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Once Gu Ning put on make-up and hair accessories, she was too stunning to be ignored.

“Boss, I think you should be the leading actress in the show, because no one will pay attention to me when you appear,” said Tang Xiaoxiao just joking.

“I have the same worry,” said Lu Zhan.

He was very satisfied with Gu Nings appearance, but it wasnt a good thing if the leading actress of the show was overshadowed.

However, they couldnt tell Gu Ning to quit right now, nor could they tell her to deliberately act badly in the show, because it would affect her reputation.

The audience would criticize her if she didnt do her job well.

Therefore, Gu Ning still needed to do her best.

Anyway, the quality of the show was more important.

“Well, I know Im beautiful, so Im afraid you can only overshadow me with your outstanding acting skills,” said Gu Ning.

She was joking too.

Before long, Gu Ning changed her clothes and walked outside.

Everyone believed that she was the perfect choice for the role of Goddess of Medicine in the show.

Tang Xiaoxiao felt quite stressed at this moment.

Even though Tang Xiaoxiao wasnt less noticeable than Gu Ning, she didnt have much confidence in herself.

Luckily, they dressed in different styles today.

Gu Ning was a goddess, while Tang Xiaoxiao was a female general, so they were gorgeous women of different types.

“Boss, its very easy for you to be popular if you want to be an actress,” said Lu Zhan.

As a director, Lu Zhan knew the entertainment industry very well, and he believed that Gu Ning could gain a lot of fame by only using her outstanding appearance.

Lu Zhan personally preferred an actress with excellent acting skills rather than a beautiful face.

“I think Im already a celebrity now,” said Gu Ning with a smile.

It was the truth, because she was always one of the hottest topics on social media.

“Ha-ha, youre right!” Lu Zhan laughed.

“Alright, lets begin now,” said Lu Zhan.

“Wait a second, I need to take a photo with boss,” said Tang Xiaoxiao and gave her phone to her assistant.

Lu Zhan agreed and waited for a while.

“Me too!” Qiao Hanchen joined them later.

“Boss, would you mind if we posted your photos with them on Weibo to attract more attention for the new show I think its a great chance,” said Lu Zhan.

“Why not!” Gu Ning nodded.

“Very good, Ill arrange someone to take photos of you during the filming,” said Lu Zhan.

“If its possible, boss, you can help us do the publicity on Weibo.”

“No problem,” said Gu Ning.

After that, they walked out.

The setting was ready outside, and everyone was waiting for the actors.

Many people were curious about Gu Nings look after she wore make-up and clothes for the role.

Therefore, they kept glancing at the dressing room, hoping to see her when she walked out.

Lu Zhan walked out first and everyone cheered up, because Gu Ning was about to walk out too.

The next second, Gu Ning showed up, and everyone was stunned by her beauty.

She looked quite different from her previous look, but people were still able to recognize her immediately.

“Wow, shes gorgeous!”

“She looks amazing.”

“I think shes prettier than the leading actress.”

“Both of them are great beauties.”


People kept complimenting Gu Ning.

“Alright, quiet, lets begin shooting,” said Lu Zhan with a loudspeaker, and the crowd fell into silence at once.

Lu Zhan told the action director to teach Gu Ning what she should do in the following scenes.

Although Gu Ning was very good at fighting, she still needed to learn how to look beautiful in the show.

Gu Ning was a quick learner, so she soon knew what she should do.

Lu Zhan then let Gu Ning try the wire, because it was the first time that she had done wire work.

Tang Xiaoxiao and Gu Ning would act together in the scene.

Tang Xiaoxiao would fall from the cliff, while Gu Ning flew up from the bottom.

“Action!” When everything was ready, the shooting began.

With a loud scream, Tang Xiaoxiao fell down from the cliff.

At the same time, Gu Ning flew up from the bottom and caught Tang Xiaoxiao halfway, then flew straight to the top of the cliff.

Afterwards, she stood by the edge of the cliff.

Everything looked perfect in the camera, causing the people at the scene to almost even believe that it was real.

Tang Xiaoxiao had done wire work many times before, but this was her first cooperation with Gu Ning, so she was still very nervous.

When Gu Ning steadily caught her, she was surprised and relaxed.

Actually, it wasnt a difficult thing in Gu Nings eyes.

“Good!” said Lu Zhan with satisfaction.

Because several framing positions were required, but there was only one camera position, they needed to do it twice more.


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