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Chapter 1885: Gu Ning Also Likes Rong Zechen

There were many ambitious people in the Qu Organization, so they couldnt wait to take action once Qu Linan was in trouble.

Several men with great abilities were competing against each other for the seat of the chairman.

Although Qu Yifei was Qu Linans son, he wasnt qualified for the job.

Therefore, the Qu family was quite anxious at this time.

“I dont care about her at all! Im already bothered by my own business,” said Yuan Shuyan.

It sounded cold-blooded, but it was the truth.

Hearing that, Ge Qingqing didnt think Yuan Shuyan was cold-blooded, because she had the same idea.

Even though she had sympathy for Qu Hanjiao, she wouldnt be affected by her either.

When Yuan Shuyan and Ge Qingqing reached the door of the canteen, they saw Rong Zechen.

Actually, Rong Zechen went there to wait for Yuan Shuyan on purpose.

Yuan Shuyan was excited to see Rong Zechen, but refused to show her feelings on her face.

Rong Zechen walked to Yuan Shuyan once he saw her.

Seeing Rong Zechen walking to her, Yuan Shuyan got nervous and thrilled.

She didnt know why Rong Zechen wanted to see her, but she was happy to see him.

She suppressed her excitement, and looked calm on the surface.

“Have you caused Gu Ning any trouble” Rong Zechen questioned Yuan Shuyan in public without delay.

Hearing that, Yuan Shuyan was annoyed and embarrassed.

“Rong Zechen, what do you mean Did you come to see me for Gu Ning Did Gu Ning tell you that Ive caused her trouble Fine, I thought shes a considerate girl, but she turns out to be a troublemaker.

I didnt cause her any trouble!”

Yuan Shuyan was furious.

Although she hated Gu Ning, she had never caused Gu Ning trouble of her own accord.

Qu Hanjiao had tried to hurt Gu Ning because of her, but she didnt do it on her own, so she didnt think she should take the blame.

Yuan Shuyans voice wasnt low, so many students heard it, and they soon had a bad impression of Gu Ning.

They thought that Gu Ning was hypocritical and tried to stir things up between Yuan Shuyan and Rong Zechen.

Rong Zechen looked angrier after hearing what Yuan Shuyan said, because Yuan Shuyan was blaming Gu Ning for everything.

“I didnt say that Gu Ning told me that.

Dont blame her for it!” Rong Zechen said in anger.

“If she didnt say that to you, why did you question me about that” sneered Yuan Shuyan.

She believed that Gu Ning must have told Rong Zechen that she had caused her trouble.

Rong Zechen was struck dumb for a second.

It seemed that Yuan Shuyan really hadnt caused Gu Ning any trouble.

Although Gu Ning hadnt made it very clear that Yuan Shuyan had caused her trouble, she had said that Yuan Shuyan had no ability to hurt her, which made Rong Zechen believe that Yuan Shuyan at least had tried to cause Gu Ning trouble.

“Great, I hope it wont happen in the future either,” said Rong Zechen, then he turned around walking away.

Even though he had misunderstood Yuan Shuyan, he had no intention of apologizing.

Rong Zechen was born in a family of power after all.

Although he wasnt as arrogant as other heirs of power, he had great pride in himself.

Therefore, he was unwilling to apologize to Yuan Shuyan even if he had misunderstood her.

Yuan Shuyan was angrier because Rong Zechen had misunderstood her and didnt apologize, but she still blamed Gu Ning for it.

“Shuyan, Rong Zechen is so rude! How could he question you all of a sudden for no reason He didnt even apologize!” Ge Qingqing was also mad at Rong Zechens attitude.

“Gu Ning, its all her fault!” Yuan Shuyan said, clenching her teeth.

If she could beat Gu Ning, she would definitely teach her a lesson.

Because of the drama, there were rumors about Gu Ning in their school.

Some students even gossiped about it in their school forum on the Internet.

“Big news! Rong Zechen went to question Yuan Shuyan today for Gu Ning.

He asked her whether she has caused Gu Ning any trouble.

Yuan Shuyan denied it.

Its Gu Ning who is stirring things up between them.”

“Really I cant believe it.

Gu Ning doesnt seem to be such an evil person.”

“Never judge a person from his or her appearance.

Yuan Shuyan liked Rong Zechen, and Gu Ning liked him too.

Gu Ning must hate Yuan Shuyan, so she tried to stir things up between them.”

“Right, although Gu Ning is excellent at studying and running businesses, it doesnt mean she has standards.”

“Senior Rong said Gu Ning didnt tell him that Yuan Shuyan caused her any trouble.”

“Senior Rong likes Gu Ning, so he naturally defended her.”

“Does it mean Gu Ning is a calculating girl”

“I still choose to trust Gu Ning.

There must be a misunderstanding.”

“Even if Yuan Shuyan denied it, no one knows whether she has really caused Gu Ning trouble.

She has done that before.

She never likes other girls being close to Senior Rong.”

“Right, Yuan Shuyan has done that before, so I choose to believe Gu Ning as well.”


“Can anyone tell me who Gu Ning is”

“Gu Ning is a freshman.

The top scorer with a full score this year.”

“Jesus The top scorer with a full score Its unbelievable!”

“Yeah, its amazing.”

“She has greater achievements.

Shes also the owner of Kouzi.”

“What The boss of Kouzi is a student younger than 20”

“Kouzi is quite popular in the makeup industry right now.

It has great effects.

Im a loyal fan.”


Some people supported Yuan Shuyan, while some chose to side with Gu Ning on it.

At the beginning, the amounts of people who supported them were almost the same, but they gradually turned to talk about Gu Ning.

Many students had great admiration towards Gu Ning, especially those fans of Kouzi.

The majority of them unconditionally supported Gu Ning.

At the same time, some students believed that Gu Ning was calculating, so they promised to stop using Kouzi products.

Class A of Economics was in a class.

Some students would secretly play with mobile phones, and a girl was visiting the school forum and saw this post about Gu Ning.

As a fan of Gu Ning, she was immediately angry, then lost control of herself and shouted, “How can they wrong Gu Ning like this”

Her sudden shout surprised the other students in the class.

They were in their head teachers class, and the girls shout interrupted their head teachers lesson, so he looked at the girl in annoyance.


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