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“Im good too.

Oh, are you free now Its not easy for us to see each other again.

Why dont we find a good place to chat for a while” Hu Jiarong said.

She had no intention to regain her friendship with Gu Man, but wanted to show off her good life in front of Gu Man.

“Sure!” Gu Man agreed, because she was free now.

Gu Ning didnt stop Gu Man, because it was impossible for Hu Jiarong to take advantage of Gu Man with her there.

Hu Jiarong deliberately chose a high-class café, and observed Gu Mans face when they walked inside.

However, she was disappointed again, because both Gu Man and Gu Ning looked at ease.

It seemed that it was very normal for them to go to such a fancy place.

Hu Jiarong was disappointed, but she still believed that they were pretending.

“I come here often and they provide good coffee, various desserts and drinks.

I heard that their confectioner is hired from France!” Hu Jiarong said.

She seemed kind, but Gu Ning easily saw through her.

“Really” Gu Man chimed in.

After they were seated, a waitress walked over with the menu.

“Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, please,” Hu Jiarong said and she didnt bother to read the menu, so it seemed that she was very familiar with it.

“A cup of milk, please,” Gu Man said.

Because she was pregnant, she couldnt drink coffee.

“Why dont you try the coffee They have good coffee,” Hu Jiarong said and thought that Gu Man was indeed a bumpkin.

Coffee was much more expensive than milk after all.

“Im pregnant, so I cant drink coffee,” Gu Man said with happiness on her face.

“What” Hu Jiarong was surprised.

“Oh, fine, you should drink milk,” Hu Jiarong said.

“Order some cakes if you want.”

“Im not hungry, a cup of milk is enough,” Gu Man said.

“Great.” Hu Jiarong didnt insist, then turned to ask Gu Ning, “Gu Ning, you can order whatever you want, my treat.”

Hu Jiarong seemed very generous to show off her money.

Actually, an afternoon tea didnt cost much.

“St Helena coffee, thanks,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Hu Jiarong was surprised again, because she thought that Gu Ning would order a glass of juice.

In her eyes, Gu Ning was only a young girl.

Hu Jiarongs daughter ordered juice and several plates of cakes.

After that, the waitress left and they continued to chat with each other.

“Gu Man, why do you suddenly want a second child Its very dangerous at your age,” Hu Jiarong asked.

“Well, it was an accident, and Ningning is going to study at a university in the capital now.

I feel a little lonely without a kid by my side,” Gu Man said.

“I understand.

Did Ningning just write the National College Entrance Examination this year How much is her total score” Hu Jiarong asked.

“Not bad, its enough for me to get into a good university,” Gu Ning said before Gu Man could answer.

Hu Jiarong was astonished and got jealous of Gu Man for she had an outstanding daughter.

Her own daughter, on the contrary, was terrible at studying although she was only in 8th grade.

“Wow, congratulations! I dont want to talk much about my daughters studies.

Im afraid she cant get into a university at all in the future, but its not a problem.

We have enough money to support her,” Hu Jiarong said.

She was just showing off her familys wealth.

Gu Man simply smiled and didnt show any jealousy at all, which made Hu Jiarong feel uncomfortable.

She started to think that Gu Man might really be living a good life too.

However, she refused to believe it.

Gu Man didnt wear any designer brand or luxurious jewelry.

Hu Jiarong thought too highly of herself.

In fact, because of her pregnancy, Gu Man dressed as comfortably as possible.

And she didnt wear jewelry because it was heavy and unnecessary.

Gu Man wouldnt judge Hu Jiarongs thoughts, although she strongly disagreed with her.

No matter how rich parents were, children still needed to live their own lives.

“Oh, Gu Man, what do you do now” Hu Jiarong began to ask for more information about Gu Mans family.

“I do nothing now, because Im pregnant, and I stay at home all day,” Gu Man said, which was the truth.

“Hows your husband What does he do” Hu Jiarong asked again.

“My husband is a businessman,” Gu Man said.

Hearing that, Hu Jiarong was surprised.

If Gu Mans husband was a businessman, her family could be rich too.

Thinking of that, Hu Jiarong was filled with jealousy.

“Oh, hows your familys business” Hu Jiarong asked.

She was eager to hear some bad news about Gu Man.

“I dont know much about it.

Im satisfied with my life now,” Gu Man said.

She didnt want to reveal the Tang family.

Hu Jiarong thought that it must be a small business since Gu Man was unwilling to tell her details.

As long as Gu Man lived a worse life than her, she felt happy.

“Does your husband treat Ningning well” Hu Jiarong asked.

She believed that Gu Mans husband must be Gu Nings step-father.


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