jinghong said that, Yin Shiyi didnt insist.

“Youre welcome,” said Dongfang Jinghong, then Yin Shiyi left in a hurry.

Once Yin Shiyi was gone, Dongfang Jinghong took out his phone to search for the news.

Within seconds, he found it.

After a glance at the dead body, he recognized it was Yin Shixun.

Although he already had that guess, he was still amazed after making sure of it.

Without delay, Yin Shiyi left for the Public Security Bureau to confirm the bodys identity.

After confirmation, Yin Shiyi successfully took Yin Shixuns body back, then he quickly left to the cultivation world.

The moment Yin Shiyi saw Yin Shixuns body, he figured out how Yin Shixun died.

He died because someone exploded his energy center.

It seemed that Yin Shixun had encountered a strong match.

Yin Shiyi brought Yin Shixuns body back to the Yin family in the cultivation world.

When the Yin family saw his body, none of them could believe it.

Yin Shixuns parents almost fainted from grief, so did his wife and daughter.

“What happened” The Yin familys patriarch asked Yin Shiyi.

The Yin familys patriarch was its eldest son, and he cared a lot about Yin Shixun who was his nephew because Yin Shixun was outstanding among the young generation.

“He died because his energy center exploded, and hes been dead for a while.

I coincidentally heard the news about a dead man during a meal today.

Then I found out it was Shixun.” Yin Shiyi said, “It must be another cultivator who was able to make Shixuns energy center explode, but I dont know whether the cultivator is in the cultivation world or the Evil Practice.

It can be a monster as well.”

He and Yin Shixun werent very close, but they got along well with each other, so he felt sad when Yin Shixun was dead.

“Find the murderer!” The Yin familys patriarch gave an order in anger because it was a humiliation to the Yin family.

The Yin familys patriarch was suspicious of other powerful families at first, but didnt think it was very likely.

In that case, the murderer was likely to be a member of the Evil Practice or a monster at a high level.

No matter what, they needed evidence now.

After that, the Yin family sent out people to investigate it.

Although the police found nothing yet, it didnt mean they werent capable.

Early the next morning, the Yin familys patriarch went to Tiandaozong and reported to it.

Tiandaozong undoubtedly would help the Yin family with it.

Right after the Yin family went to Tiandaozong, the news that Yin Shixun was killed went abroad.

All the powerful families learned the news and discussed who did it.

They knew that the Yin family might be suspicious of them, but they didnt do it, so they werent worried about the investigation.

Jing Jining, however, felt nervous and anxious because Yin Shixuns death had something to do with him.

He knew Tiandaozongs abilities very well.

They certainly would find out about his involvement in Yin Shixuns death, but he and Gu Ning were in a remote mountain when they killed Yin Shixun.

Therefore, they had no evidence to prove that he was the murderer even if they discovered that he had contacted Yin Shixun.

After all, he wasnt as skilled as Yin Shixun, which was generally known to everyone.

Nevertheless, he was afraid that they might find out about Jing Yunyao through him, so he left the cultivation world as soon as he heard the news and called Jing Yunyao.

He knew that Jing Yunyao went to Kunlun Mountain, but he still tried to get through to her.

Perhaps they were already back!

After he failed to get through to her, Jing Jining sent Jing Yunyao a message telling her that the cultivation world found out about Yin Shixuns death and Tiandaozong was carrying out an investigation.

Once Jing Yunyaos phone could receive signals, she would be able to read the message.

For now, he could only do his best to ruin the surveillance videos of his meetings with Jing Yunyao.


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