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Chapter 1976: Become a Real Cultivator

Knowing that Leng Shaoting was fine, Gu Ning felt relieved.

Since those men showed up with guns, it meant they were just mortals.

They couldnt hurt Leng Shaoting.

Although Leng Shaoting was slightly injured, it was still very hard for those men to hurt him.

Right after Gu Ning finished the call with Leng Shaoting, Shangguan Yang knocked on the door of her room.

“Ningning, what happened Did Shaoting encounter any trouble”

Shangguan Yang heard the noises from Gu Nings room, so he rushed over here.

Before Gu Ning answered his question, Shangguan Yang continued to ask in a deep voice, “There is the smell of blood.

Are you injured”

Obviously, Gu Ning was wounded, or there shouldnt be a smell of blood.

Gu Ning was indeed injured, but it wasnt serious.

At least she could still stand up and walk around, so she immediately went to open the door for Shangguan Yang.

“I was practicing controlling the magical power in my body, but I saw a terrible scene halfway.

I saw that Shaotings car was going to explode, so I stopped right away to call him.

The moment Shaoting left his car, it exploded.

Luckily, he survived.

Some people came to attack him, so hes busy dealing with them now,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Shangguan Yang was annoyed.

Even if he knew Leng Shaoting was fine, he was still mad at those people who went to attack Leng Shaoting.

Anyway, he cared most about Gu Ning at this moment.

“Since Shaotings fine, you dont need to be worried.

Those people are no match for him.

Treat your wound now!”

“Sure,” said Gu Ning.

Without delay, she got onto the bed and sat cross-legged.

Right when she was about to cure herself, Leng Shaoting called again.

He told her it was done and that she didnt need to worry about him, but he had to stay outside tonight to deal with the consequences.

So he wouldnt be back until tomorrow.

It was actually an excuse, because Leng Shaoting was unwilling to let Gu Ning see him being injured.

So he deliberately stayed outside tonight, even if the injuries werent serious.

Gu Ning had the same idea, so she was happy to know that Leng Shaoting wouldnt come back tonight.

After having the call with Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning relaxed, focusing on her body.

As she exhaled, her consciousness moved towards the center of her heart.

Afterwards, her breath went down to her abdomen.

After the magical power sank into the energy center, the organs around it, the large and small intestines, kidneys, bladder, and so on, would gradually undergo physiological changes.

Generally, she would feel an increase in appetite.

Gu Ning also felt that her organs and body gradually became more relaxed as her energy center was constantly being supplemented.

After a while, Gu Ning felt the magical power was concentrating in her energy center and abdomen more and more rapidly.

Witnessing that, Shangguan Yang showed great excitement.

Gu Ning got good out of misfortune! Although she was slightly hurt after stopping the circulation of magical power in her body, she suddenly crossed the boundary between her soul and her body.

The magical power started mixing with her body!

Gu Ning felt it too, so she was thrilled as well.

She wanted to continue to move the magical power into her body, but her body suddenly felt uncomfortable and she started losing strength.

“Dont rush.

Your body cant accept it.

Itll do you more harm than good,” said Shangguan Yang.

Therefore, Gu Ning stopped releasing the magical power and felt much better right away.

“Grandpa Shangguan, did I just succeed in mixing my soul with my body Did I become a real cultivator” Gu Ning asked Shangguan Yang with anticipation.

“Yeah, but its not steady yet, so youre not a real cultivator right now.

Anyway, youre quite efficient,” said Shangguan Yang.

Although it took Gu Ning many days to cross the boundary of cultivation, it wasnt easy.

Among cultivators, she was very fast.

It was actually because of the Blood of the Phoenix.

“Oh.” Gu Ning suddenly thought of something and felt nervous at once.

“The heiress of the Baili family in the cultivation world lives in the same dorm room as me.

If I become a cultivator, shell soon find out.”

“Dont worry.

You have the Blood of the Phoenix in your body.

As long as youre not cultivating, nobody can sense the air of a cultivator from your body or know your level,” said Shangguan Yang.

Hearing that, Gu Ning felt relaxed.

Because she couldnt continue to practice controlling the energy inside her body, she could only have a rest.

Leng Shaoting stopped after killing all of those armed men, because he knew who sent them even without investigating.

Although he was a soldier, he had many enemies, so he was attacked and ambushed once in a while.

Most of those people were bad people.

After their illegal deals were ruined by Leng Shaoting, they hated him and wouldnt miss any chance to pay him back.

Besides, some powerful families who were competing against the Leng family, like the Rong family, the Yuan family, and the Chang family, were also trying to assassinate Leng Shaoting.

Because his existence was a great threat to them.

This time, however, wasnt done by them.

His car wasnt loaded with bombs.

He would never allow someone to put a bomb in his car.

The reason his car exploded was because the moment he parked, people in the dark threw bombs at his car.

However, even if he didnt stop, they would still throw bombs at his car at that time.

Therefore, if he had left the car a second later, he would have been accurately hit by the bombs.

He was a cultivator now, so the explosion wasnt able to kill him, but he would be seriously injured.

The location of the explosion was some distance away from the capital.

There wasnt much traffic passing by, so no passer-by was involved.

However, it was a serious accident including an explosion and gunfire, so it was soon posted on the Internet.

Anyway, the news was removed within a short time.

Leng Shaoting let others deal with the consequences, while he went back to the capital alone.

He went to Shengshi Hotel to treat his wounds.

Leng Shaoting carried power crystals that Gu Ning gave him, so he soon recovered after applying it to his wounds, but he still needed to rest for a night for a full recovery.

Therefore, he didnt go to see Gu Ning that night, and would only go tomorrow.

The next day, Gu Ning got up early to run.

Right after she came back, Leng Shaoting showed up.

Because Gu Ning told Leng Shaoting she was in the siheyuan during their call last night, Leng Shaoting went to see her early this morning.

Since he was back in the capital, he couldnt wait to see her.

“Hi, Shaoting!” As soon as Leng Shaoting came, Gu Ning stopped running and went ahead to welcome him.


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