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Chapter 1996: How Could You Be So Heartless

“Humph! Didnt you say you had the evidence If you have it, then show me what evidence you have!” said Shen Yanfeng.

Although he was anxious and worried, he acted composed.

Since Shen Yanfeng asked, Leng Shaoting handed Shen Yanfeng a stack of A4 paper documenting every detail of Shen Yanfengs crimes.

Right at the top, there was evidence of Shen Yanfengs corruption.

It contained surveillance footage screenshots, the time and location of every incident, the amount of bribery involved, and everything he did to obtain the bribery.

They managed to establish eight cases of bribery involving over $2.6 million in funds and other valuables such as jewelry.

They naturally did not possess evidence of all Shen Yanfengs bribery, but these were enough to charge him with.

In any case, they had evidence of other major crimes he had committed!

There were screenshots of Shen Yanfeng talking to members of the Kirin Gang.

Also, there were photos of him talking to Yuan Wenrui accompanied by a photocopy of his contract for his drug deals with Yuan Wenrui.

Shen Yanfeng felt increasingly scared as he went through the evidence, especially when he saw the contract for his dealings with Yuan Wenrui, but Shen Yanfeng refused to confess.

“Do you still refuse to confess to your crimes even though we have all this evidence against you” asked Leng Shaoting.

“These are fabricated.

I was framed.

Just because you produced this evidence does not mean this is the truth!” Shen Yanfeng continued to deny it desperately.

Despite his denial, his reaction had already given him away.


In that case, I will let you meet someone.” Despite Shen Yanfengs denial, Leng Shaoting stayed calm.

He gestured to Xu Jinchen and Xu Jinchen led Chen Jinpeng into the room.

The moment Shen Yanfeng saw Chen Jinpeng, he was startled.

He did not expect them to arrest Chen Jinpeng.

Did this mean they knew about the things that transpired four years ago

Chen Jinpeng was equally startled when he saw Shen Yanfeng, but he was unsurprised.

Since Leng Shaoting had already arrested Shen Yanfeng, that meant it was just a matter of time before they learned of all their dealings.

Leng Shaoting had probably investigated the Shen and Chen families ages ago!

Shen Yanfeng was unaware if Chen Jinpeng had betrayed him, so he harbored hope in his heart that he could get away with it.

Shen Yanfeng pretended not to know Chen Jinming as he asked, “W-who is he”

Shen Yanfeng thought he could save himself by denying to know Chen Jinpeng, but Leng Shaoting and the others saw through the act and found him hilarious.

Despite Shen Yanfengs refusal to confess to his crimes, they already possessed ironclad evidence, so it was impossible for Shen Yanfeng to escape punishment.

Chen Jinpeng was unsurprised when Shen Yanfeng pretended not to know him, but he felt Shen Yanfeng was foolish to do this.

Even though Chen Jinpeng did not betray him, he would not have bothered to deny it like Shen Yanfeng in the face of facts since it was completely futile.

Leng Shaoting must have arrested them when he had enough evidence to charge them.

Even if they did not possess enough evidence, he was powerful enough to make it happen.

Regardless of their confessions, the result would be the same.


When are you going to get it” scoffed Xu Jinchen.

“Shen Yanfeng, do you really think you can escape punishment by denying it Its impossible.

Even if you do not admit to your crimes, the moment we have evidence, you can be charged.”

Shen Yanfeng instantly trembled and looked even more worried.

He knew what Xu Jinchen was saying, but he simply refused to give up without a fight.

“Are you trying to bring false charges against me” denied Shen Yanfeng as he accused Leng Shaoting and the others of framing him.

“Here you go insisting on your innocence again.

I dont think we need to interrogate him anymore,” said Xu Jinchen.

He had never met someone as stubborn as Shen Yanfeng.

Also, they already possessed all the evidence they needed, so it was useless for Shen Yanfeng to deny it.

“You…” Shen Yanfeng was flustered.

He knew regardless of his denial, there was no escaping punishment.

Hence, Shen Yanfeng changed his strategy and decided to make them drop the case by reminding Leng Shaoting that they were family as a last-ditch effort.

“Shaoting, how could you do this to me I am your grandmothers nephew.

We are relatives!” said Shen Yanfeng as he looked at Leng Shaoting earnestly.

Leng Shaotings cool face became even colder in an instant.

He looked at Shen Yanfeng sternly.

“Shen Yanfeng, I told you to stop using my grandmother.

To begin with, you arent even a Leng.

And even if anyone from the Leng family commits a crime, they would get punished all the same.”

“You…” Shen Yanfeng did not expect Leng Shaoting to be so heartless that he would even send his family behind bars.

Anyone guilty of a crime would feel Leng Shaoting was heartless, but any decent man would feel Leng Shaoting was right to do this.

Shen Yanfeng ended up confessing to his crimes from Leng Shaotings pressure.

Since Shen Yanfeng confessed right in front of Chen Jinpeng, Chen Jinpeng confessed as well.

Meanwhile, Chen Qiuying had arrived at the Leng residence but was barred entry.

Regardless of how Chen Qiuying begged, she was not permitted to enter.

Even if Chen Qiuying was permitted to enter, they could not help with the case, so Leng Changzhi was sent to tell Chen Qiuying to leave the property.

Chen Qiuyin refused to leave, so Leng Changzhi said sternly, “Mrs Shen, the Leng family has done enough for your family.

If not for our support, would Shen Yanfeng reach his level of success Do you think we know nothing about the things you did using our name We simply chose to ignore it since it was no big deal.

Also, Master Leng kept reminding Shen Yanfeng to be a fair and just government official.

Do you really think the Leng family is able to do anything it likes Even if we could, we would never help someone who doesnt even respect Master Leng or the clan.

If Shen Yanfeng had the slightest respect for his uncle, he would have heeded his advice and become an incorruptible official.

Please go back Mrs Shen! Otherwise, dont blame me for sending the security guards to drive you out.” Leng Changzhi spoke intimidatingly.

Although Leng Changzhi was a butler, he was speaking on behalf of Master Leng, so even if he sounded threatening it was completely fine.

Chen Qiuyin went speechless when she heard what Leng Changzhi said.

Leng Changzhi turned to go back in after he was done and had no intention to continue talking to Chen Qiuyin.

After Leng Changzhi went back inside, Chen Qiuyin immediately called Master Chen.


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