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Because Tanglong Winery was a legal business in outsiders eyes and Zhao Licheng, the finance manager, was also its general manager, he was in charge of it when Huang Haihao was absent.

Although most senior managers of the Tianying Gang were ambitious, two or three of them were still respectful of Huang Haihao.

As long as Huang Haihao was in the gang, they wouldnt cross the line .

One of them was the finance manager, Zhao Licheng.

Huang Haihao knew who he could trust in the Tianying Gang, so he assigned Zhao Licheng to be the finance manager.

Zhao Licheng was astonished when he saw Huang Haihao.

“Hi, Chairman Huang, welcome back!” Zhao Licheng excitedly welcomed Huang Haihao at once.

Because the police were still present, Zhao Licheng called Huang Haihao the chairman, instead of their gang leader.

Even though everyone knew that Huang Haihao was the leader of the Tianying Gang, he was also the chairman of the Tanglong Organization.

Even the police called him Chairman Huang.

When Huang Haihao got back, the police also asked him about the details of the abduction.

Huang Haihao said that a strange woman knocked him unconscious before she abducted him, and he didnt wake up until this morning.

He didnt know what had happened, but he seized a chance to escape.

Because they didnt know how strong the woman was, they accepted Huang Haihaos words.

The police found no useful evidence in Tanglong Winery, and they honestly were unwilling to mess with an illegal gang.

Although they stood for justice, they were afraid of death.

Most importantly, the Tianying Gang had a relationship with the government, so they could only turn a blind eye on it.

Since Huang Haihao was back, Zhao Licheng told their people to stop searching for him.

The deputy leader and the intelligence manager, however, couldnt accept it when they heard that Huang Haihao was safely back.

They were the most ambitious members of the senior management in the Tianying Gang.

The intelligence manager had tried to kill the deputy leader and the deputy leader wished that Huang Haihao would never come back.

Some of the other senior members also felt disappointed, but they could accept it, because they believed that Huang Haihao had the ability to save himself.

In fact, even if Huang Haihao couldnt come back, it wasnt very likely for them to sit on his seat.

No matter how the deputy leader and the intelligence manager felt at this moment, they had to face the reality.

There was nothing else they could do and they couldnt fight against him right now.

Actually, if they were able to defeat Huang Haihao, they wouldnt have waited so long.

Huang Haihao had a meeting of the senior management right after he was back.

Before the meeting began, Huang Haihao called Tang Bingsen.

Although he was determined to leave Tang Bingsen, he couldnt let him know about it right now.

Therefore, he had to tell Tang Bingsen that he was safe now.

Tang Bingsen felt relieved when he heard that Huang Haihao successfully escaped.

In fact, he was unwilling to see Huang Haihao killed, because no one could be a better leader than him in the Tianying Gang.

However, he was reluctant to pay five billion yuan to free Huang Haihao.

Neither Huang Haihao nor Tang Bingsen talked about their conversation with “Tang Aining”, and they went to do their own jobs afterwards.

About an hour later, the senior managers of the Tianying Gang gathered together in the meeting room of Tanglong Hotel.

Those who were unhappy about the news that Huang Haihao was back had to hide their real feelings.

Huang Haihao knew it very well, but said nothing about it.

He didnt tell them about his deal with “Tang Aining” right now, and instead focused on doing their jobs.

In order to not arouse their suspicion, Huang Haihao showed his angry attitude towards the abduction and gave an order to catch “Tang Aining”.

Although the house Huang Haihao lived in exploded, he had other houses.

Normally, he lived with his henchmen and bodyguards.

Because he didnt have a family, his henchmen and bodyguards stayed by his sides day and night to protect him.

He didnt feel safe when he was alone.

However, it was useless when he encountered a strong enemy like “Tang Aining”.

The house and the office building exploded, so they needed to rebuild them.

Luckily, most of the wines stored in the warehouse under the office building were fine.

So they could still sell them to make some money.

What they needed to do now was to rent a temporary factory as soon as possible to continue doing their business.

Their business was seriously affected because of the explosions, but they could only live with it.

Gu Ning later flew back to the capital by herself.


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