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“Dont you feel its strange” asked the old fortune-teller.

“Not at all,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning didnt feel anything was strange, and the old fortune-teller didnt ask further about it either.

Actually, if Gu Ning could feel anything that was strange, he would be surprised.

“Well, a ghost has been there anyway, so I can help you pay more attention to the construction site if you want.

What if it comes back Ill figure out a way to get rid of it,” the old fortune-teller said.

He really wanted to help Gu Ning.

Gu Ning felt touched, but felt cornered.

She could deal with the male ghost on her own, and she didnt know how to explain it to the old fortune-teller.

“Whats wrong” The old fortune-teller saw Gu Nings expression.

“Um, thank you very much for your kindness, but I dont think I need it now.

Ill contact you if I need it in the future, alright” Gu Ning said.

The old fortune-teller frowned, but understood that Gu Ning was unwilling to let him be involved in this.

“Fine, youre the boss.”

After that, he took out his name card and gave it to Gu Ning.

“This is my name card, I normally stay in the capital.

Call me if you need my help.”

“Sure.” Gu Ning took his name card.

“This is my name card, and you can call me too if you need my help.” Gu Ning gave her name card to the old fortune-teller.

She didnt mind keeping in touch with this old fortune-teller now, but she still wouldnt allow him to read her face or hands.

“Great!” The old fortune-teller was delighted.

“Well, I guess there is nothing I can do now, so I should leave.”

“Ill walk you out,” Gu Ning said and stood up.

The old fortune-teller nodded, but he put on a mysterious expression when he walked out with Gu Ning.

His name was Xiang Honghuai, and there was only his name and number on his name card.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya looked over when Gu Ning walked Xiang Honghuai out, and they were ready to do anything for Gu Ning if she needed them.

Gu Ning said nothing, and directly walked Xiang Honghuai to an elevator.

Because they were on the 18th floor, it took some time for the elevator to come up.

“Young girl, how could you be so excellent at everything” Xiang Honghuai asked with curiosity.

“Dont say that.

Im flattered.

Of course Im not good at everything, I simply have some advantages over my peers,” Gu Ning said.

She was as modest as she was confident.

Xiang Honghuai nodded and said nothing further about it.

In a few seconds, the elevator came up, and Xiang Honghuai left.

When Gu Ning waved good-bye to him, he seemed calm, but he was actually observing Gu Nings face.

The second the door of the elevator closed, Xiang Honghuai squinted.

Gu Ning was a complicated young girl, and he believed that she was destined to be outstanding.

“Boss, um, Im sorry that both of us heard your conversation just then,” Qiao Ya said to Gu Ning when she was back in the hall.

They didnt mean to eavesdrop on Gu Nings conversation with the old man, but they had too good hearing.

They knew that Gu Ning didnt mind, but they thought that they still should tell her.

In fact, they were surprised by what Xiang Honghuai told Gu Ning in the office, but they soon accepted it.

Gu Ning had told them many strange things before, so it was easy for them to accept abnormal things now.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were Gu Nings close assistants, so she didnt mind that they had heard her conversation with Xiang Honghuai.

“Not a big deal, and I also want to tell you that the old man really knows something about fortune-telling.

Thats the reason why I dont want him to read my face and hands, in case he finds out something he shouldnt know about me,” Gu Ning said.

“We understand.” Gao Yi and Qiao Ya nodded.

No one wanted to expose his or her secrets.

When Xiang Honghuai was gone, Gu Ning continued dealing with her own business.

About half an hour later, Gu Ning received a message from Qi Tianlin asking her whether she was free now.

Gu Ning gave him an affirmative answer.

Qi Tianlin then told her that he had reached the same level as her in the game, and he wanted to play a round with her.

Gu Ning got curious and logged in the game later, but she found that Qi Tianlins ID in the game was “the Future Emperor”.

It was obvious that he gave himself that name in order to look like a couple with Gu Ning.

Leng Shaoting would be displeased if he saw that.

Gu Ning then made an excuse and told Qi Tianlin that she was busy now.

Qi Tianlin had doubts about it, and thought that Gu Ning was probably unwilling to play the game with him, but he knew that Gu Ning was busy with her business, so he didnt insist.

Anyway, he was unwilling to force Gu Ning to do what she didnt want to do.

Afterwards, Gu Ning sent Leng Shaoting a message and told him that Qi Tianlin wanted to play the game with her.


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