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Chapter 1622: Our Leader Is Missing

When they entered the room, they found Huang Haihao was missing with the window wide open.

“Yang Zi, you can chase after them with several men, and Ill go check the surveillance cameras,” one of them said.

“Sure.” Yang Zi ran downstairs at once.

At this time, a group of people gathered together in the hall after hearing the gunshot which came from Huang Haihaos room.

“Yang Zi, what happened”

The man who asked Yang Zi the question was the head of the bodyguard team of this house, Gang Zi.

“Our leader is missing, and we found no clues in the room.

I think he must have been abducted from the window,” Yang Zi said.

“Hu Ge is checking the surveillance cameras, and Ill chase after them with several men.”

Hu Ge was the bodyguard left in Huang Haihaos room.

“Sure,” Gang Zi said and moved out of Yang Zis way.

Hu Ge saw a woman climbing up three floors into Huang Haihaos room on Huang Haihaos computer.

However, there were no surveillance cameras in Huang Haihaos room, so he didnt know what had happened inside.

Anyway, the woman couldnt be simple since she was able to climb up the tall wall by herself and abducted their head.

Hu Ge was shocked, but he was taken aback even more by the next scene.

After the gunshot, he saw a giant black shadow in the surveillance video, but it flashed by so quickly that he couldnt recognize what it was.

He was unwilling to give up and repeatedly watched the video, trying to figure out what the giant creature was, but he still failed.

The woman was also strange to him.

Hu Ge had no idea how the woman managed to abduct their gang leader.

Although Hu Ge was Huang Haihaos henchman, he wasnt a senior manager in the Tianying Gang, so he couldnt make the decision on his own.

Without delay, he reported it to their deputy leader.

The house was in a total mess now because their leader was missing.

Gu Ning called Gao Yi once she successfully brought Huang Haihao away.

They had to leave before members of the Tianying Gang chased after them.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya would leave with Huang Haihao and hide in a secret place, but Gu Ning decided to stay.

She still wanted to steal the gold bars, money, and guns in the underground room.

In addition, she also planned to destroy their base.

When everything was done, she would give the guns to Leng Shaoting and let him deal with them.

Leng Shaoting served in the military, so he knew how to handle the problem.

Many people left to search for Huang Haihao and Gu Ning decided to draw the rest of the people in the house away later so that nobody would be hurt when she exploded it.

Even though they were all criminals who could be sentenced to death at court, it wasnt Gu Nings job to kill them.

When the elite of the Tianying Gang reached the farm, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were already gone with Huang Haihao.

Gu Ning was also back in the house.

The deputy leader called Tang Bingsen the second he heard the news that Huang Haihao was abducted by a woman.

Tang Bingsen was angry.

He thought of “Tang Aining” right away, and he was sure that the woman must be her.

Although the Tianying Gang had many enemies, there was a strong possibility that “Tang Aining” did it.

Tang Bingsen clenched his teeth in anger.

At the same time, he was also surprised that “Tang Aining” already found out about his relationship with the Tianying Gang.

He started to have a feeling that “Tang Aining” was even a stronger enemy than he had ever thought.

No matter what, he couldnt be involved right now, so he ordered the deputy leader to deal with it.

It was very late now, and there was no available flight until 7 am.

The deputy leader was very anxious, but he didnt know what else he could do.

If he drove back, it would take him a longer time.

Therefore, he had to be patient and wait.

While most of the people left to search for Huang Haihao, several men still stayed in the house.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes and soon found the underground room.

There were two men guarding the underground room, but Gu Ning quickly beat them unconscious the moment they saw her.

She failed to find a key on their bodies, so she let the flood dragon out and told it to break the lock.

Once she entered the underground room, Gu Ning took photos of the guns.

As for the gold bars and notes, Gu Ning kept them a secret.

Afterwards, she put the boxes of paper money, gold bars, and guns into her telepathic eye space.

There were boxes of bombs left on the ground.

She set a five minute timer for them after which they would explode, which meant that she had to draw the rest of the people in the house away within five minutes.

Gu Ning walked out later, and pulled the two unconscious men outside.

At this time, she didnt bother to hide herself and swaggered ahead, then five men with guns found her.

“Who are you” they questioned her while pointing their guns at her.


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