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Chu Peihan and the others were Gu Nings friends for years.

Whenever they needed her help, she wouldnt spare effort to help them, but she wouldnt let them completely rely on her.

If they were used to asking her for help every time they encountered trouble, she wouldnt help them, because it was a bad habit.

Besides, she also hated lazy and selfish people.

Everyone had to learn to be independent.

When Shao Zihan heard that Gu Ning took them as friends, she felt flattered but she knew that she wasnt really Gu Nings friend now.

She wasnt a naive girl, and she knew it took time to make real friends.

This was their first meeting after all, and it was simply a courtesy.

Anyway, since Gu Ning was willing to say that, it meant that they were welcome.

People either admired Gu Ning or were jealous of her because she was too outstanding, and Shao Zihan obviously admired her.

Even though she was only Gu Nings acquaintance, she felt excited to know Gu Ning.

Just like that, Shao Zihan temporarily forgot what Mingzhe had done to her and happily chatted with the others along the way.

Shao Zihan was an outgoing girl, and she wouldnt be affected by something bad for long, and she would forget it once she met something fun.

It was a good thing, because she would have fewer worries.

They went to the most popular hot pot restaurant at the food street, but because there were too many people, they needed to wait in line for available seats.

Only two groups of people were waiting in front of them, so they decided to wait for a while.

Right after they got a waiting number, more groups of people came, and they felt lucky that they came earlier tonight.

If they were a minute late, they would have had to wait for a longer time.

Because several groups of people were about to finish eating when they came, they soon had available seats after waiting for 10 minutes.

“Ill pay the bill today, so you can order whatever you want,” said Gu Ning in a very generous tone.


Hao Ran and the others definitely wouldnt help Gu Ning save money, and they ordered a lot of food within the capacity of their stomachs.

Shao Zihan and Zhang Zikai hesitated to order so much food, but what Hao Ran and others had ordered was also what they wanted to eat, so it didnt matter.

They reached an agreement later, and ordered the soup base at medium hotness.

When they were eating, they chatted with each other.

“Gu Ning, when will you go to the university for enrollment Ill go there on the first day when the new semester begins, and Ill study in the Capital University too.

Although we have different majors, we can see each other more often in the future,” said Zhang Zikai.

“Probably the second day, because I need to send Peihan and Mixi to enroll on the first day,” said Gu Ning.

“I understand,” said Zhang Zikai.

She didnt say that she could wait for Gu Ning to go to their university together on the second day.

She had the idea, but she knew that they werent familiar and she didnt want to make Gu Ning feel uncomfortable.

There were eight of them tonight, and they ordered food for a dozen people, so they had to eat a lot.

Therefore, many people paid special attention to them and were shocked by the capacity of their stomachs.

Some also laughed at them.

“They eat a lot, like theyve never seen food before.”

“They seem to have been hungry for years!”

Two girls of the same age as them said that from the next table.

Hearing that, Gu Ning and her friends were displeased.

Chu Peihan argued against them at once.

“Its none of your business how much we eat.

We dont use your money!”

Although the two girls were a little mean, they were afraid of trouble, so they closed their mouths at once when Chu Peihan argued against them.

There were only five people around their table, and they couldnt win the fight if it became serious.

Since they stopped bad-mouthing them, Chu Peihan kept on eating.

After a while, Chu Peihan asked, “Boss, why dont we go to have some fun later”

Chu Peihan wanted to enjoy the night, but she needed to ask for Gu Nings opinion first.

If Gu Ning had something else to deal with, she wouldnt force her to join them.

“Where do you want to go” asked Gu Ning.

She was free tonight anyway, so she could join them.

“Zikai, you live in the capital.

Do you know where we can have fun here” asked Chu Peihan.

“Um, Im not very clear about that, but Ive always been interested in one place.

However, I never dare to go there,” said Zhang Zikai.

“Where” asked Chu Peihan.

“The haunted house in Hell World.

I heard its very scary, and people with a weak heart might have a heart attack if they go there, so I never dared to visit it,” said Zhang Zikai.


“Thats a good idea!” Hao Ran was excited.

“Boss, why dont we go to Hell World” Chu Peihan asked Gu Ning.

“How about you” Gu Ning asked the others.

“I have no problems,” said Hao Ran.

“Im in!”

Yu Mixi and Zhang Tianping agreed too.

They might be scared, but they believed that they had a strong heart.

“Since you all want to go there, Ill go too, in any case Ive always had that idea in my mind.

Anyway, if I want to quit then, I can enjoy other activities,” said Zhang Zikai.

“Me too,” said Shao Zihan.

She was scared of it as well, but she was unwilling to be left behind.

At the same time, Shao Zihan kept telling herself to be brave and that everything in the haunted house was fake.

“Great, lets go there now!” Since they all agreed on that, it was settled.

Because they ate too much, they had a rest for a while before they left.

They even walked slowly and took a roundabout route to the parking lot to let their stomachs digest the food.

When they were back in the parking lot, Gu Ning and her friends shared a car, and Zhang Zikai drove her own car.

Gu Ning drove behind her and she would lead the way.

The Hell World was in the amusement park and belonged to it, but it was separate from the amusement park.

The Hell World and the amusement park were divided into two areas, one on the left and one on the right.

The amusement park was generally open until 6 pm and the cleaning began at 7 pm.

The Hell World, however, was open until 12 am, because it became lively and the atmosphere was more terrifying at night.

Brave people who wanted a more exciting adventure would also choose to come at night.


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