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Chapter 1973: Deal with the Spies I

“Master Xuri, this is the so-called magical power, but its solidified,” said Dongfang Qi.

“If the person can solidify magical power, he must be at a very high level,” said Dongfang Xuri.

“Then what should we do next” asked Dongfang Qi.

“We cant believe everything the girl named Gu Ning said, but her words make sense to some extent.

Gu Ning is only a mortal.

She cant make or get the magical power on her own, so it must have been given to her by someone else.

There is no question about that.

The person who owns this solidified magical power must be one of us.

He should be a medicine master too, but he cant be in the cultivation world.

He must be cultivating outside the cultivation world.

Although we all came to Qianling Mountain that year, some cultivators stayed outside.

If any of us could make that in the cultivation world, it would be known to everyone.

Anyone who can solidify magical power will enjoy great respect and reputation in our world.

I dont think anyone can say no to that honor and position.”

“Its also understandable if the master told her to use the magical power to make medicines to help people.

Although Gu Ning is very young, shes quite outstanding, so shes the chosen one.

She listened to the master and made medicines with magical power.

And many people were rescued.

Given the other things she has done, shes undoubtedly a good and helpful person.”

Dongfang Xuri thought highly of Gu Ning.

In fact, Gu Ning didnt think she was a good person.

She had done many good deeds, but she had actually secretly gotten rid of her enemies or those who had offended her, which wasnt exposed.

She cared about her reputation after all.

“Gu Ning said she doesnt know the masters name.

It must be a lie, but we cant force her to tell us since shes unwilling to do so.

If we attack her, the master behind her might get mad.

By then, we could be punished.”

Therefore, Dongfang Xuri decided not to hurt Gu Ning for now.

“Keep on following Gu Ning, but dont be too close to her.

She might not be able to discover you, but the master might see you if he comes to see her,” said Dongfang Xuri.

“Sure,” said Dongfang Qi.

The next day, Gu Ning called Ning Changkai and told him that she would go to inspect the factory.

At 10 am, Gu Ning arrived at the factory where Ning Changkai was already waiting for her.

“Nice to see you, boss,” he said respectfully.

Once Gu Ning showed up, he walked forward to welcome her.

“Lets go to the office now.” Gu Ning didnt rush to look around in the factory.

“Sure,” said Ning Changkai, before taking Gu Ning to the office.

After walking into the office, Gu Ning saw a file folder on the desk.

It contained the staffs resumes, so Gu Ning began to read them.

Because the staffs resumes were placed according to the time, the newcomers were at the top.

Gu Ning turned a few pages and soon saw the name of Huang Ziwei, then Zhang Yong.

Zhang Yong was accepted one week earlier than Huang Ziwei.

On the resume, both of them had simple work experience.

Zhang Yong, 28 years old, graduated from a university 5 years ago, entered a small company one year after graduation, and resigned after working for only a year.

Half a year later, he went to work in the Chengfeng Group, but was only a junior employee.

About half a year ago, he resigned again and was unemployed for 5 months before joining Colaine.

Huang Ziwei, 30 years old, also graduated from university at the age of 23.

He graduated 7 years ago.

After that, he opened a restaurant and worked there for 3 years, but closed it in the end.

Afterwards, he was accepted by the Yaping Group as a junior employee, but quit in 2 years.

He had been unemployed for more than a year till now.

Actually, all the information about them was basically fake.

Gu Ning believed only their relationship with the Chengfeng Group and the Yaping Group was true.

Since they were spies of the two business groups, their resumes were naturally made by the two business groups.

“Boss, is there a problem”

As soon as Gu Ning came, she started reading the staffs resume.

Although it seemed to be a casual movement, Ning Changkai who stayed watchful felt something wasnt right.

Gu Ning then took out Zhang Yongs and Huang Ziweis resume.

“Someone told me these two men are spies.

We need to do an investigation to make sure of it.”

Even though Gu Ning knew they were spies, she needed evidence to put them in jail.

“What Spies” Ning Changkai was astonished.

They were very careful, but unexpectedly spies still got into the factory.

Without delay, Ning Changkai apologized to Gu Ning.

“Boss, Im sorry.

I didnt do my job well.”

“Uncle Ning, dont say that.

Youve done your job very well.

Its hard to avoid such a thing,” said Gu Ning to comfort him.

Even though Gu Ning said that, Ning Changkai still felt guilty.

However, since Gu Ning didnt blame him, he felt much better.

After that, Gu Ning took a photo of their resumes, then sent the photos to K, asking him to help her with the investigation.

While waiting for K to get the information, Gu Ning went to look around the factory.

She wouldnt do anything and told Ning Changkai to act normally in front of the spies.

Once Gu Ning approached the production room, she sensed the air of a cultivator.

Without surprise, the spy was indeed a cultivator.

However, the cultivator was only at an average level.

Before entering the production room, it was necessary to change into sanitary clothes and put on masks.

Every worker did that.

After entering the room, Gu Ning didnt immediately find Zhang Yong, but instantly fixed her eyes on Huang Ziwei because of the air of a cultivator.

As a cultivator, Huang Ziwei had acute senses.

The second Gu Nings sight fell on him, he felt it and met Gu Nings eyes.

Gu Ning stayed calm, but Huang Ziwei panicked a little.

He soon went back to normal, but Gu Ning caught the change in his expression.

Huang Ziwei panicked because of Gu Nings status.

She was the boss of this factory after all, so as a spy he felt a little uneasy in front of her.

Gu Ning was wearing a mask, so others couldnt see her face completely.

Huang Ziwei recognized her for two reasons.

Firstly because he had learned the basic information about the boss of Colaine before coming here.

And secondly because he recognized Ning Changkai.


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