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Chapter 1924: They Exist

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“Toya, weve stayed here for so many years and have searched for them for so long in vain.

Is it possible that they dont exist at all” The female ninja said, “Having magical skills.

Being able to fly around.

It sounds like they are people from fairy tales.”

The female ninja felt it couldnt be real, because she had never seen someone like that before.

That kind of person was beyond common sense, so it was hard for her to believe it.

Having magical skills.

Being able to fly around

Hearing that, Gu Ning squinted.

She thought of cultivators right away, and believed they were talking about cultivators.

After all, only cultivators knew magical skills and could fly all over in their country.

In other words, these two ninjas came to their country to search for cultivators, but obviously they failed..

They had only heard about the existence of people who had magical skills and could fly around.

Gu Ning also figured out why they wanted to find cultivators.

Country R and their country had a bad relationship and had been competitors for years.

Some people in Country R learned about the existence of cultivators who had unbelievable skills, so they felt insecure.

Therefore, Country R sent people over to look into it in order to deal with it.

Actually, even if they met cultivators, they wouldnt be able to recognize them unless they had a fight and saw the cultivators doing magical skills or flying around.

“Even though we havent met them yet, it doesnt mean they dont exist.

There is an old saying in this country.

Rather believe it to be true than not.

Besides, dont forget the mutants in our country are also beyond common peoples knowledge.

If we didnt know about mutants, we might refuse to believe in them as well.” Kato Toya said, “The experiment success rate is still very low now.

If the success rate goes higher, our country will become stronger and stronger.”

“Right.” Kuraki Akemi agreed.

“Then Ill go out now.”

“Sure,” said Kato Toya.

Kuraki Akemi then walked out to her own room.

Kato Toya stood up leaving the study to his room too.

Gu Ning also left.

She didnt hope to hear anything, but unexpectedly she learned some useful information.

If they really came here for cultivators, Gu Ning could relax for the time being, because it wasnt easy for them to meet cultivators.

Even if they met, it wouldnt do them any good.

At 6 am, Gu Ning got up.

She called Cao Wenxin and Tang Jiakai to run together.

When they were running, Tang Haifeng got up to exercise.

After 50 minutes, both Cao Wenxin and Tang Jiakai were exhausted, shedding buckets of sweat, but Gu Ning only gasped for breath for a short while and sweated a bit.

Seeing that, Tang Haifeng criticized Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxin, scolding them for spending too much time having fun instead of exercising.

Thats why they were so tired after only running for a short distance.

Tang Haifeng wasnt wrong, because they seldom exercised recently.

Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxin criticized themselves at once, and promised to pick up the habit of exercising regularly.

After listening to Tang Haifengs criticisms, they went to their own rooms to take a shower and change clothes before going downstairs for breakfast.

Gu Ning wasnt going anywhere today and instead stayed home to chat with Tang Haifeng and Gu Man.

Because of Gu Nings presence, Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxin stayed in the Tang familys house to keep Tang Haifengs company.

They didnt have much time to spend with Tang Haifeng.

They had grown up and had their own circles.

They normally went to either school or work, and when they were finally free on weekends, they always hung out with their friends, so they rarely visited their grandfather.

Tang Yunhang and Jiang Lihua were having a vacation, so they didnt go anywhere either.

Tang Yunfan, on the other hand, needed to deal with something at the company, so he was absent.

After having lunch, those who needed a nap went to have a nap, while Gu Ning, Cao Wenxin, and Tang Jiakai went to practice kung fu in the yard.

Since Gu Ning trained them, they suffered a lot during the practice.

Gu Ning was very strict, because it was helpful for them.

Anyway, she wouldnt torture their bodies beyond its limit and made sure that they could handle it.

Right at this time, Gu Ning received Chen Cangyis call.

Chen Cangyi told her that Fu Yanmings son was taken away by his ex-wife.

She threatened Fu Yanming to marry her again, otherwise she wouldnt allow him to see their son again.

Because Fu Yanming needed to handle it, he asked for Chen Cangyis permission.

He couldnt directly leave the company behind after all.

Hearing the news, Gu Ning was displeased.

She just reminded Fu Yanming to be careful yesterday, but unexpectedly that exact thing happened today.

What was worse, Qin Qianhui was really unreasonable.

She had reminded Fu Yanming to be careful yesterday, so she knew Fu Yanming must have been alert.

Unfortunately, Qin Qianhui still succeeded.

“I already asked Mu Ye to track her through the surveillance cameras.

I just remembered that youre in City B now, so perhaps you can help,” said Chen Cangyi.

Fu Yanming was a senior manager of the Shengning Organization, so the company had to give him a helping hand when he was in trouble.

“Of course I need to help him.

Tell me once you find his ex-wife,” said Gu Ning.

After the call with Chen Cangyi, Gu Ning asked Tang Jiakai for the car keys.

“Ningning, why are you rushing out Is it an emergency” asked Tang Jiakai with concern.

“Yeah, its business,” said Gu Ning casually.

Since it was business, Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxi didnt ask further about it nor did they go with Gu Ning.

Gu Ning then left in Tang Jiakais car.

Shortly after she left the Tang familys house, Chen Cangyi called her again.

He told her that K found out that the kid was taken away at an amusement park.

Although there were bodyguards by the kids side, Qin Qianhui hired some hoodlums to cause chaos and took their son away.

Afterwards, she got in a black BMW and headed towards the western suburbs.

She was on XX Road right now.

Hearing that, Gu Ning drove towards XX Road in the western district without delay.

Luckily, it wasnt rush hour so there wasnt much traffic on the road.

Gu Ning only waited for the traffic lights to turn green a few times before rushing ahead.

Once the abduction happened, Fu Yanming called the police, so the police were also looking for Qin Qianhui.

However, the police werent as efficient as Gu Ning.

Long after Gu Ning was on the road, the police finally found the direction in which Qin Qianhui left and took action.

Qin Qianhui had lost her reason now, so she didnt care about the consequences at all.

Although Fu Yanmings son was also her son, she had already signed the agreement to cut off their relationship.

In that case, Fu Yanmings son had no relationship with her now.

Therefore, it was considered an abduction since she took Fu Yihao, Fu Yanmings son, away with violence.

Besides, she wasnt the only one who lost their reason.

Her younger brother, Qin Qianhai was an accomplice, because he was the driver.

Fu Yihao was greatly scared by Qin Qianhuis behavior.

He wanted to escape, but Qin Qianhui held him tightly.


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