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Chapter 191 Leng Shaotings Sudden Presence

There were several steel sticks in the store for emergencies in the future, but unexpectedly they came in handy before the opening ceremony.

The three of them went to the door with a steel stick in their hands.

There were three keys to this store.

Gu Ning and Zhou Zhenghong each had one, and the last one was in the hands of the store manager.

Gu Ning didnt allow the two boys to come near, so she opened the door herself.

There were two doors.

The inside one was a bulletproof glass door and the one outside was an aluminum alloy rolling door.

The glass door was transparent, so there was a layer of curtain to cover it.

Outside, over a dozen hoodlums were about to damage the door.

At the same time, the rolling door rose up slowly, and those at the front were surprised.

However, they didnt think that the people inside had discovered them.

They believed that they were going home, and had accidentally opened the door.

Those hoodlums couldnt see what was happening inside, but the lights were on, so they knew that there were people in it.

However, they didnt care.

Now since someone opened the door, they were more than excited to rob the jewelry and make a fortune.

Thus they stopped and waited to dash in after the door was fully open.

Gu Ning saw it clearly with her Jade Eyes, and she immediately understood their plan.

At short notice, a person violently attacked those hoodlums from a nearby side.

And those hoodlums were all beaten down, screaming in pain.

However, Gu Ning rounded her eyes at the sight of the familiar man.

Leng Shaoting Why is he here Isnt he supposed to be in another city dealing with something Gu Ning suddenly realized that Leng Shaoting actually came to City G for her.

She was deeply touched by the surprise.

People inside the store all heard the agonized shouts from outside, and they were all confused.

Once the rolling door was rolled up, Gu Ning opened the glass door without hesitation, dashing ahead.

She kicked a hoodlum away and hit anothers leg with the steel stick before they could react.

The two hoodlums shouted in great pain.

Both Ke Ying and Cao Hua, who followed behind Gu Ning, were astonished by the scene before their eyes.

This young teenage girl was even better than them at fighting.

Ke Ying and Cao Hua were also amazed by the man who had attacked the hoodlums.

The man had an air of a king.

If they guessed correctly, the man must be a top player in the military.

After a few seconds of shock, they ran over, immediately fighting with the hoodlums.

Although they were just normal retired soldiers, they had been trained professionally for many years, and it was easy for them to deal with those hoodlums.

People inside the store didnt dare to come out yet, so they went to watch the surveillance cameras.

Except for Zhou Zhenghong, the rest were all amazed by Gu Nings movements.

She is so awesome!And the man who suddenly appeared is amazing too!

Ke Ying and Cao Hua are also doing well.

Within a short time, the hoodlums were all beaten down on the ground, and could barely stand up.

Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning knocked most of them down, because they were so strong and were able to beat them down one down at a time.

Gu Ning came to Leng Shaoting, asking him, “Why are you here Didnt you tell me that you needed to deal with something”

Gu Ning asked the question on purpose.

Although she was surprised and moved by his sudden presence and help, she was unhappy that he didnt tell her the truth.

Leng Shaoting panicked a little.

“I did go to the capital to deal with something then I came here.”

In case Gu Ning wouldnt believe him, Leng Shaoting added at once, “I have my plane ticket as proof.

Its in my car.” Saying that, Leng Shaoting was going to fetch the ticket to show Gu Ning.

Gu Ning immediately stopped him.

“Its fine, I believe you.”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting relaxed.

The people inside the store saw that the problem was solved from the surveillance cameras, and walked out one by one.

Seeing that the hoodlums were all beaten down on the ground moaning in pain with blood

around their bodies, they all drew a long breath in, like they could feel the pain too.

Zhou Zhenghongs sight fell on Leng Shaoting.

He was curious about who this man was, but he didnt ask the question because he knew it wasnt a right time to do so.

“Alright, lets deal with these people first!” Gu Ning looked at the hoodlums.

Those hoodlums trembled in fear in her cold glance.

It was beyond their imagination that these people who worked in this store were so excellent at fighting.

They were all masters of kung fu!

“Who sent you” Gu Ning asked angrily.

Those hoodlums exchanged glances, but hesitated to tell the truth.

“I dont have patience.

If you dont tell me the truth, you cant bear the result,” Gu Ning threatened.

“Please dont.” Their head immediately opened his mouth.

They were merely jobless hoodlums, who didnt have any sense of loyalty.

It was nothing before their life.

“Its the boss of Zhoufu Jewelry, Shao Ping, who sent us here,” the leading hoodlum said.

“What Shao Ping” Hearing that, Zhou Zhenghong was extremely displeased.

He now deeply understood what Gu Ning had told him.

If he wanted to start his own business again, Shao Ping would ruin it before he even began.

Luckily, he had Gu Ning as his support, so Shao Ping tried in vain.

“Are you sure” Gu Ning fixed her eyes at him, asking coldly.

Not because she didnt believe it, but she just wanted to confirm it.

It was universally known that Zhou Zhenghong and Shao Ping didnt get along.

Thus it was possible that someone would deliberately use Shao Pings name to damage Zhou Zhenghongs business.

Shao Ping was Zhou Zhenghongs enemy, and Gu Ning would help Zhou Zhenghong to get revenge on him, but anyone who wanted to damage Jade Beauty Jewelry, she absolutely wouldnt let them get away with it.

“It was him! He has a good connection with Leader Hu in the Qing Gang.

He planned to get Leader Hu to help him, but Leader Hu refused because the Qing Gang wont allow him to do that.

Thus he introduced us to Shao Ping,” the leading hoodlum told Gu Ning the details in case she wouldnt believe him.

Seeing that the hoodlum was being sincere, Gu Ning believed his explanation.

“How much did they pay you” Gu Ning asked.

“Fifty thousand yuan,” the hoodlum answered.

“What Only fifty thousand yuan He is truly mean.” Gu Ning sneered with disdain.

“Fine, you can all go now.” Gu Ning let them go, since they were useless now.

Hearing that, the hoodlums immediately ran away.

“Uncle Zhou, do you know Shao Pings address What kind of car does he drive And do you know the plate number” Gu Ning asked Zhou Zhenghong.

Zhou Zhenghong understood that Gu Ning was going to cause Shao Ping trouble.

He was afraid that she would do something against the law, and was about to persuade her.


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