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Chapter 182 Chen Ziyao Is in the Center of Criticisms

Actually, in the beginning, Qin Zheng thought that the news was true, but after Gu Nings statement was released, he chose to believe Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was indeed from a poor family, but it didnt mean that she couldnt have rich relatives or friends.

Speaking of rich relatives, Gu Xiaoxiaos family was a great example, although they didnt get along.

As for her rich friends, there were many of them, like Mu Ke, Hao Ran, An Yi, Qin Zixun and Chu Peihan.

Gu Ning also maintained a good relationship with Qin Yifan as well as An Qian, who was the daughter of the director of the Central Hospital, too.

Therefore, it was possible that Gu Ning had many other rich friends.

Although Qin Zheng was curious about how she got to know these people, he understood that Gu Ning wasnt simple after the car accident.

He was reluctant to miss the outstanding Gu Ning, but didnt dare to annoy her.

“Do you have proof to prove that I did it If you dont have proof, its slander!” Chen Ziyao forced herself to be calm, but her voice was a little weak.

She was merely an 18-year-old girl, who couldnt hide her real feelings

“Slander Gee! I didnt expect that you even knew this word.” Gu Ning laughed, as if it was a joke to hear the word come out of Chen Ziyaos mouth.

Chen Ziyao didnt have solid proof, but she had still spread the fake news about Gu Ning.

Now she wanted Gu Ning to provide proof, which was ridiculous.

Gu Ning added, “Since you agree that it would be slander if you dont have proof, why did you do the same thing Do you have proof You only took a meaningless photo.

Isnt it ridiculous that you posted the fake news about me”

At that time, Hao Ran supported Gu Ning.

“Exactly! Why do you claim Gu Ning has a sugar daddy just because she got out of a luxury car You dont have solid proof at all.

Since you dont have proof its slander.

You even posted it on the forum.

We can sue you, and youre at the age where you would have to take legal responsibility!”

Hearing that, Chen Ziyaos face turned pale.

The last thing she wanted to do in this world was to have to take legal


“Chen Ziyao, I thought that you would be quiet after what happened to Gu Xiaoxiao.

If so, I would have forgiven you for what you did to me, but to my surprise, you went the opposite way.

I wouldnt come to you unless I had solid proof.

Were not as dumb as you are!”

Saying that, Gu Ning took out her phone clicking the video, playing it for Chen Ziyao.

“Chen Ziyao, did you know that there is a thing called a driving recorder Besides, there are surveillance cameras at the door of our school.

It was very easy to find out who took the photo.”

Chen Ziyao was stunned, and could barely stand.

She hadnt known that there was a driving recorder on the car.

What was worse, she had shown herself right in front of the recorder.

“Now, what else do you want to say” Chu Peihan sneered.

Chen Ziyao wasnt able to deny it anymore, but she didnt want to give up.

Even though she was scared of facing Gu Ning and others.

“So what I only took a photo, but its enough to prove that you have a sugar daddy!” Chen Ziyao argued.

“You dont have solid proof From the laws perspective, its slander! I can sue you for that!” Gu Ning said seriously, which shut Chen Ziyaos mouth.

The rest in the classroom started to support Gu Ning.

“Exactly, she doesnt have solid proof anyway.

It could damage Gu Nings reputation.

Shes such a horrible person!”

“She should be expelled like Gu Xiaoxiao.”

“I agree.

I dont want to study in the same school as her!” “I think Gu Ning should call the police.”

“I think she should sue her, and throw her into the jail!”

“Shut up! Shut your mouth!” Chen Ziyao yelled.

She hated the thought of being expelled, or arrested by the police, let alone being put in jail.

“Chen Ziyao, I gave you a chance, but you refused to take it.

Now, its time for you to bear the result,” Gu Ning said in a low voice.

Chen Ziyao stepped backwards unconsciously in fear.

She thought that Gu Ning was going to beat her.

“What-what do you want to do”

If Gu Ning was really going to punch her, she couldnt fight back at all, so she was terrified.

“Well, Im going to make you pay for what youve done to me,” Gu Ning said.

“Delete the post and apologize to me.

Also, you have to go to the broadcast room to apologize to me in front of all the students and teachers in our school!”

“No!” Chen Ziyao refused.

It was too embarrassing and shameful.

“No Its not up to you now.

If you refuse to do so, youll be punished more severely,” Gu Ning sneered.

“You…” Chen Ziyao was mad, but didnt know how to retort.

She wasnt willing to apologize, it was so shameful!

“If I dont hear your apologies before the afternoon classes are over, you need to be careful about whats going to happen next,” Gu Ning warned her, then she walked away with her friends.

Someone already took a video of what had happened in the classroom.

He uploaded it to the school forum the second that Gu Ning left.

It soon became popular.

Some people still doubted Gu Nings behavior, because she didnt show solid proof that she didnt have a sugar daddy, but more chose to criticize and swear at Chen Ziyao.

In that case, those negative comments didnt gain much attention.

It was ridiculous to jump to the conclusion that Gu Ning had a sugar daddy just because she got out of a luxury car, so most of the people stayed calm and reasonable.

In addition, Gu Ning had left a good impression on many students after she had won the competition with Hao Ran and his close friends.

Many still admired Gu Ning.

Meanwhile, Gu Ning and her friends ignored the mess on the forum, because they were enjoying their meal.

Before long, Jiang Yuan heard the news from Zhu pan.

He was astonished that Chen Ziyao was behind this, because Chen Ziyao performed so well in his class.

Unfortunately, appearances lied.

Jiang Yuan immediately asked Chen Ziyao to do what Gu Ning demanded, because it was Zhu Jians order too.

However, what Chen Ziyao had done wasnt as serious as Gu Xiaoxiao, so she wasnt expelled.


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