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Gu Ning was surprised, but not very surprised by Feng Lins quick agreement.

Anyway, she was glad that she agreed.

After getting the number of Feng Lins bank card, Gu Ning left, and Feng Lin kept her promise and didnt tell Tang Bingsen what had happened between them.

Gu Ning went to a bank to transfer the money to Feng Lin.

Normally, it took 24 hours for the bank to deal with a transfer, but Gu Ning was a VIP client, so she didnt need to wait.

Once she stated her need, it was done within minutes.


Feng Lin was shocked that she soon received the money.

“Qile, should we leave right now, or tomorrow” asked Feng Lin.

“I want to leave right away,” said Feng Qile.

He was unwilling to stay here.

“Great, lets go to see the doctor now,” said Feng Lin.

Feng Qile was fine now, so he could leave the hospital.

“Sure.” Feng Qile beamed.

Seeing his happy face, Feng Lin felt quite sad.

Although Gu Ning gave Feng Lin a hundred million yuan, she didnt want to pay the bill by herself and called Tang Qingyang afterwards.

“Hi, Gu Ning.” Tang Qingyang picked up her call.

“Hi, Qingyang, Tang Bingsens mistress and illegitimate son agreed to leave the capital just then and I gave them a hundred million yuan for it.

If they really leave, you should give the money back to me when you become the chairman of the Tang Organization one day in the future,” said Gu Ning.

Gu Ning wanted Tang Qingyang to pay the bill.

The Tang Organization would be his sooner or later, so a hundred million yuan was nothing.

She was willing to wait until Tang Qingyang successfully won the position of chairman of the Tang Organization.

Tang Qingyang was struck dumb for a second by the news.

“No problem.” He agreed with alacrity.

Even if Gu Ning wanted a billion yuan, Tang Qingyang could give it to her, because she had done him a great favor.

“Oh, Tang Bingsens illegal gang is also going to leave him.

I made an agreement with its leader a few days ago.

I cant make sure that they wont betray us right now, but I dont think we need to be worried,” said Gu Ning.

Actually, the Tianying Gang wasnt as powerful as Gu Ning used to think.

“Really” Tang Qingyang was excited.

“Yeah,” Gu Nings said.

“Youre unbelievable!” said Tang Qingyang.

“Thanks.” Gu Ning smiled.

“Ive been very busy these days, but we must dine together someday,” said Tang Qingyang.

“Sure.” Gu Ning agreed.

After that, they ended the call.

Gu Ning then went back to Century City and put on her own clothes.

She rested for a while, and it was soon dinner time.

When she was thinking about what to have tonight, she received Shen Yaos call.

Shen Yao told her that she was in the capital right now, and asked if they could share a meal together.

Gu Ning accepted her invitation, because she wanted to see Shen Yaos real face.

Shen Yao wasnt familiar with the capital, so she asked Gu Ning for recommendations.

Gu Ning wasnt a picky eater, so she let Shen Yao make the decision.

Shen Yao then chose a great place.

She was in the eastern district now, and they would meet in a mountain villa.

A mountain villa always had a great view and quiet environment, and Shen Yao liked it.

Since Shen Yao made the decision, Gu Ning listened to her.

Therefore, Gu Ning left her home and went to see Shen Yao.

It was almost 5 pm now, and it took about 40 minutes to get to the eastern district by car.

If there was a traffic jam, it could take even longer.

Luckily, Gu Ning left her home earlier, because even though Gu Ning had lived in the capital for years in the previous incarnation, she wasnt familiar with every part of it, the capital was too large after all.

She had only been to some popular parts of it before.

Shen Yao was much closer to the mountain villa, so she arrived there earlier than Gu Ning.

She came alone, and had already handled her business in City Ge.

Shen Yao always wanted to come to the capital, trying to regain her memories about this city, but she found everything was much more complicated than she thought now.

The big capital city looked totally strange to her.

Shen Yao booked a private room once she arrived.

Although there were only two of them, Shen Yao loved a quiet place, so she booked a private room.

In addition, it wasnt polite to share the meal with her guest in the hall.

However, right after Shen Yao booked the private room, a group of five people came and wanted a private room too, but the last one was already booked by Shen Yao.

Once they knew that Shen Yao booked a private room only for two people, they were displeased and told her to give the private room to them.

“You only have two people.

I dont think you need a private room.

You can dine in the hall.”

Their attitude was very terrible.


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