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All of a sudden, Master Leng kicked the door of the ward open in anger.

“What if I find out” Master Leng shouted loudly.

Both Jiang Shuyuan and Leng Shaojia were scared when they saw Master Leng and they were struck dumb.

To their astonishment, Master Leng showed up out of blue.

“F-Father, when did you get here” Jiang Shuyuan asked.

“I wouldnt know what Leng Shaojia had done if I didnt come here today!” Master Leng said, then turned to question Leng Shaojia.

“Tell me, what did you do to Gu Ning behind my back”

“I-I…” Leng Shaojia opened her mouth, but didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

“Father, you must have heard it wrong! Its a misunderstanding,” Jiang Shuyuan said and tried to deny it.

She knew it wasnt easy to fool Master Leng, but she was reluctant to admit it.

“Im not deaf, and they arent either!” Master Leng angrily shouted.

He came with his security guards today, and they were all ace special forces.

“Well…” Jiang Shuyuan didnt know what to say now.

Master Leng was an old man, but he wasnt dumb.

“What has Leng Shaojia done to Gu Ning Be honest with me, and I can punish you lightly, otherwise Ill go ask Ningning and Shaoting myself,” Master Leng said.

“Please dont.” Jiang Shuyuan was scared once she heard that Master Leng wanted to ask Leng Shaoting.

However, she honestly didnt know how to tell the story.

Master Leng didnt bother to urge her, but coldly stared at her, waiting for her answer.

Jiang Shuyuan couldnt stand it anymore, so she said, “Shaojia had conflict with Gu Ning a short while ago, so she hired someone to teach Gu Ning a lesson, but it failed.

Gu Ning isnt weak after all, and Shaojia was heavily beaten later.

We believe it must be done by Gu Ning.”

Jiang Shuyuan dropped many details, in case Master Leng was angry at Leng Shaojia.

Unfortunately, Master Leng saw through Jiang Shuyuan, and he knew that Jiang Shuyuan was deliberately making it sound not very serious.

Besides, Master Leng knew Gu Ning very well, and Gu Ning wouldnt beat Leng Shaojia if Leng Shaojia hadnt done something serious to hurt her.

Anyway, Leng Shaojia must have done something terrible to Gu Ning and Gu Ning had survived.

“What exactly did she do” Master Leng lost his patience.

“I…” Jiang Shuyuan panicked.

“Tell me now! I dont have patience with you,” Master Leng said.

“Father, Shaojia simply wanted to teach Gu Ning a lesson, and she had no intention to hurt Gu Ning badly, but the person she hired was unreasonable.

He took action without our permission and directly hit Gu Ning with a car, but I promise that Gu Ning was fine.”

“What He hit Ningning with a car” Master Leng was shocked and furious.

It was totally unacceptable in his eyes.

Master Leng almost had a heart attack from the anger.

“When and where did it happen” Master Leng asked again.

“W-When you were going to City B, on the way out of the airport,” Jiang Shuyuan said.


Master Leng was stunned.

He didnt forget how dangerous the car accident was at that time.

Although they survived in the end, it was too scary.

“Leng Shaojia, did you want to kill us all” Master Leng shouted at Leng Shaojia.

“No, no, of course not!” Leng Shaojia argued at once.

“I didnt know that he would take action at that time.”

“You didnt know How could you know nothing about it since you hired him” Master Leng snapped at her.

To Master Lengs astonishment, his own granddaughter would dare to break the law and had even tried to murder his other granddaughter.

Most members of the Leng family were kind, but Leng Shaojia was an exception.

Her mother, Jiang Shuyuan, wasnt a good person either.

Master Leng always thought that Leng Shaojia was simply a spoiled kid, but now he changed his mind.

What Leng Shaojia had done to Gu Ning was illegal, but Jiang Shuyuan failed to stop her.


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