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It was late at night as well, so it was very difficult for the police to chase the criminals.

Besides, those gangsters were experienced criminals, and they knew where they should hide.

Tang Bingsen wasnt in a hurry to see Qi Ziyue, because Qi Ziyue was already in his peoples hands.

Qi Ziyue was knocked unconscious before he was taken away, but he caught a glimpse of the group of strong men.

When he woke up again, he was locked in a dark dirty underground room.

He was scared, and soon realized that the group of men must have been sent over by Tang Bingsen.

He didnt know that it had something to do with Chen Yunlin.

He had stayed by Tang Bingsens side for years, so he knew that Tang Bingsen had the help of an illegal gang.

Qi Ziyue tried to move a little, but found that he was tied tightly to a chair with his mouth sealed with tape.

It was impossible for him to make any sounds now.

There was a dim light in the room, but he could only see a thick layer of dust on the ground.

Qi Ziyue knew that his life was in a lot of danger now, and felt hopeless, but he was unwilling to accept this result.

He still had a lot of things to do.

Although there was no one else in the underground room, there were surveillance cameras, and Qi Ziyue was under full control.

The only access to this room was a door, so Qi Ziyue couldnt run away.

An hour later, Qi Ziyue suddenly had a terrible attack of his drug addiction.

It was excruciating torture for him, and the chair fell down and heavily hit the ground during his struggle, which awakened the man who was sleeping before the monitor.

The man realized that Qi Ziyue was having an attack of drug addiction, because he was quite familiar with that reaction.

After that, he reported it to his leader at once, because they received an order that Qi Ziyue couldnt die.

Another man came later and helped Qi Ziyue take some drugs and unsealed his mouth.

Qi Ziyue was on drugs now, so he could easily die if he couldnt breathe properly.

They were in a remote place, and no one could hear him even if he shouted loudly.

However, even though they didnt care about how Qi Ziyue shouted, they still warned him to be quiet, or they would stop helping him take drugs.

Qi Ziyue knew that he couldnt escape this time.

He fell into despair, and didnt dare to shout another word.

It was useless.

The police searched for him for a whole night, but found nothing.

When they found out that Qi Ziyue was taken away by a group of gangsters, they lost interest in this case and gave up.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting got up early the next morning.

Leng Shaoting went to practice his cultivation, while Gu Ning watched him from the side.

After a while, she went to prepare breakfast for them.

Leng Shaoting had to stay in a quiet place for his practice, so Gu Ning did her best not to interrupt him.

The flood dragon also needed time and space to improve its own cultivation.

Gu Ning, however, didnt need to do that regularly.

Leng Shaoting was still at a low level as a cultivator, so he couldnt stop improving himself.

He needed to learn to use qi, the circulating life force, inside his body.

When a cultivator learned how to use qi, qi would accumulate in his body and solidify into a pellet.

Afterwards, a cultivator could really show his abilities.

He could use qi to lift and get any objects he wanted to have.

As a cultivators level grew higher, his abilities would be greatly improved.

Leng Shaoting still lacked experience and practice, so he needed to be patient.

About two hours later, Leng Shaoting finished his practice, and the breakfast was ready.

She put the breakfast in her telepathic eye space to keep it warm, so it was like magic when she took it out from her telepathic eye space.

To be honest, Leng Shaoting always felt inferior to Gu Ning, because she was too outstanding and he believed that he should protect her, but the reality was quite the opposite.

Therefore, he made up his mind to work harder on his cultivation in order to protect Gu Ning, because he knew that there was a lot of unknown danger ahead of them.

“Have some food, and then we can go to the tower again later,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure.” Leng Shaoting agreed.

He was curious about the tower too.

After having breakfast, they went outside together, heading to the tower.


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