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Chapter 1795: Figure it Out on Your Own

“In my previous incarnation, I fell into the sea, and the jade pendant I had been wearing suddenly glowed red.

Then, I lost consciousness.

After waking up again, I became Gu Ning.

I suddenly found I had a pair of Jade Eyes afterwards, and a voice said in my mind:Theres an ancient jade named theBlood of the Phoenix.

Its made of the blood of a phoenix and the soul of the earth.

It has magical power, which enables you to live forever or be reborn. Thats probably the reason why I have so many unbelievable skills as a mortal,” said Gu Ning.

Even though Shangguan Yang already had the answer from Gu Nings reaction just now, he was still greatly surprised after hearing the answer from her mouth.

Although he was aware of the effects of the Blood of the Phoenix, he had only read about it in ancient books.

The Blood of the Phoenix had been missing for years, so he hadnt seen it before.

He didnt know whether it was true or not.

He now knew it.

Shangguan Yang got more excited.

“Ningning, since youre blessed by the Blood of the Phoenix, youre no longer a mortal.

It should be very easy for you to become a cultivator.”

In that case, there was no need for them to be worried.

“What Really” Gu Ning abruptly stood up with excitement, but she couldnt believe her ears.

She heard it right, but she cared too much about it, so she was afraid she might be wrong.

“Its true.

The Blood of the Phoenix is a magic object, but I havent reached the highest level yet, so I cant feel it.

Is there magical power in your body” asked Shangguan Yang.

“Yes,” Gu Ning said.

“Give your hand to me,” said Shangguan Yang.

Gu Ning immediately reached out a hand.

Shangguan Yang held her palm and began to feel her pulse.

He closed his eyes and observed the inside of Gu Nings body with his consciousness.

After a long while, Shangguan Yang opened his eyes and let go of Gu Nings hand.

“There is magical power in your soul, but not in your body.

As a result, the magical power you have right now can only help you.

You cant own it.

This body doesnt belong to you after all.

Although your soul is staying in this body, they arent mixed together yet.

Therefore, you must merge the Blood of the Phoenix with your body first to make its power circulate in your body and your soul, then you can begin to cultivate.”

“How can I make it happen” asked Gu Ning in a hurry.

“The Blood of the Phoenix is in your body.

You need to figure it out on your own.

Although you have it and dont need to go through the process of cutting bones and purifying marrow and your life wont be in danger, it is still not easy to make its power circulate in your body and soul.

However, it wont be too difficult.

Everything relies on your effort and luck.

Its very boring, so it requires determination and patience,” said Shangguan Yang.

“Sure, I understand,” said Gu Ning with determination.

She wasnt afraid of cutting bones and purifying marrow, let alone boredom.

Anyway, Gu Ning felt happy she didnt need to go through the process of cutting bones and purifying marrow.

“The drop of blood of the Blood of the Phoenix is in the Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern now.

Will it affect the Blood of the Phoenix” asked Gu Ning.

Thinking of her previous feelings, Gu Ning naturally cared more about that.

“Speaking of its impact, youll only feel connected with it.

It wont be threatening at all.

In addition, the drop of blood isnt important for the Blood of the Phoenix.

For example, if a person lost a drop of blood, he or she wont be affected either.

If you want to get the drop back, you can simply take out the jade and get it back with your consciousness.

However, if the drop of blood leaves the jade, the jade will become an ordinary antique,” said Shangguan Yang.

Gu Nings face lit up at once and asked, “Does it mean I can feel where the person is if he or shes wearing that jade, no matter where he or she goes”

“If you can only feel the jade by visiting the museum, it means the distance is limited,” said Shangguan Yang.

“Fine, but Ill let the drop stay there since it wont affect me,” said Gu Ning.

Maybe she would need it in the future.

Gu Ning could make the decision by herself, and Shangguan Yang wouldnt interfere.

“Oh, Grandpa Shangguan, please dont tell Shaoting about it right now.

I plan to tell him on my own once Im prepared,” said Gu Ning.

Given the current situation, it was impossible for Gu Ning to keep her reincarnation a secret from Leng Shaoting forever, but she had no intention of telling him for the time being.

“Sure.” Shangguan Yang nodded.

Gu Ning stayed in the siheyuan until it was nearly 9 pm, then she left.

Chu Peihan wasnt the only one who had an argument with her roommates on their first meeting.

Song Miaoge also suffered the same trouble.

Song Miaoge was alone in the dorm room till 9 pm, and her other two roommates came back together later.

At the beginning, they greeted each other kindly and introduced themselves to one another.

Although one of the girls was a little arrogant, she was polite, so Song Miaoge didnt mind it.

However, the arrogant girl asked Song Miaoge later, “Hey, what does your family do”

The arrogant girls name was Gao Shiyan.

She was about 1.7 m tall with a sexy body.

Her face wasnt attractive, but not plain either.

“My father is a soldier, while my mother is a policewoman,” said Song Miaoge.

Her parents undoubtedly werent ordinary officers, but Song Miaoge tended to keep a low profile, so she didnt tell them their titles.

Gao Shiyan, instead, thought Song Miaoge was born in an ordinary officer family, so a touch of disdain flashed by her face.

Song Miaoge noticed that, and she frowned.

She knew that Gao Shiyan thought that she was superior to her, but she still had no intention of showing off her family background.

“My dad is the deputy director of the State Forestry Administration in the capital, and my mom is the vice director of XX Maternity Hospital,” Gao Shiyan said.

Quite the opposite, she kept a high profile and didnt hesitate to show off her family background as if she was extraordinary.

Song Miaoge rolled her eyes.

In her eyes, it was embarrassing to show off when Gao Shiyans parents actually werent senior officials in the government.

For ordinary people, the deputy director of the State Forestry Administration in the capital and the vice director of XX Maternity Hospital were indeed influential, but this was the capital.

There were rich and powerful second-generation heirs everywhere.

Even if Gao Shiyan wanted to show off, she must find herself the proper competitor.


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