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“Do you prefer to shop with your private teacher than your own grandfather” Master Leng questioned.

“Of course not, my private teacher just came to the capital today, and he doesnt have any clothes with him, so were shopping together now.

Grandpa, if you want to shop right now, you can tell your chauffeur to drive you here.

Ningning and I can wait for you,” said Leng Shaoting.

It was still early, and they werent in a rush to go home.

In addition, Leng Shaoting thought it was necessary for Master Leng to meet Shangguan Yang, and they could be friends.

Since Shangguan Yang was his private teacher, he was willing to introduce him to his family.

“What Do you want me to go to see you on my own I dont see your sincerity.” Master Leng was even more displeased.

“I can go to pick you up,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Forget it, Im in no mood to shop now; you can enjoy yourself,” Master Leng said and hung up on Leng Shaoting.

Master Leng wasnt intolerant, and he understood that Leng Shaoting had to take care of his private teacher today.

He refused to shop with them, because he didnt think it was a good idea and it wasnt convenient for him to show up in public.

“Is grandpa annoyed at us” Gu Ning asked with worries.

“Not at all.

Grandpa isnt mean, he simply made an excuse to call me.

He knows that Im not busy these days.” Leng Shaoting explained.

Normally, he was very busy, and Master Leng seldom called him unless something important came up.

“Oh, I also have prepared clothes from Gufan for Grandpa Leng.

Why dont you go back home later and share a meal with him and give him my gift” Gu Ning said.

“I can stay here and take care of Grandpa Shangguan.”

Master Leng was an aging old man after all, and it was quite understandable that he wanted to see his grandchildren more often.

Leng Shaoting actually felt guilty too, because he was always absent.

“We can go to visit him together tomorrow.

I think hell be happier if you go to see him with the gift,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Alright, both of you can go home now.

Im totally fine being alone with delicious food and good drinks.” Shangguan Yang interrupted them at this moment.

He was very used to being alone anyway.

“Well…” Leng Shaoting hesitated.

“Its fine.

Im not a kid,” said Shangguan Yang.

Since he was willing to be alone, Gu Ning accepted his advice.

“Great, its still early, and we can send you to the siheyuan first.”

“Sure.” Shangguan Yang agreed.

After that, they went straight to the siheyuan.

They were in the city center now, and the siheyuan wasnt far from them, so they arrived about a dozen minutes later.

Once they walked into this siheyuan, Lao Zhang, the cook, went to greet Leng Shaoting, Shangguan Yang, and Gu Ning.

Lao Zhang was a man in his early forties.

Because he was a cook and needed to try different dishes, he was slightly fat.

“Nice to see you, Lord Leng, Miss Gu, and Elder Shangguan,” Lao Zhang said with great respect to them.

“Master, this is Lao Zhang, hell be your cook from now on,” Leng Shaoting said to Shangguan Yang.

Although Lao Zhang was Shangguan Yangs cook, he didnt live in this siheyuan.

He had a family, so he would come here before 7 am and leave after Shangguan Yang finished dinner.

Normally, he would come every day unless Shangguan Yang wasnt home.

He could also ask for leave from Shangguan Yang if he needed to deal with something else.

As for Stone, he didnt have a family, so he lived in this siheyuan.

If Lao Zhang was absent, Stone could cook for Shangguan Yang too, but he wasnt as good at cooking as Lao Zhang.

Luckily, Shangguan Yang wasnt a picky eater.

“Lao Zhang, my private teacher is a big eater, and he can eat as much as four people do, so you need to prepare more food for him,” Leng Shaoting said.

Hearing that, Lao Zhang was surprised, but didnt show it on his face.

“No problem, Lord Leng.”

Afterwards, Leng Shaoting guided Shangguan Yang to his room.

Even though Shangguan Yang was going to live here for a long time, Leng Shaoting was the owner of this house after all, so Shangguan Yang only stayed in a separate yard of the siheyuan.

Each room in this siheyuan was a separate yard, but it wasnt very big.

The room was about 60 square-meters large with a bedroom of about 40 square-meters, a bathroom, and a small courtyard of more than 20 square-meters.

There wasnt much greenery in the yard, with only a big tree in the corner.

An old-fashioned wooden armchair was under the tree, and a round stone table along with four stone benches were placed beside it.

Potted plants were around them.

The style of the bedroom was also classical.

There was a bookcase with many books and a desk on the right.

A computer as well as a few antiques were placed on the desk.

There was a separate bathroom inside too.

“Very good!” Shangguan Yang liked his bedroom which was decorated in a traditional style very much.

Leng Shaoting accommodated Shangguan Yang here because he had asked for his preferences before.

“Shaoting, when will you leave” asked Shangguan Yang all of a sudden.

“Tomorrow afternoon, or the day after tomorrow,” said Leng Shaoting.

He needed to go back to the military base to see whether everything went well while he was absent.

“Great, you can stay here tonight, and well practice in a suburb in the early morning tomorrow,” said Shangguan Yang.

Leng Shaoting was a little surprised, and he actually didnt want to do that, but he still agreed.

“Sure, but I need to go home to share a meal with my grandfather later, and I will probably be late getting home after driving Ningning home.”

He wanted to spend more private time with Gu Ning, but Shangguan Yang didnt think of it at all.

Gu Ning also wanted to be alone with Leng Shaoting for a while, but his practice was more important.


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