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Chapter 1867: An Evil Family

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Actually, he couldnt figure out why the woman was able to learn the truth of the case after the police failed to find out for half a year.

There must be something wrong and he didnt know.

Precisely because the six men had done a good job without anyone knowing, Qu Linan needed them to continue to do bad deeds for him.

Otherwise, he would have kicked them abroad long ago in case his dirty secret was exposed.

Anyway, since the woman had the evidence, she must know the truth.

“Chairman, what should we do now” asked his secretary worriedly.

Not many people were aware that Qu Linan had something to do with the case.

Even his family and secretary didnt know, because it wasnt a good thing.

The more people were aware of it, the more dangerous it would be.

Therefore, his secretary was greatly scared after reading the news.

He subconsciously refused to believe that his boss would do something like that.

However, the secretary was also aware of Qu Linans grudge against Fu Yongliang in business, so it was possible that it could have happened.

Anyway, given Qu Linans mean character, he could have done something like that.

However, no matter what, the secretary didnt dare to ask Qu Linan about the truth, and Qu Linan wouldnt admit it either.

“Dont respond to it.

Its slander, and the police will handle it,” said Qu Linan in annoyance as if he was innocent.

Anyway, the six murderers already denied his relationship with them, so he would be safe once the Haicheng District Public Security Bureau released their confession.

“Sure,” said the slander.

Actually, he doubted whether it was just slander.

Qu Yifei was also shocked reading the news.

He knew that the six men were doing bad deeds for his father, but he wasnt aware that his father had played a role in Fu Yongliangs family slaughter and Ni Aijings death.

He was reluctant to believe that it had something to do with his father, but why did the news come out all of a sudden if it wasnt true

Qu Yifei called his father right away and talked about it.

Qu Linan undoubtedly denied it and insisted on saying that he was innocent.

Therefore, Qu Yifei chose to believe Qu Linan.

Before long, Qu Hanjiao heard the news as well.

Qu Hanjiao, Yuan Shuyan, and Ge Qingqing were dining in the canteen and suddenly heard other students talking about Fu Yongliangs family slaughter.

At the beginning, Qu Hanjiao didnt pay much attention to it, but she was totally shocked when she heard that the mastermind could be her father.

She rounded her eyes in shock and refused to believe it.

Besides, her father had tried to rape Ni Aijing, which caused Ni Aijings death!

In her eyes, her father was a very good man, so she didnt believe that he would do something like that.

Therefore, after hearing the news, Qu Hanjiao lost control of herself and shouted to those students, “Shut up! All of you, shut up! My father will never do something like that!”

In fact, other students didnt notice Qu Hanjiao just now and they werent aware that Qu Linan was her father, but they all turned to look at her after her shout.

Even though Qu Hanjiao said that Qu Linan would never do something like that, nobody believed her or shut up.

Instead, they began to criticize her.

Hearing their discussions, Yuan Shuyan and Ge Qingqing were displeased and they wished to disappear when everyone was staring at them.

Although other students were looking at Qu Hanjiao, they were sitting with her after all, so they also felt uncomfortable being focused on.

Actually, it wasnt shocking in the eyes of Yuan Shuyan and Ge Qingqing, because it wasnt uncommon in the high society.

Only those who were lucky or powerful could hide their dirty secrets forever.

People who were unlucky might not be able to hide it.

“Impossible Why Will your father tell you everything hes done”

“Right, its too cruel.

Her father has killed a whole innocent family and raped Ni Aijing to death.

Her father is an animal and should be severely punished.”

“People of power have a lot of dirty secrets.

Qu Linan should be shot to death.”

“Given what Qu Linan has done, his family must be evil too.

Qu Hanjiao herself is a bully.

I heard that she caused a freshman trouble the other day.

She slandered the freshman by saying that the freshman moved while keeping the soldiers bearing.

She also slandered that the freshman has an affair with the instructor.

Although she failed to hurt the freshman that day, who knows whether she has secretly tried to hurt the freshman again!”

“No need to guess.

She definitely has.”

“What an evil family! They shouldnt live in this world.

They should be punished for their terrible behavior.”

“I think itll happen soon since their dirty secrets are exposed.”


“Shut up! You all shut up now!” Qu Hanjiao went crazy, shouting loudly.

She couldnt stand their discussion any longer.

“Jiaojiao, lets go now!” Yuan Shuyan hated staying in the canteen being watched by other students.

“No, theyre slandering my father.

Ill argue with them,” said Qu Hanjiao.

She didnt care whether it would be embarrassing.

She only tried to stop them from talking about that.

She only felt that her father wouldnt be evil as long as she could stop them from talking about that at this moment.

Facing Qu Hanjiao who was losing her reason, Yuan Shuyan was mad and said in a cold voice, “If you dont leave, Ill go first.”

After that, Yuan Shuyan directly stood up and left.

Although she treated Qu Hanjiao as her friend, there was no sincerity.

She had to avoid her given what had happened.

Ge Qingqing had the same idea, so she walked away following Yuan Shuyan.

“Yuan Shuyan, Ge Qingqing, arent you my friends How can you leave when theyre badmouthing my father” Seeing them stepping out, Qu Hanjiao angrily blamed them for leaving her alone.

“Qu Hanjiao, dont be dumb.

You cant stop them from talking about that right now.

If you really take us as your friend, dont embarrass us here with you,” said Yuan Shuyan coldly.

Actually, she was being selfish and wanted to leave, but blamed Qu Hanjiao for it.

Anyway, both of them tended to blame other people for their own faults.

“Jiaojiao, you should stay away from them now.

Go ask your father about it,” said Ge Qingqing..

She was also annoyed at being embarrassed in public because of Qu Hanjiao.


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