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Tang Yaxin did nothing abnormal and directly went back home at 12 am.

When it was 1 am, Gu Ning received an email from Gao Yi, but she was already asleep at this time.

The next day, Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning finished breakfast at 8 am, but Gu Ning didnt have time to check her email box until after Leng Shaoting left.

When she heard that Qi Ziyue was going to take revenge, she was surprised.

She had no idea that Qi Ziyue held a grudge against the Tang family.

If she found out about it earlier on, she might have waited to see what Qi Ziyue would do to the Tang family, but now it was too late, because she had her own plan too.

She couldnt wait a second longer to get revenge on the Tang family.

It had been a year since her reincarnation, and she needed to seize the time to conduct her plan.

Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxins wedding would be held at 3 pm in a beautiful manor owned by the Tang family, and it would be an open wedding.

Gu Ning was free that morning, but she decided to stay in Leng Shaotings house.

She wouldnt go to her company because she knew that Dongfang Ziyu was still waiting for her there.

And it wasnt difficult for Dongfang Ziyu to find out the address of her home, so she wouldnt go back to Century City either.

Gu Ning was right, because Dongfang Ziyu and Wu Shunhua indeed went to wait for her outside of Century City and the Shengning Organization early in the morning.

They wanted to follow her as they planned, but it wouldnt last for long.

They wanted to find the magical power as soon as possible, but they seemed to be disappointed.

Wu Shunhua stayed outside of Century City, and arrived at 7 am.

He didnt see Gu Ning, but accidentally caught Baili Zongxue walking out of a house.

He was greatly surprised when he saw Baili Zongxue there.

He thought that Baili Zongxue might be curious about Gu Ning too.

What he didnt know was that Baili Zongyang was also here, but had already left.

Nevertheless, when Baili Zongxue walked out, he saw her with a simple glance.

Without hesitation, he called Dongfang Ziyu.

“Ziyu, I just saw Baili Zongxue in Century City!” Wu Shunhua said, sounding surprised.

“What” Dongfang Ziyu was astonished too.

“Did they notice that Gu Ning is abnormal as well”

She didnt think that Baili Zongxue would show up in Century City for no reason.

It couldnt be a coincidence!

Unfortunately, it was indeed a coincidence.

Baili Zongyang moved into Century City before Gu Ning, and it was Gu Ning who ran into Baili Zongyang.

“Hasnt Gu Ning left her home yet” Dongfang Ziyu asked.

It was 9 am now, so Gu Ning should have left for work.

Even though Gu Ning was the boss, she couldnt leave her home that much later than the staff.

“I dont see her yet.

How about on your side” Wu Shunhua asked.

Although he paid attention to the gate of Century City, there was more than one exit.

He was outside of the front gate, but there was a back gate at the other side of this living area.

However, normally, Gu Ning left Century City from the front gate, so he stayed there.

It was also nearer to the main road.

If Gu Ning left from the back gate, it meant that she needed to deal with something else or she must have found out that they were following her.

Wu Shunhua didnt think that it was possible.

There was another possibility, which was that Gu Ning had another car and her chauffeur drove her.

In that case, he wouldnt see her because he couldnt recognize all of her cars.

“I found nothing.

Shes probably still home,” Dongfang Ziyu said.

She didnt believe that Gu Ning could disappear from their sight.

Anyway, they had wasted a lot of time on waiting today.

Although Wu Shunhua saw Baili Zongxue, he had no intention to follow her.

Baili Zongxue was a good cultivator, so it was easy for her to notice him.

Moreover, Dongfang Ziyu was eager to figure out why there was magical power in Colaine medicines, but she didnt have the idea to buy a house in Century City so that she could observe Gu Ning from a short distance.

At the same time, Gu Ning stayed in Leng Shaotings house and read news to kill time.

Tang Yaxin and Qi Ziyues wedding already went viral on the Internet, and many people were talking about it on social media.

The Tang family was a well-known super-rich family, so reporters were more than willing to report the big news.

However, not many people thought that Tang Yaxin and Qi Ziyue could live happily after their marriage, because there was a huge gap between them in regards to their social statues.

In fact, Qi Ziyue relied on Tang Yaxin to become rich.


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