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However, the second Gu Ning saw Shen Yaos real face, she rounded her eyes in shock.


Gu Ning didnt know what to say now.

“What Are you scared” Shen Yao felt upset when she saw Gu Nings reaction.

“No, no, of course not.” Gu Ning denied it at once, but didnt know how to explain it at this moment.

Shen Yao noticed her reaction and suddenly got nervous.

“Do you know me” She had a feeling that Gu Ning recognized her.

“Well, I…” Gu Ning stammered.

Gu Ning had indeed seen Shen Yaos face before in a photo, and it was of Leng Shaotings mother, Yunyao! Shen Yao had the exact same face as Yunyao.

Gu Ning thought it was highly possible that Shen Yao was Yunyao, because both of them were a cultivator.

Even though Shen Yao looked quite young now, a cultivator could live much longer than a mortal.

However, if Shen Yao was Yunyao, why didnt she come to the capital to meet Leng Shaoting during the past years

“Tell me, do you know me Do you remember anything about me” Shen Yao got anxious.

“Um, did you lose your memories” asked Gu Ning with hesitation.

Although Shen Yao had told Gu Ning that this was her first time to be in the capital, Yunyao had stayed in the capital for seven years.

If Shen Yao was Yunyao, it was impossible that she had been absent for over a dozen years and didnt come to see Leng Shaoting at all.

In addition, it seemed that Shen Yao ached to find out more about herself.

Shen Yao must have lost memories about something.

Yunyao had been seriously injured a dozen years ago, so it was understandable if she lost some memories.

Shen Yao said, “Right, I was injured 15 years ago, so I couldnt remember something.”

Gu Ning was right.

In that case, Shen Yao could be Yunyao.

“Did you lose all your memories, or just some of them” Gu Ning continued.

“Just some of them.

I didnt forget my original identity,” said Shen Yao.

“Is Shen Yao your real name” asked Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Shen Yao was surprised.

“Well, Shen Yao isnt my real name, my real name is Jing Yunyao,” said Shen Yao.

“Jing Yunyao.” Gu Ning was now sure that Shen Yao was Yunyao.

“You know me, right” asked Jing Yunyao with anxiety.

“I know a woman named Yunyao, and she has the same face as you.

She was lost 15 years ago, so I believe that you could be the same person,” said Gu Ning.

Jing Yunyao was excited.

She always wanted to get her lost memories back, and now she finally found a clue.

“Can you tell me more about her” asked Jing Yunyao.

Gu Ning didnt answer that question right away, but showed Jing Yunyao a photo in her phone.

It was Leng Shaotings photo.

“Look at him.

Do you have any feelings”

Leng Shaoting was only 11 when Yunyao had the accident.

Luckily Leng Shaoting resembled his father, Leng Yunhan, so Jing Yunyao probably could feel familiar with his face.

Even if she didnt think his face looked familiar, they were connected by blood and she must feel something different.

Jing Yunyao had mixed emotions the second her sight fell on Leng Shaotings photo.

“Whats my relationship with him” asked Jing Yunyao.

“His name is Leng Shaoting, and hes Yunyaos son,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Jing Yunyao was startled.

In that case, she had married in the mortals world and even had a family.

All of a sudden, Jing Yunyao burst into tears.

“My son, hes my son.

No wonder I felt he looked so familiar when I saw him for the first time, but I couldnt remember where Ive seen him before.”

In fact, Gu Ning didnt have any doubt about Jing Yunyaos identity now.

“Where is he now” Jing Yunyao asked with excitement.

She wanted to see him.


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