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Chapter 1869: Bribed

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After this event, followers of Truth Only were rapidly increasing.

Not all of them were fans, and some just followed it for more breaking news.

In the canteen, Gu Ning and her friends were reading the news about Qu Linan as they ate together.

“I also have a feeling that Truth Only is preparing for the next step.

Im so looking forward to seeing how the Qu family will handle it.

I like this influencer.

Im its follower now,” said Song Miaoge and followed it on Weibo.

Gu Ning smiled but said nothing.

Truth Only was definitely preparing for the next step, but it wouldnt take any action until the news got more attention.

Because Internet users began to side with Qu Linan, Qu Hanjiao felt much better.

Because she was in a bad mood today and was afraid to be criticized by other people again, she didnt go to her classes.

Neither Qu Hanjiao nor Qu Yifei connected the news with Gu Ning.

Even though they had hired those people to cause Gu Ning trouble, they didnt think that Gu Ning had the ability to find out the truth.

Qu Linan was worried about what Truth Only might do next, because he was indeed the mastermind.

Therefore, he tried to contact the person behind the Weibo account of Truth Only, trying to figure out whether there was a next step.

If there was, he would pay the person to stop it from happening.

However, he failed because the person behind Truth Only didnt reply to his messages.

He could only hope that Truth Only wouldnt do anything further about it.

The next day was a Friday, Leng Shaoting would be back in the capital for a vacation, so he called Gu Ning very early.

They would have dinner together.

Gu Ning left the school once the classes were over in the afternoon.

Baili Zongxue returned to Century City and Song Miaoge went to the hospital.

Although Song Miaoges fighting competition against Ji Wenna was only half a month away, she had something else to deal with in addition to the training.

On the weekend, Song Miaoge needed to see her mother in the hospital and meet her family at home.

Jiang Jiarong had a quick recovery, and she could leave the hospital in a few days.

They were always grateful to Gu Ning.

Since Jiang Jiarong was Jiang Zhongyus niece, Jiang Zhongyus family was also aware of Gu Nings favor in Jiang Jiarongs operation and recovery.

After that, Jiang Zhongyu talked about Gu Ning who had saved his grandson and him.

Most importantly, Gu Ning was also Leng Shaotings girlfriend and the Leng family already accepted her.

It amazed the Song family.

To their surprise, Gu Ning was so influential.

However, the Song family didnt share the news with Song Miaoge while Song Miaoge didnt tell her family that she already knew because Gu Ning told her not to tell other people.

Therefore, they didnt know that they actually were all aware of it.

The news about Qu Linan still attracted much attention on the Internet.

In fact, after a whole day, more and more people learned of and talked about it.

At about 12 pm, the Qu Organization made an announcement saying that Qu Linan was innocent and that he had never paid anyone to kill.

Even though the Qu Organization responded, those who believed it would believe it while those who refused to believe it wouldnt believe it.

Actually, if there was no further evidence to prove that Qu Linan had played a role in the crime, it could be the end of the news.

No one would bother to pay attention to it after discussing for a while.

Nevertheless, at 2 pm, Truth Only sent out another post.

Truth Only: Do you think its the end after Ive remained silent for a day Its not over yet! I simply want to see whether the mastermind has any sense of guilt, but obviously he doesnt, so here is the evidence.

@ The Haicheng District Public Security Bureau @The Capital Public Security Bureau @The Capital Court @The Capital News @The Qu Organization.

Attached: Call recording of Qu Linans conversation with Zhou Renyu, the leader of 5th team of the Haicheng District Public Security Bureau.

Many people knew that Truth Only would take the next step, so they were all paying special attention to it.

Once it took action again, many people got excited and played the voice recording.

“Uncle Qu, I just received a report.

Six suspects were caught and they turned out to be the murderers of Fu Yongliangs family half a year ago.

They said that its your order.”

“What Did they tell everything”

“I havent interrogated them yet, but the person who called us did.

She even recorded a video and left a USB flash disk for us.”

“Who has watched the video”

“Members of my team, but Ive already warned them not to tell anyone else.

However, Im afraid the person who called us could have a copy of the video since she recorded it.

It cant be kept a secret for too long, so I must tell you right now.”

“Go interrogate them.

Threaten them not to tell that Im the mastermind.

If they dare to do that, their families will die along with them.

As for the video, you can make them say that they said it under the threat of that person.”

“No problem.”

After hearing the recording, all the Internet users were shocked.

Although they had never heard Qu Linans voice, they felt he must be in the conversation.

Otherwise, Truth Only wouldnt release the recording, because slander was illegal.

Since it was released, it was highly possible for it to be true.

“Jesus, is it really Qu Linans voice”

“Was it done by the enemies of the Qu Organization again”

“No idea, but its possible.”

“Although I havent heard Qu Linans voice, I think he must be in the conversation, or Truth Only will be punished according to the law.”

“Right, I believe the evidence released by Truth Only.

After all, it has never wronged anyone before.”

“I trust it too.”

Qu Linan indeed had many enemies in business, and some people who disliked him also paid a lot of attention to this news.

They had spent time with Qu Linan, so they easily recognized his voice.

Therefore, they left their comments too.

“It is Qu Linans voice.

I met him before.”

“Me too.

Ive seen him more than once, so Im sure its his voice.”

“Ive seen Zhou Renyu before, so there is Zhou Renyus voice too.”


This time, Qu Linan, Zhou Renyu, and the Haicheng District Public Security Bureau became anxious.

Qu Linan was worried that Truth Only had evidence, but unexpectedly it had the voice recording of his call with Zhou Renyu.

He couldnt figure out how the person managed to get that.

Qu Linan subconsciously became suspicious of Zhou Renyu.

Although Zhou Renyu was his man, he wasnt sure that Zhou Renyu wouldnt be bribed and betray him.


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