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“I think Tang Bingsen doesnt like his older daughter.”

“Its so complicated.”

“No matter what, Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin are so disgusting.”


Although onlookers didnt know the truth about the Tang familys internal conflict, most people had an impression that Tang Bingsen disliked his older daughter.

At the same time, almost everyone felt disgusted by Qi Ziyues and Tang Yaxins sex photos.

Although betrayal wasnt uncommon now, it was different when it was exposed to the public.

Tang Bingsen was furious again when he saw the news.

He knew his guests wouldnt do that, so it must have been done by Gu Ning, but either way, his family was in a big crisis right now.

He told the PR department of his company to deal with it right away, but unfortunately it only got more and more attention on the Internet.

Gu Ning removed her disguise and went to meet Tang Qingyang in the afternoon.

Tang Qingyang would be seeing his friends in Song Nans place later that night, so he shared dinner with Gu Ning.

However, he didnt go to see her alone, because Ba Tianyang stayed by his side.

Ba Tianyang was absent at the wedding today, and only came to pick Tang Qingyang up when the drama was over.

Tang Qingyang booked a private room at Huangdeng Hotel, not because he liked it, but because he knew that it was owned by Gu Nings family.

When Gu Ning came, Tang Qingyang and Ba Tianyang were already waiting for her.

Because Tang Qingyang didnt know that “Tang Aining” was Gu Ning, he shared the big news with Gu Ning during the meal.

Gu Ning had no intention to tell him that she was “Tang Aining”, so she laughed as well when Tang Qingyang shared the story with her.

“Oh, what should we do about Qi Ziyue He ran away today,” Tang Qingyang asked.

From his perspective, he had no grudge against Qi Ziyue, but Gu Ning had.

Although he wasnt close to Tang Aining, his older cousin, and they had only met each other once before, he had deep sympathy for her.

“Dont worry, Im keeping an eye on him; he cant get away,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Tang Qingyang was relieved.

After dinner, Tang Qingyang invited Gu Ning to come to his party with his friends, and said that she could bring her friends too.

When Tang Qingyang mentioned Xu Qinyin, he felt a little nervous, and Gu Ning caught his expression.

She sensed that there was something different between them and got curious, but she stayed calm on the surface and called Xu Qinyin.

Xu Qinyin agreed once she heard that Tang Qingyang would be at the party too, which made Gu Ning believe that they indeed had a special relationship.

Anyway, it wasnt a bad thing, because they would be a good match together.

Even though Tang Qingyang wasnt as rich as the Xu family, he was a very successful young businessman.

Most importantly, he was a well-educated gentleman and would treat Xu Qinyin very well.

The Tang Organization would be his sooner or later, then he could be richer than the Xu family.

Both Tang Qingyang and Xu Qinyin were good friends of hers, so she truly hoped that they could find love.

Gu Ning would be going to Song Nans bar later to meet them, but she still needed to see Qi Ziyue before that.

Therefore, she told Tang Qingyang that she would meet them later.

After a while, Gu Ning received a message from K.

He told Gu Ning which hospital Tang Yaxin was in and the place that Qi Ziyue stopped running.

Tang Yaxin wasnt in a good condition now, so the doctor told her to stay in the hospital for a few more days.

And Qi Ziyue hid in a house in a suburb in the northern district.

Qi Ziyue was smart and knew that it would be easy for the Tang family to find him if he was in a car all the time.

As long as he drove on a main road, he would expose himself to the surveillance cameras.

So once he got rid of the Tang familys bodyguards, he drove to an isolated place and abandoned the car.

Even if the bodyguards could find his car, he would already be gone, and because it was an isolated place, there were no surveillance cameras around.

Even K had to pay attention to every exit of the isolated place in order to find Qi Ziyue, because once he left the isolated place, he would be spotted by surveillance cameras.

Because Qi Ziyue was unfamiliar with the surroundings, he randomly chose a direction and walked.

He walked for a long time before finally arriving at a village.


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