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Chapter 1627: Secret Support

Although Tang Yaxin was in a terrible condition, the Tang family didnt give up on her.

It didnt lack money anyway.

Tang Bingsen had made the decision to let Ji Yijing take Tang Yaxin abroad to get better treatment.

Their family was in a dangerous situation now, so they couldnt move right away.

Tang Bingsens secretary knocked on the door of his bedroom, but no one answered.

His secretary waited for a while, then called the housekeeper.

The housekeeper was also worried about Tang Bingsen, so they decided to break inside.

When they knocked the door open, they saw Tang Bingsen lying on the quilt with a pool of blood under his body.

The scene shocked them and they immediately sent Tang Bingsen to the hospital.

Tang Bingsen had an intravenous drip for a long while before he opened his eyes again.

His secretary asked him what had happened.

Tang Bingsens secretary was his henchman, so he was aware of his relationship with the Tianying Gang and Tang Bingsen told him everything.

His secretary was also astonished after knowing what had happened.

He had a premonition that the Tang family could be ruined by “Tang Aining” this time, but he didnt dare to say it aloud.

Afterwards, Tang Bingsen told his secretary to send the deputy leader a message and tell him that the woman was “Tang Aining”.

When it was 9:30 am, the deputy leader got off the plane at City C and saw Tang Bingsens message.

He was amazed when he learned that the woman was “Tang Aining”.

Although he had heard a lot about “Tang Aining” and her grudges against the Tang family, he was still surprised by her unbelievable ability.

Precisely because he knew how powerful “Tang Aining” was, he knew it would be super hard to catch her.

Actually, he didnt care much about Huang Haihao, and he even hoped that Huang Haihao would never come back, because in that case, he would be the leader of their gang.

Two tigers could never share one mountain, and he always wanted to replace Huang Haihao.

However, Huang Haihao was better than him, so he had to limit his ambition.

Nevertheless, he had a great chance now that Huang Haihao was abducted.

Even though Huang Haihao might survive, he could still send his people to secretly kill Huang Haihao.

Every senior manager had his own loyal subordinates, so the deputy leader wasnt afraid at all.

Although the Tianying Gang was seriously damaged by “Tang Aining”, it still had a lot of wealth, which was enough in the deputy leaders eyes.

Once he became the leader, he would have great power.

When the deputy leader walked out of the airport, someone was already waiting for him and they rushed to the hotel at once.

Because Tanglong Winery exploded, they could only have a meeting in a hotel.

In fact, the senior management of the Tianying Gang was quite afraid of “Tang Aining” now.

She could appear and disappear wherever and whenever she wanted!

Right as the deputy leader rushed to the hotel, Gu Nings post attracted a lot of attention on the Internet.

Some media didnt dare to report it because of the Tianying Gangs influence, but some influencers didnt care about it at all.

The moment those influencers reposted the news, more and more Internet users read it.

Common citizens hated illegal gangs, because they stood for evil and they always did bad deeds.

Many people were hurt and many families were harmed by illegal gangs.

As a result, the Tianying Gang was amid strong criticisms on social media within a short time.

“Wow, the person is so brave and exploded Tanglong Winery.”

“How dare Tanglong Winery hide so many illegal objects”

“Is it really the base of the Tianying Gang”

“It must be.

Ordinary people wouldnt hide guns and drugs in their places.”

“Im pleased to know the base of the Tianying Gang exploded.”

“Me too, but why did that person do that”

“No idea, but the Tianying Gang has done too many bad deeds.”

“Right, the Tianying Gang should be completely destroyed.

It shouldnt exist!”

“I think the Tianying Gang has a strong enemy this time.”

“Lets see what will happen next.”

“I hate the Tianying Gang too.”


Many people were excited to know that the base of the Tianying Gang exploded, because they had a terrible impression of illegal gangs.

At the same time, the existence of the Tianying Gang aroused their curiosity.

Even though many people had heard of illegal gangs before, they had never seen them in real life.

The Tianying Gang was exposed this time, so they wondered what it had done.

Some people even questioned the government in City C, because they believed that the government must have been aware of the existence of the Tianying Gang.

If the government was aware of what the Tianying Gang was doing, it should stop it from breaking the law.

However, it seemed that the Tianying Gang had existed for a long time.

The Tianying Gang was able to do illegal things without being punished at all during the past years.

In that case, the Tianying Gang must have secret support behind it, otherwise it wouldnt be able to stay safe.


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