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Leng Shaoting also told Gu Ning that he interrupted Master Leng and they didnt continue to talk about it.

Gu Ning shrugged.

She didnt know how Master Leng found out, but she thought that Leng Shaojia must have blurted it out.

She had indeed gotten over it, and wouldnt do anything to punish Leng Shaojia again.

As long as Leng Shaojia stayed away from her, she would stay from Leng Shaojia as well.

Gu Ning set off for the airport at 7:30 am, and Tang Jiakai drove her there.

Shortly after she arrived at the airport, she sensed the smell of a cultivator, then she noticed Dongfang Ziyu.

Gu Ning frowned and didnt understand why Dongfang Ziyu would appear here.

She wasnt sure whether it was a coincidence.

Because Dongfang Ziyu didnt see her when she left, she kept the doubt in her mind.

Anyway, Gu Ning didnt bother to pay much attention to Dongfang Ziyu and directly walked into the lounge.

Dongfang Ziyu went to get her plane ticket before she entered the lounge too.

About 10 minutes later, Dongfang Ziyu saw Gu Ning and walked towards her.

“Hi, Miss Gu, what a coincidence!”

Dongfang Ziyu thought that she was going to meet Gu Ning sooner or later, so she could greet her right now, which might be a good chance for her to be closer to Gu Ning.

Dongfang Ziyus reaction made Gu Ning believe that it could just be a coincidence.

“Hi, nice to see you, Miss Dongfang,” Gu Ning said politely.

“Can I sit next to you” Dongfang Ziyu asked.

“Of course,” Gu Ning said.

After that, Dongfang Ziyu sat down by Gu Ning, but she didnt continue to chat with Gu Ning.

Gu Ning remained silent as well, and neither of them felt embarrassed.

After sitting in silence for a long while, they began to chat with each other once in a while, so Dongfang Ziyu started the conversation.

When it was time for passengers to get aboard, Gu Ning sat in the middle rows, while Dongfang Ziyu sat in the back rows.

They booked plane tickets at almost the same time, but their seats were far from one another.

Dongfang Ziyu didnt mind, as long as Gu Ning was in her sight.

The flight lasted for two hours and fifteen minutes before it landed at the airport of the capital.

Dongfang Ziyu didnt go near Gu Ning, but followed her after they stepped out of the plane.

Gu Ning walked to the terminal later instead of leaving the airport.

Actually, Leng Shaoting should be waiting for her at the arrival hall, but Gu Ning ran into Dongfang Ziyu halfway, so she told Leng Shaoting to go collect the tickets first.

Leng Shaoting listened to Gu Ning and passed the security check earlier than her.

He didnt walk far away and waited for Gu Ning in the lounge.

Dongfang Ziyu didnt fix her gaze on Gu Ning, but her sight followed Gu Ning, so she was surprised when Gu Ning didnt leave the airport.

Without delay, Dongfang Ziyu followed her.

Although Gu Ning noticed that, she didnt take it seriously and went to stand in line for the security check.

Because Leng Shaoting booked plane tickets for the first class this time, there werent many people in the line and Gu Ning soon passed the security check.

Seeing that, Dongfang Ziyu was annoyed, because she was about to lose Gu Ning again.

She made a call at once and coldly said, “Tell me where Gu Ning is leaving for right now!”

In a few seconds, a man said on the phone, “Sorry, I cant.”

“Why” Dongfang Ziyu was mad.

“The information of her next flight is hidden in the system, and the system will send an alarm if I search for it without permission.

Ill get in big trouble,” the man said.

Dongfang Ziyu lost her patience when she couldnt get Gu Nings schedule.

Once Gu Ning passed the security check, she saw Leng Shaoting, and they went to dine together.

Because both of them were quite good-looking, they attracted much attention along the way.

They were already used to it, so they werent affected.

A waitress in the restaurant recognized Gu Ning, and immediately got excited.

“A-Are you Goddess Gu” she asked.

Gu Ning smiled.


“Oh my, Goddess Gu, Im a big fan! Can we take a photo together”

The waitress didnt want to miss this great chance to take photos with her idol.

“Sure!” Gu Ning agreed.

She didnt regard herself as a famous star and was very friendly to her fans.


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