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Chapter 1770: Beg Him to Stop

“Thanks, but we just need to go see our boss in her company, and we can just take a bus.

Its only three stops away,” said Chu Peihan.

She didnt want to bother Gao Yi, because there wasnt a long distance.

“Sure.” Since she said that, Gao Yi didnt insist.

When Chu Peihan and her friends arrived outside the Shengning Organization, she called Gu Ning, who then went downstairs.

It wasnt early now, so they should go to see Jing Yunyao right away.

In a few minutes, Gu Ning showed up and they went to Mountain River Garden together.

“Boss, where are we going to dine What will we have” asked Chu Peihan.

“Were going to Leng Shaotings place.

His mother is alone at home, so we can dine with her,” said Gu Ning.

“Is she in the siheyuan or a house” asked Chu Peihan again.

They had asked about Leng Shaotings economic condition before, so they were aware that he had a siheyuan and many houses.

“Shes in a house now.

Leng Shaotings master is in the siheyuan,” said Gu Ning.


Hearing that, they understood.

“Boss, I think your boyfriend cant just be a soldier, right A soldier couldnt be so rich!” Mu Ke said.

He already had the answer, but he still wanted to hear it from Gu Nings mouth.

“Yeah, he has many businesses under his name.

Hes even richer than I am,” said Gu Ning, but she didnt elaborate on that.

“Jesus, hes amazing!” Chu Peihan exclaimed.

“Of course he is.

Hes Ningnings boyfriend after all,” said Yu Mixi.

“Right, our boss is such an outstanding girl, and only a quality man deserves her.

The man must be rich and strong so that he can win our bosss heart,” said Chu Peihan in a meaningful tone.

The others immediately understood the meaning of “strong”, and felt a little embarrassed.

It was the truth that Leng Shaoting had a great manhood.

It was thick and long.

Most importantly, he had unbelievable stamina, and Gu Ning had to beg him to stop sometimes.

Although it was a little embarrassing, Gu Ning couldnt deny that she really liked it.

Yu Mixi and Mu Ke were girlfriend and boyfriend now, but they controlled themselves very well.

They only kissed and hugged each other at most, because their relationship wasnt stable right now.

They just became adults and didnt dare to have sex yet.

Gu Ning already had sex with Leng Shaoting at 18, but she was as mentally mature as a 28-year-old woman, so she didnt think it was a bad thing to have sex life.

In addition, Gu Ning didnt sleep with any other men, and she chose Leng Shaoting because she had confidence in their future.

Everyone knew what Chu Peihan was talking about, but none of them pointed it out, or it would become more embarrassing.

Therefore, Gu Ning changed the topic at once.

“Tomorrow is the last day of the vacation.

Do you plan to have fun anywhere or just stay at home”

Chu Peihan rolled her eyes when Gu Ning deliberately changed the topic, but she didnt continue to talk about it either.

“Will you join us if we hang out tomorrow” asked Yu Mixi.

She felt it wasnt fun without Gu Ning.

“If there are no accidents, I can hang out with you, but if there is anything that needs me to deal with, I may have to leave you to do my business,” Gu Ning said.

Because she herself wasnt sure what she would need to do tomorrow, she needed to tell them in advance.

“Its fine.

If youre busy tomorrow, you can focus on your business,” said Yu Mixi.

“Ok, let me see where we can go to have fun tomorrow!” Chu Peihan said and took out her phone to read tourist guides on the Internet.

She was always active in having fun around, but she also felt a little bored without Gu Ning.

“Oh, why dont we go to Qianling Mountain” Chu Peihan said with excitement, “Its one of the highest peaks in the suburbs of the capital.

If we ascend to the top of it, we can overlook the panoramic view of the whole city! We can also take a cable car to visit the caves.”

Hearing Qianling Mountain, Gu Ning thought of the cultivation world, which was hidden in it and was separated by a magic formation from the outside world.

Anyway, she wasnt a cultivator, so she wasnt afraid of running into cultivators at Qianling Mountain.

“I think its a good idea.

Boss, what do you think” asked Mu Ke.

He was quite interested in Qianling Mountain too.

“Why not!” Gu Ning said.

Therefore, they decided to go to Qianling Mountain tomorrow.

When they arrived at Mountain River Garden, it was almost 6 pm, and Jing Yunyao had just prepared dinner for them.

Because they knew Leng Shaoting was a top quality man, they werent shocked by his luxurious house.

Everyone politely greeted Jing Yunyao once they saw each other.

Jing Yunyao looked very happy as well, because she wasnt alone at home anymore.

During this time, she had dreamed about her life before she lost her memories many times, but couldnt remember anything.

After having dinner, Gu Ning stood up to do the dishes of her own accord because Leng Shaoting was absent.

Although Jing Yunyao tried to stop Gu Ning, Gu Ning told Chu Peihan and her other friends to take Jing Yunyao to the living room.

As a result, Gu Ning still did the dishes.

They kept chatting with Jing Yunyao till they left at 10 pm.

Gu Ning still drove Mu Ke back to the hotel first, then went home with Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi.

When they were home, Gu Ning told them to sleep earlier and she left the house again.

Even though Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi were curious about what Gu Ning was going to do so late at night, they didnt ask her.

Since she went out late, it must be something important or urgent.

Gu Ning went straight to the haunted house.

It was nearly 12 am when she reached it and there was no one around her in the darkness.

It wasnt open now, so all the lights were turned off and the haunted house looked quite scary.

Gu Ning stopped her car a short distance away from it, but didnt get out of the car at once.

Instead, she let the male ghost out and let it sit in the rear seats.

The second the male ghost came out, it checked its surroundings because it found itself in a different place once more.

After that, it asked Gu Ning with anticipation, “Have you figured out a way”

“Yeah, but you can only touch the token for 15 minutes, so I hope youll be able to give up your obsession and disappear on your own within that time,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, the male ghost was thrilled.

“My only obsession is the token.

As long as I can get it, there will be nothing that can keep me in this world.”

“How deep is the grave under the haunted house” asked Gu Ning.

“Not very deep.

About 5 meters,” said the male ghost.

If so, it would be easier.


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