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“Great,” said Master Leng, then hung up the call.

“Whats wrong What happened” Once Leng Yuanjin hung up the call, Song Wenxuan asked her in a hurry.

“Father just told me that Yunyao is still alive, and she just came back,” said Leng Yuanjin and cried again with excitement.

“What” Song Wenxuan was taken aback.

After being shocked, they booked tickets for the earliest flight to the capital tomorrow.

The plane would take off at 7:50 am, and they would arrive at the capital about 10 am.

So they should arrive at the Leng familys old house at 11 am too.

At the same time, Jing Yunyao couldnt calm down after she left the Leng familys old house.

Gu Ning wouldnt bother her and left her some space.

Because they visited the Leng family tonight, there was no need for them to visit Leng Yuanhans grave.

They would do that in the day since the Leng family already accepted Jing Yunyao.

By the time they were back in Mountain River Garden it was nearly 12am so Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao went back to their own rooms.

Jing Yunyao called Jing Jining afterwards, and told him about what had happened tonight.

“Well, I think its fate that is bringing you and Shaoting together.

Its not a bad thing that the Leng family discovered you earlier,” said Jing Jining.

At the beginning, he was worried that Jing Yunyao might delay the meeting because of hesitation and indecision.

That night, Jing Yunyao couldnt sleep until 3 am and kept having dreams about her memories shortly after she fell asleep.

However, she only had dreams, and they didnt help her remember anything.

Although she didnt sleep well last night, Jing Yunyao was a cultivator and she wouldnt be affected even if she didnt sleep for days.

Therefore, she was still full of energy when she got up the next morning.

In the morning, Master Leng came back after exercising, and Leng Yuanqian walked downstairs at the same time.

“Yuanqian, if you have nothing important to deal with this morning, you can stay at home and go to work this afternoon.”

Leng Yuanqian was struck dumb for a second, then asked with confusion, “Why”

“Yunyao isnt dead, and shes coming by later,” said Master Leng.

“What” Leng Yuanqian rounded his eyes in shock and couldnt believe his ears.

It was impossible for him that Yunyao was still alive.

After that, Master Leng told Leng Yuanqian more about Yunyao, and Leng Yuanqian had mixed emotions.

He didnt want Yunyao to come back, because he knew that she was a powerful woman.

With her help, Leng Shaoting would become a greater enemy for them.

Therefore, Leng Yuanqian lost his appetite during breakfast.

However, since Yunyao wasnt dead, he couldnt shut her out.

He forced himself to eat some food in case Master Leng noticed his abnormal reaction.

Actually, Master Leng wasnt dumb and knew his thoughts very well, but he said nothing because Leng Yuanqian didnt do or say anything yet.

Leng Yuanqian didnt have anything important to do in the morning, so he didnt go to work.

Master Leng told him not to tell Jiang Shuyuan that Yunyao would come back, because he was worried that Jiang Shuyuan might cause an argument.

Leng Yuanqian knew it was possible, but he still felt embarrassed when Master Leng said that to his face.

Nevertheless, Master Leng was his father, so he had to listen to him.

Gu Ning had a rest after finishing breakfast before she went to the Leng familys house.

Because she didnt know when Leng Shaoting would arrive, she sent him a message to tell him to meet her at the Leng familys old house.

As for the reason, Gu Ning kept it a secret, and Leng Shaoting thought that she simply wanted him to see Master Leng, so he didnt question it further and agreed.

Thinking that she was going to meet Leng Shaoting soon, Jing Yunyao was quite nervous.

She was even more nervous than last time when she met Master Leng and the other members of the Leng family.

Leng Shaoting was her son after all.

Comfort couldnt help her relax at this time, so Gu Ning didnt bother to do that.

Anyway, everything would be fine after she met Leng Shaoting.

However, an accident happened on their way to the Leng familys old house.

When Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao passed a luxurious house area, a private car suddenly rushed down the slope, and a pregnant woman was walking at the front.

She had been pregnant about seven months, so it was a little inconvenient for her to move.

Besides, when the car came, she was struck dumb and couldnt avoid it in time.

Seeing that the car was about to hit the pregnant woman, Gu Ning immediately stopped, opened the car door, and dashed towards the pregnant woman like lightning.

At the very dangerous moment, she pulled the pregnant woman away with the car slightly touching the pregnant woman before it rushed ahead.

It wasnt forced to stop until it hit a car which drove by at this time.

When Gu Ning jumped out of the car, Jing Yunyao followed her.

It was too dangerous, and she wasnt sure whether Gu Ning could handle it well.

Because the pregnant woman was frightened and her stomach started hurting, Gu Ning put her magical power into the pregnant womans body without hesitation in case she was injured.

Therefore, Jing Yunyao felt it and looked at Gu Ning with great surprise.

To her astonishment, Gu Ning had magical power.

She started to wonder what kind of mortal Gu Ning really was.

However, it wasnt the right time to ask that question now, so Jing Yunyao said nothing.

When the car accident happened, many people surrounded them and someone asked, “Do we need to call an ambulance”

“Yes, please,” said Gu Ning.

Although she could protect this pregnant woman by putting her magical power into her body, it was a secret and she wouldnt tell anyone at the scene.

The pregnant woman was still in pain now, so she had to be sent to the hospital.

If she was injured, her family would be worried.

“Maam, whats the phone number of your family members I can help you call them,” asked Gu Ning.

The pregnant woman felt much better now, so she was able to hear Gu Ning.

She told Gu Ning her husbands phone number and Gu Ning asked Jing Yunyao to make a call.

She was supporting the pregnant woman now, so it wasnt convenient for her to do it.

Because the pregnant woman lived in this area too, her husband came within a minute after receiving the call, followed by her mother-in-law.

When they found out that it was Gu Ning who saved the pregnant woman, they thanked her repeatedly.


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