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Chapter 180 The Post Is Deleted

For a teacher it was a shame to be doubted in that way.

She also didnt expect that Gu Ning would constantly argue against her.

However, Gu Ning hadnt finished yet, so she didnt give Fang Qin a chance to retort.

“As for the scandal this time, its totally ridiculous!”

“Is a girl amoral just because she gets out of a luxury car Couldnt the driver be her relative or a friend Cant the poor have a rich relative or friend In addition, there is just a photo that doesnt even show the driver.

You dont know whether the driver is male or female.

How can you jump to the conclusion that Im behaving immorally Since you dont the truth, why do you believe that its my fault Arent you as a teacher supposed to know that its unwise to judge without solid proof”

Fang Qin was in a rage caused by shame.

She criticized Zhang Qiuhua this time, “Zhang Qiuhua, your student doesnt have any sense of respect!”

“Am I wrong” Gu Ning asked.

Gu Ning understood that she should respect her teachers, but the teacher should be respectable in the first place.

Obviously, Fang Qin wasnt a qualified teacher, so she didnt deserve Gu Nings respect.

“I dont think that Gu Ning is wrong.

Professor Fang, we dont know the truth yet.

Its not a good time to judge her now,” Jiang Yuan said.

He wasnt protecting Gu Ning, but being honest.

“You…” Fang Qin was more than mad now, but didnt know how to argue with them.

In fact, Fang Qin knew that it was still a rumor, but she was used to criticizing others just because she didnt like them.

Fang Qin lost her face, so she felt too embarrassed to stay in the office, and quickly left.

Without Fang Qins interruption, Zhang Qiuhua then had time to talk with Gu Ning.

“Can you tell me the truth”

“A friend who lives in the same area as me drove me to school.

Its nothing like what the post says.

Please allow me to handle it myself” Gu Ning replied.

“Are you sure you can deal with it” Zhang Qiuhua asked.

“Yes,” Gu Ning replied.


I dont want it to affect our class or our school, otherwise, youll be expelled, and I can do nothing about that,” Zhang Qiuhua reminded and warned Gu Ning.

The rumor wasnt a big deal, but was influential.

If it could be solved quickly, everything would be fine, but if it went abroad, someone would have to be punished.

“Sure,” Gu Ning answered.

The minute that Gu Ning left the office, her phone vibrated in her pocket.

She took it out and had a look.

It was a message from Leng Shaoting.

She was shocked when she read it.

It was a video clip from his driving recorder.

The person who had secretly taken the photo of Gu Ning was Chen Ziyao! Gu Ning would have thought that Chen Ziyao had learned a lesson from what had happened to Gu Xiaoxiao, but unexpectedly, she never learned to be kind.

Actually, Gu Ning previously had no intention to cause Chen Ziyao trouble, and forgave her for what she had done to her.

However, since Chen Ziyao left the proof herself, Gu Ning would make full use of it.

Other than the video clip, in the message Leng Shaoting also asked her: May I help

He didnt want to interfere in Gu Nings personal affairs without her permission.

Although he truly wanted to do something for her, he didnt want to annoy her.

Most importantly, he believed that Gu Ning had the ability to handle it herself.

Gu Ning was curious about how Leng Shaoting found out about the news, so she called him right away.

The phone was answered within seconds; apparently Leng Shaoting was holding it in his hand.

“Ningning,” Leng Shaoting answered her.

There was a faint trace of concern and guilt in his voice.

Yes, he felt guilty, because if he hadnt driven Gu Ning to school on his own initiative, if wouldnt have happened.

It was the first time that Leng Shaoting had called Gu Nings name, Gu Nings heart lost a beat.

She asked, “How did you find out about it”

“I was visiting your school forum out of boredom, so I found it,” Leng Shaoting answered.

He wanted to know more about Gu Nings school, so he had visited her school forum.

To his astonishment, the rumor went viral.

He had been greatly aggravated, but he didnt know that Gu Ning was from a one-parent family until he had read the news.

He now cared more about Gu Ning.

“Do you need me to do anything for you” Leng Shaoting asked.

“No thanks.

Ill handle it,” Gu Ning declined.

“Great, if you need anything, just tell me.” Leng Shaoting was slightly disappointed that Gu Ning didnt need his help, but he didnt insist.

He trusted Gu Ning.

They hung up.

When Gu Ning got back to her classroom, the first class had already passed one third of its course.

Seeing that Gu Ning was back, everyone wanted to find out what she had been through.

Some was worried about her, while some were mainly waiting to see a drama.

The teacher knew the reason why Gu Ning was late, so she didnt say anything.

Gu Ning went back to her seat.

She comforted Yu Mixi with a mild look.

She used her phone, logging into the forum and editing her post.

Im Gu Ning from the fourth classroom in the 12th grade.

As for the fake news saying that I climbed out of my sugar daddys luxury car, Im mad and will never let the person who created the rumor get away with it.

You have no proof that I cant afford my tuition fee.

No one should randomly judge a person based on unreal information.

Im poor now, but it doesnt mean that Ill be poor forever.

And those who claim that youre born rich; werent you fathers, grandfathers, or even grand grandfathers poor No one earns their fortune without pain.

No one knows whats going to happen in the future.

Lets go and see!

Cant the poor have a rich relative or friend My friend drove me to school out of kindness.

Is there anything wrong with that If anyone of you have done amoral things, do you dare to show up in the public Please delete the fake news right now and apologize to me, otherwise, youll pay for it!

Other than deleting the post and apologizing to Gu Ning, Chen Ziyao would still have to bear the result.

Gu Ning would never let her get away with it that easily.

After editing it, Gu Ning sent it out.

Although it was the time for classes, the news was so hot that everyone focused on it.

Therefore, the minute Gu Ning sent her post out, someone discovered it.


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