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Chapter 1778: Do You Like Him

However, it didnt affect Tang Qingyang, and these skeptics soon learned about the Tang familys affairs, and their doubts about Tang Qingyang became less and less.

When Tang Bingsen learned that the shares grabbed away from him by Tang Aining were under Tang Qingyangs name in the end, he figured out that Tang Qingyang was already working together with Tang Aining.

Although the Tang Organization was better in the hands of Tang Qingyang than in the hands of Tang Aining, in general, Tang Bingsen still couldnt accept the fact that his company was taken over by other people.

As a result, he fainted again, and it was more serious this time.

He didnt wake up even until it was late at night.

Tang Bingsens secretary thought that he transferred the Tang Organization to Tang Qingyang in order to prevent it from falling into Tang Ainings hands.

If that was the case, he thought it was acceptable.

He was Tang Bingsens secretary, but he didnt know all the secrets about him.

For example, He had no idea about the death of Tang Qingyangs father, which was caused by Tang Bingsen, so he didnt think Tang Qingyang had schemed against Tang Bingsen.

After Ji Yijing found it out, she had the same idea as Tang Bingsens secretary, but she still couldnt accept it.

Then she went to ask Tang Bingsen, but Tang Bingsen fainted again.

Because she believed that Tang Bingsen himself gave the company to Tang Qingyang, Ji Yijing didnt go to ask Tang Qingyang.

Tang Qingyang had successfully taken revenge, and became the chairman of the Tang Organization, which was a cheerful event.

However, the current situation was still unstable, so he didnt invite friends to share a meal and celebrate it.

Xu Qinying was in a particularly good mood today, because Tang Qingyang had become the chairman of the Tang Organization.

Although she wasnt clear about the grudges between Tang Qingyang and Tang Bingsen, she felt happy for Tang Qingyang.

When it was 8 pm, Xu Qinying thought Tang Qingyang shouldnt be busy at this time, so she called him to congratulate him.

Actually, at this time, Tang Qingyang was still in the company, because he just took it over.

There were a lot of things for him to deal with and learn, but he still had time to answer the phone.

In addition, it was from Xu Qinyin, so Tang Qingyang was quite excited.

“Hi, are you busy” Xu Qinyin asked him once she got through to him.

“Not really, Im having a break, and you just called,” said Tang Qingyang.

He was worried that Xu Qinyin might hang up if she knew he was busy.

“Congratulations! Youre the chairman of the Tang Organization now.

I was afraid that you were busy during the day, so I didnt call you till now,” said Xu Qinyin.

She still felt nervous talking to Tang Qingyang.

“Thanks, Im a little busy, but I still have time to answer calls,” said Tang Qingyang.

He didnt want Xu Qinyin to worry and stop calling him.

“Great, dont forget to buy me a meal since youre the chairman of the Tang Organization now,” said Xu Qinyin.

“Of course!” Tang Qingyang smiled.

They casually chatted with each other for a while, then hung up.

Afterwards, Xu Qinyin kept smiling with the phone in her hand.

She didnt notice that her mother was eavesdropping at the door.

Once Xu Qinyin hung up, her mother walked inside and asked, “Do you know the new chairman of the Tang Organization, Tang Qingyang”

The Xu family heard the news too, and they had talked about it at dinner just now.

They held the same opinion as the majority that Tang Bingsen deserved it, because he had treated his older daughter, Tang Aining, badly.

People of the rich families in the capital kept contact with one another.

Although Tang Bingsen seemed nice on the surface, he couldnt fool smart people.

Besides, in the past few years, most of the companies that competed with the Tang family would have accidents.

If it only happened once or twice, it could be a coincidence, but the Tang family couldnt be right if it had happened so many times.

Even though many people knew the Tang family was evil, nobody stood out to criticize it, because almost every business family had dirty secrets.

No one wanted to be involved in unnecessary trouble.

Xu Qinyin was scared by her mothers sudden appearance, and she flushed once she saw the meaningful expression on her mothers face.

“Why didnt I hear you walking in at all You scared me!” Xu Qinyin complained.

“You were distracted by something.” Her mother rolled her eyes and said, “Dont change the topic.

You havent answered my question yet.”

“What question” Xu Qinyin acted dumb.

“Your relationship with Tang Qingyang,” her mother said.

“There is nothing special between him and me.

Were just friends.” Xu Qinyin explained.

Although she didnt have much confidence, it was the truth.

She and Tang Qingyang were indeed friends for the time being.

Even if there was anything special between them, neither of them pointed it out, so they were still just friends.

“Really” Her mother didnt believe it.

“Of course.” Xu Qinyin put on a serious face, because she already calmed down.

“What a shame!” Her mother was disappointed.

“I think hes a handsome quality man, and now hes the chairman of the Tang Organization.

You two can be a perfect match! Oh, does he have a girlfriend”

“No,” said Xu Qinyin.

“Do you like him” her mother asked again.

Hearing that, Xu Qinyin flushed again.

Although she liked him, she still denied it in front of her mother.

However, her mother knew her very well.

Since Xu Qinyin refused to admit it, her mother decided to make fun of it.

“Well, if you dont like him, I wont force you, but one does not allow benefits created by ones own work to accrue to others.

I can introduce him to your cousin.

They can be a good match too,” her mother said.

Xu Qinyins cousin was Mrs.

Xus niece.

Xu Qinyin was displeased and her tone became a little unkind.

“If you want to do that, go do it by yourself.

I dont want to be involved!”

“Sure, Ill deal with it on my own,” her mother said, then ignored Xu Qinyin and walked out.

Xu Qinyin began to panic.

What if her mother really introduced Tang Qingyang to her cousin


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