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“Since you already chose to work for me, were on the same boat now.

If you need any help, feel free to tell me,” said Gu Ning.

Although she didnt fully trust him yet, she should show her willingness to protect him in order to gain his loyalty.

Therefore, Gu Ning was willing to do something for Huang Haihao too.

“I will,” said Huang Haihao.

“Great, you can leave now,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure.” Huang Haihao turned around and walked away.

“Oh, wait a second.” Gu Ning suddenly stopped him.

“You havent told me your phone number yet.”

Hearing that, Huang Haihao realized that he and “Tang Aining” hadnt exchanged numbers with each other yet.

Gu Ning gave him her name card later.

“By the way, the bills and gold bars stored in the underground room were taken away by me.

Since were in the same group now, I shouldnt take them away from you.

Give me an address, and Ill send them back to you,” said Gu Ning.

The whole Tianying Gang belonged to her now anyway.

However, she wouldnt return those guns and bombs nor tell him that she had taken them away too.

Huang Haihao was amazed when he learned that “Tang Aining” had taken away the bills and gold bars in the underground room, because they were quite heavy.

However, the next second, he accepted it, because “Tang Aining” was a woman full of surprises.

“Well, Miss Tang, if you want them, you can take them.

I dont know how to explain it to the other members if they are given back all of a sudden,” said Huang Haihao.

He needed to give them to Tang Bingsen if Gu Ning didnt take them.

The paper money wasnt his, so he didnt care much about it.

Although it was a lot of money, it wasnt very much for the Tianying Gang.

The Tianying Gang made a lot of money every year through their legal businesses, so it didnt lack money at all.

“Great, Ill keep them then,” said Gu Ning.

She wouldnt keep them for herself, and was willing to give them back to Huang Haihao if he needed them one day in the future.

Although two boxes of gold bars and two boxes of paper money were a lot, she was super rich already.

“Of course,” said Huang Haihao.

He wouldnt ask Gu Ning for them, because he didnt need them.

After that, Huang Haihao left.

“Qiao Ya, you and Gao Yi can stay in City C to pay more attention to Huang Haihao for a while.

Tell me whatever you find about him, and Ill go back to the capital before you,” said Gu Ning.

She personally needed to deal with something about Tang Bingsen and Feng Qile in the capital.

She wouldnt hurt Feng Qile, but he had to leave the capital and not be involved with the Tang family.

As for Tang Bingsen, she wouldnt kill him, but she would remove him from his position in the Tang Organization.

“Sure,” said Qiao Ya.

Gu Ning then left, and Qiao Ya went to meet Gao Yi.

At the same time, the official Weibo account of Tanglong Winery released an explanation and said that all the photos about Tanglong Winery were fake.

However, not many people believed it.

Unfortunately, the Tianying Gang had powerful support behind it, so the Internet users could do nothing to punish it.

As time went by, people would forget the news.

Tanglong Winery had good wines after all, and it had maintained a good reputation for years.

Not many wine lovers would really stop buying wines produced by Tanglong Winery.

Even though Tanglong Winery exploded, its underground room still stood.

The elite manager took his people to the underground room before the police arrived, but it was already empty because Gu Ning took most of the valuable things away.

However, they didnt know that most of the valuable things were already taken away by Gu Ning, so they were quite surprised when they saw nothing solid in the underground room.

Most importantly, all the gold bars were gone.

Moreover, there were many bombs left in the underground room, but the explosion wasnt as powerful as it should be.

Everything was a complete mystery now.

The elite manager reported it to the deputy leader afterwards, and the deputy leader was surprised too.

It was impossible for nothing to be left in the underground room, but they couldnt figure out why.

The police came later, but they found nothing useful.

Even though the police knew that the Tianying Gang was an illegal gang, they couldnt punish it without evidence.

Huang Haihao didnt have a phone with him, but luckily he has some paper money in his pocket so he took a taxi to Tanglong Winery later.


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