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Chapter 1913: Ji Wenna Pretends to Be Unconscious

Gu Ning didnt care, but insisted, “No matter what, you must fulfill the agreement today, otherwise, you cant leave here on your feet.”

“Dont you dare!” Ji Wenna was mad.

She thought Gu Ning was too bold to threaten her.

“Well, youll know,” Gu Ning smiled mockingly, walking towards Ji Wenna step by step.

“You…” Ji Wenna was mad.

She didnt know whether Gu Ning would really do something to hurt her, but since Gu Ning dared to threaten her like that, she would certainly pay Gu Ning back.

Therefore, Ji Wennas expression became malicious as she made up her mind to attack Gu Ning first.

“Great, lets see what you can do! Beat them now!”

Although Song Miaoge was much stronger, she didnt have many helpers, while Ji Wenna had four with her and they were all good at fighting.

Ji Wenna believed only Song Miaoge could fight, so she was confident that they could win.

However, that was her own idea, which was terribly wrong.

In fact, the five of them together were no match for just Gu Ning.


Ji Wennas friends were unwilling to see her put on a bikini, so they dashed towards Gu Ning without delay.

Unfortunately, the second they got near Gu Ning, they were all beaten by her.

It happened so fast that they didnt even realize what had happened.

If it hadnt been for the pain, they would think they were in a dream.

To their surprise, Gu Ning was much more powerful than they thought.

She was able to beat them all within only a few seconds.

Besides, they fell heavily, and it was too painful for them to get back on their feet.

Ji Wenna turned pale in an instant.

It was beyond her imagination that Gu Ning was so unbelievably good at fighting.

Was it possible that Gu Ning taught Song Miaoge kung fu skills for Song Miaoge to make such huge progress within a short time Who was Gu Ning She wasnt only good at fighting, she was also very bold.

Was she bold because she was excellent at martial arts

“Y-You…” Ji Wenna wanted to say something, but didnt know what to say, because she had already tried to scare them with the influence of her boyfriends family, which turned out to be useless.

“So Shouldnt you put on the bikini and do the pole dance now” Gu Ning asked Ji Wenna.

“The Ji family and the Rong family will never let you get away with it!” Although Ji Wenna knew it was useless, she still pushed her luck, hoping they would be scared.

“Lets see what will happen.” Gu Ning couldnt care less about it.

“Now, do you want to put it on by yourself, or do you need me to help you I dont want to see your body even though were both girls.

But I can tolerate it in order to fulfill the agreement.”

Saying that, Gu Ning showed disdain and reluctance on her face.

“You…” Ji Wenna was furious.

“Stop wasting our time.

If you dont put it on right now, Ill directly undress you and throw you out on the street!” Gu Ning lost patience.


Ji Wenna was furious, and she suddenly fell down to the ground.


Seeing that, Ji Wennas friends were surprised.

Without caring about the pain in their bodies, they ran to her.

Looking at Gu Ning, Song Miaoge didnt know what to do now.

Ji Wenna passed out, so should they continue

Gu Ning walked to Ji Wenna the next second, but Ji Wennas friends protected her at once.

They stayed alert while staring at Gu Ning as if she was a dangerous monster.

Actually, they indeed believed Gu Ning was quite scary.

“Wenna is unconscious! What do you want to do now” Ji Wennas Friend A shouted at Gu Ning, as if they were innocent.

“Very good! Its better if shes unconscious, because we can do whatever we want now,” said Gu Ning in an evil tone without the slightest sympathy or mercy.

She definitely had no sympathy for Ji Wenna, because it might be an act.

Even if Ji Wenna really fell unconscious, Gu Ning had thousands of ways to make her wake up.

As Gu Ning said that, Ji Wenna couldnt help but twitch her face, which was caught by Gu Ning.

A sneer on lips, Gu Ning laughed at her bad acting.

“H-How can you be so evil!” Ji Wennas Friend B said in an accusing tone, as if it was Gu Nings fault.

“Im evil Dont forget it was Ji Wenna who set the bet.

She should be the evil one here,” said Gu Ning mockingly.

They were really good at playing the blame game!

“You…” Ji Wennas friend was taken aback, having no idea what to say at this moment.

“Dont worry, I can wake her up,” said Gu Ning with an evil smile, which terrified them.

Saying that, Gu Ning took off her backpack.

Then she opened it and took out a box of embroidery needles from the bag (telepathic eye space) before drawing out one of them.

“What do you want to do” Ji Wenna friends were all terrified.

Actually, it couldnt be more obvious that Gu Ning was going to prick Ji Wenna!

“Im going to prick her! Shell wake up then,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Song Miaoge and Zhang Zikai exchanged glances with each other.

They began to doubt whether Ji Wenna really fainted.

If Ji Wenna was really unconscious, it was impossible for her to wake up after being pricked.

Thinking of that, they realized that Ji Wenna must be pretending to be unconscious, so they started to disdain her.

Baili Zongxue knew it the moment Ji Wenna fell, so she stood aside waiting to see the drama.

“What if any accident happens Can you take the responsibility” Ji Wennas friend criticized.

“Of course, I can take the responsibility,” said Gu Ning.


Gu Ning then stopped wasting time on them.

With a snap of her finger, the embroidery needle flew out of Gu Nings hands, passing the people in front of Ji Wenna into her shoulder.

“Ah!” Ji Wenna shouted in pain, jumping up.

Ji Wennas friends were struck dumb by the scene, then figured out she was just pretending to be unconscious.

Being aware of that, Song Miaoge and the others showed hatred towards her.

“You…” Ji Wenna immediately pulled the needle out, glaring at Gu Ning.

However, she couldnt utter another word after meeting Gu Nings cold eyes.

“See Youre awake now.

Ji Wenna, you better put on the bikini and do the pole dance right now.

Its useless no matter what tricks you play,” said Gu Ning coldly.

Ji Wenna was merely an annoying clown in her eyes now.

“No, no, no!” Ji Wenna strongly refused, paying no attention to her appearance.


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