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Chapter 1986: Have You Misunderstood Something

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Because if any news that exposed Shen Yanfengs deeds had something to do with the Leng family, some people would believe it.

Although it might not have a big impact on the Leng family, the Leng family would do its best to avoid it.

Gu Ning believed in Leng Shaoting, but she still told K to investigate Shen Yanfengs illegal deeds out of concern.

Even if it wasnt very helpful, it wasnt a bad thing as long as it had an effect.

Chen Junnan looked at Leng Shaoxi all the time, but Leng Shaoxi kept avoiding his eyes, unless she had to face him when Chen Junnan talked directly to her.

However, she stayed cool.

Zuo Wenjun couldnt stand it, so she pulled Leng Shaoxi to the washroom.

It was very normal that girls went to the washroom together, so nobody felt it was strange.

After walking into the washroom, Zuo Wenjun asked Leng Shaoxi, “Shaoxi, why are you suddenly so cool to Junnan”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoxi looked a little uneasy, but she forced herself to stay calm.

“Cool Was I very enthusiastic about him before Have you misunderstood something”

Zuo Wenjun didnt notice that Leng Shaoxi had a guilty conscience.

Seeing her being like this, Zuo Wenjun was annoyed.

“You werent very enthusiastic to him before, but werent so cool either.

Junnan likes you, and you have a very good impression of him too, right”

Leng Shaoxi took a long breath, then said looking guilty, “Alright, I guess I have to be honest with you.

I did have a very good impression of Chen Junnan before, but you know it means nothing.

I have a good impression of him, which doesnt mean I like him.

It takes more time to know him better to fall in love with him.

I know Chen Junnan is a very outstanding young man, but I just cant love him.”

Hearing that, Zuo Wenjun had a big frown.

“Do you mean youre in love with someone else”

“Yes,” said Leng Shaoxi.

In order to stop them from connecting her with Chen Junnan, Leng Shaoxi had to cover the lie with another one.

However, it was a lie, so Leng Shaoxi actually felt quite unhappy.

It wasnt the truth, but she had to pretend she was telling the truth.

Zuo Wenjun couldnt believe it, so she stared straight at Leng Shaoxis face to observe her, but Leng Shaoxi looked very serious.

Zuo Wenjun had to believe it.

All of a sudden, Zuo Wenjun put on a wry smile.

“Fine, its a good thing.

At least you dont need to face unpleasant things.”

“What does it mean” Leng Shaoxi asked curiously.

“The annoying affairs inside the Chen family! In fact, Junnan has the same tragic experience as Shaoting.

When he was little, his parents passed away.

He has an aunt, 2 uncles, but none of them like him.

Only Master Chen treats Junnan well.

Luckily, Junnan has always been smart ever since he was little.

Hes also the most outstanding one in the young generation of the Chen family, so others are worried that hell take over the Chen familys wealth and power.

As a result, they never stop scheming against him in private.

Even though Junnan is outstanding, hes too young and doesnt have much experience.

He cant control the members of the Chen family and its company.

Therefore, Master Chen let Junnan build his own career in the capital in order to help him grow stronger.

After hes influential enough, hell be able to control those people in the Chen family and its company.”

“Because of his tragic experience, my older brother and I are very sympathetic to him.

We also admire his abilities.

We know hes a very good, upright man.

Although the Chen family isnt as influential as the Leng family, there arent many big families that are comparable to it now.

As long as there isnt a huge gap and there is love, it isnt a big deal, right” said Zuo Wenjun.

All of a sudden, she realized she had said too much about it.

“Oh, sorry, I shouldnt have talked about that with you.

Anyway, you dont like him.

I cared about your relationship with him only because I was worried you might find it annoying to deal with his family in the future.”

Knowing that, Leng Shaoxi had mixed emotions.

To her surprise, Chen Junnan had such a terrible experience.

In that case, Shaoting seemed to be luckier than Chen Junnan.

At least only some of his family members disliked him, and he had other relatives who cared about him.

It was only because of Leng Shaotings cold character that they seldom talked with each other.

However, Leng Shaoting had already changed a lot after meeting Gu Ning and he gradually began to talk with them.

And the situation was greatly improved after his mother was back.

“If so, I have great sympathy for him as well, but it still has nothing to do with love.

I hope he can meet someone thats in love with him in the future,” said Leng Shaoxi.

Although she hesitated for a while because of Zuo Wenjuns words, she still made that decision in the end.

“Yeah, hope so,” said Zuo Wenjun.

Then she said nothing further about that topic.

“Alright, we should go out now.”

After that, the two walked out.

Everyone knew Zuo Wenjun went inside to have a talk with Leng Shaoxi, but Leng Shaoxi stayed the same and Zuo Wenjun had a resigned look.

From that, they figured out the result.

Accordingly, Chen Junnan was in a worse mood and began to drink faster.

When people were in a bad mood, they wanted to get drunk.

Chen Junnans mood was too obvious to be hidden, so everyone saw it.

Zuo Zhaochen and the others couldnt do anything about it, because they couldnt force Leng Shaoxi to be together with Chen Junnan.

They didnt have that right or power.

Since Chen Junnans love failed to be accepted by Leng Shaoxi, they shouldnt be together otherwise neither of them would be happy in the relationship.

Seeing Chen Junnan like that, Leng Shaoxi also felt sad, but she had to compose herself.

Gu Ning was the most calm one in the room.

She could understand Chen Junnans sadness, but didnt think it was a big deal, because many people had the same experience.

In this world, not everyones love would have a positive response.

You couldnt force another person to love you just because you love him or her after all.

Gu Ning wasnt judging Leng Shaoxis affair with Chen Junnan, but it was indeed very normal.

Although Leng Shaoxi and Chen Junnan had a good impression of each other, it was over now.

Because Leng Shaoxi rejected Chen Junnan for her friend, it became unrequited love.

Anyway, it was rare to have a happy ending from first love.

Because of the worsening atmosphere, they didnt hang out late this time and they separated at 11 pm.

They had all drunk a little, so they couldnt drive..

Zuo Zhaochen and Chen Junnan paid for designated drivers, while Gu Ning called Leng Shaoting.



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