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“Well, you really think too highly of your daughter.

My sons art test score is A, and his culture total score is 506 points.

However, among all the freshmen, hes just at the middle level.

I dare not say how outstanding my son is, but you have the confidence to show off your daughter,” a man in the crowd said with mockery.


Other people also looked at the middle-aged womans family with disdain.


She kept showing off her daughter although her daughter actually wasnt the best.

In fact, most freshmen had higher scores than her daughter, but their parents remained silent, because they knew there was always someone better.

They didnt dare to say that their children would definitely be popular one day in the future, but the middle-aged woman believed that her daughter would become a household name.


It was indeed ridiculous.


“You…” The middle-aged woman felt greatly embarrassed.

Although she was arrogant, she wasnt stupid and felt ashamed when other people criticized her.


However, she didnt think she was wrong.

Instead, she blamed other people for making her lost face.


Actually, it wasnt other peoples duty to help her keep her self-respect, because she gave up her own dignity.


Everyone had to learn to earn his or her dignity.


“Alright, dont you have any self-knowledge Shut up now!” the middle-aged womans husband snapped at her.

They were in a public place, so he couldnt say too much about it.

He could only tell his wife to close her mouth.


It was too noticeable to ignore that Gu Ning and Chu Peihan were far more outstanding than the middle-aged womans daughter.


The middle-aged womans husband knew that their daughter was very excellent, but they should be modest too.


“You…” Criticized by her own husband in public, the middle-aged woman felt humiliated.

She wanted to argue with her husband, but gave it up once she saw her husbands angry face.


She was afraid of her husband to some extent, or she would have caused a lot of unnecessary trouble given her character.


Chu Peihan originally wanted to laugh at them, but Gu Ning stopped her.

Although the middle-aged woman deliberately disdained them, it wasnt a big deal.

If they did the same thing to her, they would be criticized by other people then.


Sometimes, they could ignore other peoples opinions, but they should still care about their image.


“I dont know why the middle-aged woman is so confident.

There are countless beautiful girls and handsome boys in a film academy.

In addition, its not easy to be accepted.

There are also young stars in this university!” Chu Peihan quietly complained.


She never felt she was superior to other people just because of her outstanding appearance or family background.

In fact, she didnt take them seriously.


Although she was a little aggressive and very proud of herself, she cared about her close friends and was willing to help the weak.

She wasnt evil or calculating at all.

She was smart, but wouldnt hurt innocent people or break the law.


After having the meal, Gu Ning and her friends took a rest in the restaurant and they didnt leave until it was nearly 2 pm.


There were countless good-looking people in the film academy, but they still attracted a lot of attention.


Many reporters were walking around the campus at the same time for the young stars among the freshmen.


On their way into the school, several entertainment reporters were following a beautiful girl with their cameras on.


Chu Peihan recognized the girl by a quick glance.

The girl named Fu Xiaoxiao.

She had played a supporting role in many TV shows.

Although she wasnt the leading role, she had gained some fame.


However, once those entertainment reporters noticed Gu Ning and Chu Peihan, they were distracted and ignored Fu Xiaoxiao.

Seeing that, Fu Xiaoxiao was displeased.

However, because they were in public, she had to keep a good image, so she didnt show her dissatisfaction on her face.


The second she saw Gu Ning and Chu Peihan, she got jealous of them, because it was undeniable that they were prettier than her.


“Hi, excuse me, I think you look very familiar.

Have you played any roles in any TV shows” a reporter asked Gu Ning.

It wasnt courtesy, but he really thought Gu Ning looked familiar.


“Ive been an extra with my friends in a TV show, but it hasnt aired yet.

By the way, Im not a student of this film academy.

I just came here with my friends for enrollment,” said Gu Ning politely.


Since the reporter felt Gu Ning looked familiar, he must have seen her somewhere before.

Perhaps he had seen the stills of An Empress of Military Blood.


Actually, Gu Ning was even more beautiful than many of the students in this film academy.

If she entered the entertainment industry, many actresses would definitely be overshadowed.


Anyway, Gu Ning had just been an extra in a TV show, so it wasnt a big deal.


Fu Xiaoxiao didnt take it seriously either, because she had already played many important parts in several TV shows before.

She disdained extras, and felt relieved after hearing that Gu Ning wasnt a student of this film academy.


Even though she didnt know Gu Nings acting skills and Gu Ning didnt have any fame yet, she still felt stressed facing such a stunning competitor.


In the entertainment industry there were many people who had gained a lot of fame simply because of their outstanding appearances.


Besides, in addition to Gu Ning, Chu Peihan was also prettier than her.


“What a shame that youre not a student of this film academy!” the reporter said.

Even onlookers felt it was a shame that Gu Ning didnt study here.


Fu Xiaoxiao watched from the side with great dissatisfaction, because she believed that Gu Ning stole peoples attention from her.


“Well, different people had different dreams,” said Gu Ning.


Some people chose to join the entertainment industry because they liked acting, while some did it for fame and money.


Gu Ning could do the same thing because of her outstanding appearance, but she preferred to become a successful businesswoman.


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